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HNT: Interview Whore

So last week the theme was to grin and bear it since I had just resigned from my job in what I have come to encapsulate as the most unprofessional work experience of my life. But just when those fuckers thought I was knocked down – HA! I’ve had 3 interviews, numerous networking calls and lunches with strangers, friends and former colleagues this week alone, and next week is starting to fill up already. Plus today the interview I had this morning was a slam dunk. So to celebrate I thought I’d give you all a taste of that. But with the added bonus of me whoring it up in the way you’ve all come to expect from me. Enjoy!
p.s. First time using the new mac’s built-in webcam. Hope the quality isn’t too crappy.


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Morning Wood Friday

Marcello and I have had an ongoing inside joke on Twitter where using /\/\/\ indicates that we are excited about something. /\/\/\ means “pitching a tent.” Last evening through a random line of conversation I requested Marcello send me a pic of him /\/\/\ to make up for something he said to me. He said he would in the morning and deemed a new blog photo theme – Morning Wood Fridays. Now I’m skeptical about whether I can keep a weekly pace up – I can barely do HNT. But here it is… Morning Wood Friday #1. Enjoy!

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HNT: Grin and Bear It

If you have been following me on Twitter you know that the last 24 hours have been a roller-coaster. I quit my job yesterday. The level of bullshit and dysfunction took an incredible and shocking turn for me and I couldn’t stand it any longer. You always want to go out on a high, but sometimes going out is just what is more important. It’s been a gratifying day of speaking with my work colleagues who were as shocked as me. It’s also great to have the confirmation that I have their respect more than my bosses do.

So what does this have to do with Half Nekkid Thursday? Well, yesterday was just another example of sometimes you just need to grin and bear it no matter what the situation. To honor that I decided to wear my new American Apparel boxers and strike a similarly appropriate “grin and bear it” pose. Enjoy!

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Thanks and Welcome

Thanks for Fleshbot and AlwaysArousedGirl for including me in the latest Sex Blog Roundup. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and have to admit getting the attention reminds me of part of the reason why I liked blogging in the first place – the ego stroke. Sure it’s been cathartic to be able to write about things. I can get things out and have people comment and share their perspectives, but every blogger who isn’t lying would admit that part of the fun is getting the attention.

So I’m just gonna bask in the glow of it.

To those of you who are just finding this blog… welcome. Dive in if you’d like. If you want to get to the good stuff like the post that brought you here I’d check out the Explori-stories tag. Proof that life can sometimes be as hot and fun as fiction.

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Sugasm #128

Updated: April 21st, 2008

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My Dominant Submissive

This fantasy was based on an actual dream that I had last week. When I remember my dreams they tend to be these stream of conscious vignettes that I link together later on when I wake up. I shared my dream with the object of desire, Marcello, and he suggested that I turn it into a post. So here it is. I think this is my first stab at fiction on this blog. I hope you enjoy. And yes this is a work of fiction, but based very much in a wish of reality. Oh, yeah it’s really long so settle in for a long read.

It had been another long week at work for SR and me. We both have great jobs that, while they are not earth shattering in what we do, they do tend to keep us tremendously busy and frazzled, especially SR. It had been too long since we’d connected in a truly meaningful way, and even longer since we’d pushed our boundaries with a little fun.

She knows that I play around online and have struck up friendships with people. She knows that I regularly monitor adult hook-up sites looking for people we can meet with. She has no problem with this at all as long as I don’t let it interfere with “us.” If I become more friendly with someone, they are likely to be someone I share with her. She knows who Sylvanus and Mina are and has talked to them. However, there was one new person who I’d become friendly with online that I hadn’t told her about, Marcello. I also hadn’t yet told her that I had put a profile for us up on

All of this serves as the foundation of what I had decided to plan for Saturday evening. We needed a break. I break from the world and all the distractions it brings. We needed a night to indulge and to explore and push our boundaries. When we woke up on Saturday SR asked what we were doing today. I told her that I didn’t care what we did in the morning and afternoon, but that we had a place to be at 8:00. She gave me that look of “oh what are you doing?” She asked me what we were doing and while I wanted to be playful and tease her I know that she doesn’t do well with surprises, especially of the extracurricular type. So I opened up Marcello’s blog and showed her his most recent HNT pics. I then opened Fetlife and showed her his profile. Then I told her that we were just meeting him for drinks in a totally casual way and that nothing was expected and nothing implied.

That was entirely true because I had asked the same thing of Marcello. On Friday I had finally stepped up and said to him that it was annoying that we live in the same city and had not met. He agreed. So I told him to meet SR and me at a bar at 8:00 on Saturday and that he couldn’t say no. Surprisingly he agreed. I had expected that he’d already have plans. And maybe he did, but clearly he had canceled them. It didn’t matter. I commanded a meeting and he agreed. That was a good sign.

We puttered around all day and at 6:00 I told SR that she needed to get ready. She needed to be fully prepared for the evening because while this was a casual meeting… you do never know. I could feel her reluctance. As much as she enjoys this there is an aspect of her that needs to get over the hurdle; she needs to get past the thinking about it too much. She over thinks about needing to put herself out there and be engaging and social and worst of all sexual. We both work in a field that requires us to be extremely social people all of the time. When we first meet someone(s) that first 30 minutes are like that. It’s like we slip into that work persona. But first she just needed to prepare for it all.

She took a nice long shower. I knew that meant she did as I had asked. She was cleanly trimmed and shaven and had taken special care to make sure her skin would be soft and luxurious as it could be. One of the hardest hurdles though is clothes. She always fusses about what to wear and often can feel self conscious about dressing too sexy. But I had anticipated. While she was in the shower I pulled out a pairs of jeans that I know she is comfortable in, but I also know make her ass look gorgeous. I then pulled out this black sweater. It has very flowly 3/4 sleeves, but has a very deep v-neck. It’s a sweater she is completely comfortable in but is incredibly sexy in because it shows off her chest. Plus it also affords someone a discrete and gorgeous view down her shirt. I also pulled out a bra and panty set for her to wear. Nothing overtly sexual, but something that was playful and fun and I know she would look great in when that was the only thing she was wearing. I left the shoes up to her, because that is the one article of clothing that she never has a problem choosing.

I got dressed in jeans and one of my favorite Ben Sherman shirts. The buttons are placed perfectly so that I don’t feel like a complete sleaze leaving the top two unbuttoned, but if I do it shows off my broad chest, which I had nearly trimmed earlier.

SR came out of the shower and was happy to see that I had chosen clothes for her. She asked if it was nice enough and I said it was perfect because it was my favorite sweater of hers. And I told her how much I loved the way her body looked in it.

We head downtown. We were running a little bit late, which is not unusual for us in this situation. But actually that was a little bit planned because I wanted Marcello to be waiting for us. I wanted him to be eagerly looking at the door whenever someone walked in. I wanted to catch his look when he saw us. These are the things that I really love about meeting new people in this context. Seeing those initial reactions are priceless and key. And it’s so much better when you are the second to arrive because the other person’s first look is anticipation and then you can see the change to excitement or disappointment (I’m still waiting to see the look of disappointment from anyone).

We walk in and Marcello is sitting in a corner booth area. The bar I selected has kind of become a cliché for us because it is our go to hook-up place. It’s perfect though. Very low soft lighting. Very straight-up masses friendly music that you can get into or completely make fun of. Plus it can often get loud and crowded so it naturally forces you to move in closer to hear each other. When we got there it was still early. This is NYC. This place wouldn’t be filling up until closer to 10:00.

Marcello was even more stunning in person. He has this charisma about him that drew you in. In many ways he was the perfect compliment to SR. She has this subtle sexiness, this aloofness that draws people in. You think that she is being obtuse and stand-offish, but you can’t help but be drawn to her. If she knew she was doing it, it would be a brilliant strategy, but it’s just how she is.

The funniest moment was when SR first heard Marcello speak. Now I had already heard Marcello’s voice on a podcast he did. It was surprising to me at first because I did not expect the typical Italian New York accent. Though given what I did know about him I don’t know why I was so surprised. But it’s also a great compliment to his looks because it’s the polar opposite. He is impeccable groomed and kept. Not in an overly fussy, too groomed kinda way. He clearly enjoys taking care of himself. Me being the 20 pounds heavier than I’d like to be made me a little self-conscious, but I didn’t care.

So we sat. And talked. And had drinks. And the vibe was perfect. Chemistry had taken over and the conversation was flowing very nicely. All the signals were there that I could put my plan into action. Yes, I did have a full plan for the evening. However, I needed to make sure that everyone was in the moment and on board. At the end of the day we’re all people and you need to approach anything sexual knowing that it’s still people you are dealing with. You have to respect that everyone needs to buy into the situation. You have to be comfortable, attracted, and connected. If there was any doubt in any part of that I wasn’t gonna pull the trigger on my plan.

Marcello got up to go to the bathroom. And while I normally don’t like to leave a woman at a table alone I told SR I needed to go too and would be back. I leaned in and said “So do you like him?” Her answer was “I guess so.” However, the look in her eye was “Absolutely. Yes. But you know that I’m bad at this stuff so if you just move it along I’m with you.” Marcello had gotten ahead of me and was already at a urinal when I entered the bathroom. There was no one else in there so I walked up right behind him, stood within inches of him and said into his ear “You’re coming home with us. Right. Now.” He let out a soft grunt. I knew that was his consent, but really at this point he was no longer in control. I then moved to the urinal next to him, pulled out my cock to piss. I knew we was watching me, but I wasn’t gonna give him the satisfaction of knowing it. I knew he had long stopped pissing, but he was still standing there with his cock out. I finished. Zippered up. Turned towards and grabbed his cock in my hand (the grunt was louder this time. I might not have been as gentle as maybe I should have been) and looked him straight in the face and said “Time to go. Don’t you think?”

I went and washed my hands and he followed. I told him to go and take care of SR while I settled up the bar tab. Once I got back to the table the two of them were in conversation again. I stood at the table and said “You guys ready?” I got a quizzical look from SR. Marcello’s face was far more eager. SR looked at him and could read that this had all already been decided and she simply said “Sure. Ok.”

We went outside. Marcello had told me he was gonna drive because it was just easier for him given where he lived. So we walked to his car. SR and I were hand in hand. We looked like a couple hanging out with a good friend. I leaned into SR and said that I was gonna let go of her hand and I wanted her to take Marcello’s hand and walk with him. She looked at me funny, and I told her to just play along. So I let go of her hand. She hesitated, but I let her work it out for herself. She took his hand and he was a little shocked by this, but he played it off nicely. I fell back a few steps to get a look. They made a very cute couple. Maybe not as cute as SR and me, but all the same. Anyone walking down the street probably would have been struck by them. We turned down the street where his car was parked and off the main avenue. There was no one really else around so I caught up next to SR and grabbed her other hand. The electricity it sent through SR was palpable. It was unconventional and maybe a little weird. The three of us walking down the street all hand in hand. Not in a playful, silly way, but in a totally normal way. I was really enjoying playing with them this way.

We got in the car. SR in the front and me in the back to navigate. I positioned myself in the center of the seat. I had my arms dangling over their seats and slowly moved my hands down so my left hand rested on Marcello’s shoulder and my right on SR’s. Neither of them were surprised by it. Perfect.

After driving a little to find a parking spot we ended up back at our apartment. I told SR to put some music on and told Marcello to get comfortable. I went to the kitchen and made us drinks. I didn’t ask if anyone wanted one or asked what they wanted. I knew what Marcello had been drinking and I knew SR would just tell me whatever. I poured myself a scotch with half an ice cube. I brought their drinks in. SR was on the couch next to Marcello. She had left room for me, but I knew I had no intention of sitting. I went back into the kitchen to get my scotch. Marcello was commenting on our apartment and SR was playing the polite hostess. I let this go on for 5 minutes or so.

Then I walked out into the living room and said “Everyone having fun?”

They both said yes, but in a way that told me they thought it was kind of a weird question.

I said, “I really don’t think so. SR I know you want to kiss Marcello, and I think you should.”

She kinda blushed at my forwardness, which is not my usual way in these situations. But looked at Marcello and leaned in and started to kiss him. I stood in front of them and just watched, sipping my scotch. I then realized that our coffee table was gonna be in the way so I pulled it out of the way. This startled them and they stopped. I said “Don’t stop.” I said it in a way that was forceful, but indicated that I was enjoying it so they shouldn’t stop.

I let them kiss and touch each other. Just two people making out for the first time and enjoying exploring each other. It was very gentle and soft. It was very sexy and nice, but not gonna work for me. So I told SR to come to me. She stood up and walked towards me. I pulled her into me and kissed her deeply, holding her close. I then whispered in her ear “Do you like him?” She got coy and said “Yeah.” I told her that I wanted her to make him hers. I told her that I would help her, but that Marcello is like her. That he likes to be dominated. To be told what to do. And that I wanted her to make him hers tonight. That I would be there the whole time. I would direct her along the way if she was unsure, but that she was to dictate everything he did, even I had to tell her what to do. She completely melted into me. I could tell she loved the idea of it. I looked over at Marcello and he was staring at us, completely enthralled to be watching an otherwise intimate moment between a husband and wife.

I then turned SR around to face him. I was right behind her and running my hands over her breasts and stomach. Pulling at her sweater and giving him glimpses of her flesh.

I whispered in her ear “Ask him if he likes what he sees.” She did. He replied that he did indeed.

I told her to ask him “How much?” She did. He said a lot.

I asked her if she wanted to see what a great body he had. She moaned. So I told her to tell him to take his shirt off. She did. I could see the excitement in his eyes. He complied immediately. He slowly took his shirt off, revealing his well taken care of body.

I then pulled off SR’s sweater to reveal her sexy pink bra that I know he had been trying to get a better peak at all night.

I then told her that I wanted to see what underwear he was wearing. He knows I really enjoy underwear and I knew he had a nice collection of boxers. So SR told him to take his pants off. Without hesitating he stood up and undid his jeans to reveal a very nicely fitted pair of maroon and orange boxer briefs. He remained standing, but I told SR to tell him that he should sit back down. She told him. He could hear everything I was saying to her, but he had clearly caught on to what was going on. He wasn’t doing anything until SR told her.

I then undid SR’s jeans and pulled them down. She went to take her shoes off, but I told her to keep them on. I then told her that Marcello should come over and help her get the jeans off over her shoes. So she told him to come over and help her out of her jeans. He stood, but she immediately said “No walking.” And that was the moment that I knew she was in it.

Marcello got on his knees and crawled the few steps to SR’s feet. SR used to be a dancer and has a near perfect arch to her foot that is only enhanced by heels. He lifted her right foot, reaching down her pant to hold her ankle with one hand and guide the pant leg off with the other. I watched as his hand glided over her foot. She kicked away his hand. I whispered into her ear “Good girl.”

Marcello then did the same to her other leg. He remained on his knees in front of her. SR looked splendid standing there in her heels, panty and bra. I was very happy with my selection. I was also glad that it was spring because SR had been craving to wear a more strappy pair of heels for a while and she was.

I whispered to SR to ask him if he liked looking at her. She did. He said yes.

I whispered to SR to ask him if he thought she was sexy. She did. He said yes.

I whispered to SR to ask him if he was turned on by her. She did. He said yes.

She then asked him “Show me.”

With that Marcello pulled his hard cock out of his shorts and stroked it a little. SR lifted her foot and placed her shoe right on his cock and pushed his hard cock flat against his stomach. I whispered to her “Good girl.”

She then moved her foot away. I told her that Marcello really liked feet. She said “I see.” And she ran one of her feet along the inside of his thigh and up under his balls. The look on his face was amazing. He was so intense. Trying to maintain control, but knowing that she had gone right to something he loved. She moved her foot away.

I told her that she might want to let him explore her feet. She asked him if he wanted to touch her feet. He said “Yes, very much.” She told him that it would be ok if he did, but that she was ticklish and he shouldn’t tickle her. He leaned in and ran his hand over her shoe, running his hand around her ankle and down the side of her foot. I started to kiss SR’s neck intensely and running my hands over her stomach. I ran one hand down into her panty and right to her pussy. She was very wet. So I took my middle finger and pushed gently against her clit. I didn’t want him to tickle her so I distracted her. She moaned and her knees buckled. I held her, but saw Marcello look up to see what I was doing. He leaned down and started to kiss her other foot. I ran my hands over her breasts, gently pinching her nipples. He reached her toes and I could feel her start to shake. She was starting to get tickled. I said to her “Kick him away.” She did. Pushing him back.

I told her to have him look at her. He looked up into her eyes. While I did that I ran my hand back down into her panty and slowly started to play with her pussy. He looked down to what I was doing. With that I started to finger her more. She was rocking on her knees in my arms, but their eyes were locked. I abruptly pulled away. I pulled my hand out of her panty and gestured to Marcello with my fingers to come closer. My index and middle finger were in front of his face and covered in SR’s wetness. I put my fingers right in front of his lips, almost touching them. He made a subtle motion to try and open his mouth to taste them, but then I pulled them away fast and licked them myself looking right at him. I might have had a big, arrogant smile on my face at the time.

I then told SR that I was gonna go sit on the couch and that she was to be on her own. I told her that he almost had a taste of her and that maybe she might eventually let him.

She was unsure, but I left her standing in front of Marcello. I went over to the couch, took my shirt and pants off and sat on the couch in my boxers with my scotch.

SR walked closer to Marcello and stood right in front of him and started to play with his hair. They were looking right at each other. I could see that she was starting to enjoy toying with him. She walked behind him and draped a leg over his shoulder. He started to run his hands up and down her leg and over her foot. She toyed with his hair. Tugging at it and stroking it.

SR then stood in front of him and asked him if he wanted to taste her. He said “Yes Please.”

She then took the back of his head and pulled his face into her pussy. He started to kiss her inner thighs. She pushed his head in harder. His hands were on her thighs, and she pulled them up to grab the waistline of her panties. She had him pull them down and she delicately stepped out of them. She pulled his head into her again, and I could tell he was now fully into her. Licking the lips of her pussy. Tasting her sweet wetness. I then saw her knees buckle a little and I knew he had found her clit. She had her hands on the back of his head and saying “Good boy. That’s it. Taste me.”

SR is not usually a verbal person at all unless it’s in the height of sex. That got me. I pulled out my cock and started to stroke. It was also extremely hot to see my otherwise submissive and passive wife be standing in nothing but a bra and heels in front of a man who was on his knees eating her pussy.

SR noticed me stroking my cock. She looked at me and smiled. So I stood up and walked over to her, losing my boxers on the way. I leaned in and started to kiss her. I then felt a mouth on my cock. I looked down and SR was pushing Marcello’s head towards my cock. He didn’t miss a beat and eagerly started to suck my cock. SR got down next to him and started to ask him things like “Do you like sucking that cock?” “Doesn’t he taste good?” I could feel him moaning agreement each time. She then pushed his head away and started to suck me. He just watched her suck me. The view I had was fantastic. He was totally drawn to watching her suck me.

SR then pulled him closer and they started to suck my cock together. She had her hand on the back of his head guiding him where she wanted him. She pushed him towards my balls while she sucked my shaft and then they traded.

I was getting lost in the moment and realized that this was not what my plan was about. I pulled SR up and pulled my cock out of Marcello’s mouth. I asked SR if she wanted to go into the bedroom. She said yes. I told her that she should lead Marcello into the bedroom. I walked ahead of them and got into the bedroom and lit a few candles. I also pulled out all the toys we had and laid them on the long table that is next to our bed. It was a selection of dildos, vibrators, and SR’s new strap-on.

I heard SR’s heals coming down the hall. But I also heard a louder noise. I couldn’t quite figure it out. But then SR came into the bedroom and Marcello was crawling on his knees behind her. She had had him take off her boxers and he was naked. I have to admit that that got me. I couldn’t help admiring how hot he was.

She told him to lie on the bed. He did. She came over to me and started to kiss me. She noticed the toys and kinda laughed at me. I then said to her “Look we have a naked boy in our bed.” She laughed at this. I even noticed Marcello smile at this.

SR took off her shoes and bra. I immediately started to lick at one of her breasts. SR told Marcello to “Come here.” He crawled over on the bed to where we were standing next to it. She said to him “Suck the other one.” So Marcello and I sucked on SR’s breasts. She had us both by the back of the head and could feel her pushing us closer together. She pushed us so close that I could tell she wanted to see us kiss. So I leaned in and started to kiss Marcello, softly and deeply, our tongues tangled together. SR moaned and got into bed behind Marcello. He was now kneeling up and kissing me. SR kneeled behind him and reached around and started to stroke his cock. He kissed me more intensely, but then I pulled away.

SR grabbed him and pushed him onto his back. She straddled him and pinned his arms to the bed. She was grinding her pussy into his cock. I could tell she had passed that point where she wouldn’t hold back any more.

She got off of him and came over to me and started sucking me. While I appreciated it I told that Marcello likes to have his ass played with. She kinda giggled. She told him to turn over and show her his ass. He complied. She promptly smacked it. That was unexpected.

I said to her “very nice isn’t it”. She said yes. I told her that Marcello goes to spinning class all the time. I said I thought it was doing him nicely.

Now I know that SR is tentative when it comes to anal play. It’s a barrier she has, but one she is working through. I told her that I think she should go and pick out a toy or two for him and that I’d get him started for her. She went over to the table.

I reached down and started to massage Marcello’s ass. I grabbed his ass in handfuls, getting a little bit rough with him. He didn’t mind this at all. I reached up and smacked his ass hard, but then gently massaged where I had hit him. I then spread his cheeks open and started to finger his hole gently. I leaned in and gently started to rim him. Taking care to make sure I was getting him nice and wet. Spreading his ass open so that I could eat him out nice and good. I could feel him squirming underneath me.

I then felt SR get up onto the bed. I wondered what toy she had selected. When I looked out of the corner of my eye I noticed she had skipped all the dildos and went right for her strap on. It was so hot to see here naked with the harness on and a long, slender dildo attached to her.

I stopped rimming Marcello and told her she looked very hot. I asked her if she wanted Marcello to suck her cock for her. She said yes and went and knelt in front of his face. I went back to rimming him and he started to go down on her cock. I could see that she had this mixed emotion of being a little unsure, but also being very excited. This was really pushing her limits and her comfort zone. But I looked up at her and our eyes caught and I could see the excitement and hunger in her eyes.

Marcello was really getting into it. He pushed his ass into me, wanting more. I stopped and I asked SR if she thought Marcello needed to be fucked now. She said he did. I asked her to put him how she wanted to see him get fucked. So she rolled him onto his back. His cock was incredibly hard. I couldn’t help myself and I leaned down and started to suck him. I don’t think he expected that. SR loves to see me suck another man and couldn’t resist but to join me. And we devoured his cock together. Kissing over his cock. Taking turns teasing his balls and the head of his cock. I took him all the way so my lips were wrapped around the base of his cock and his cock was pushing down my throat.

I then said I think that’s enough. I told her that she might need some lube. So she got some out. I told her that she might want to put some lube on his ass and then lube up her cock. She did exactly that. She then got in between his legs with his legs spread open. This was a little awkward for her. She wasn’t quite sure what to do. So I pulled at his thighs so they were pushed up towards his chest and positioning his hole right in front of her. She pushed her cock up against his hole, and slowly inserted her cock into him. He moaned loudly as she pushed deeper in. I told her to go slow, to let him get used to it slowly. I told her that even though I know he loves playing with his ass you don’t want to go too fast at first. So she did until she had her cock all the way into him. I had moved behind her at this point. I asked her if she thought she was all the way into him and she said yes. So I leaned forward, grabbing Marcello by the hips and pulled him into her deeper. He moaned deeply as her cock eased that much further into him and hitting his prostrate harder. I told her that NOW she was all the way in.

I told her that now that he was used to her, she should start to slowly fuck him. To watch him for signals, but keep intensifying her motion. To think about how she likes it when she is riding my cock. Think about how she likes to take my cock and that’s how she should fuck Marcello.

And she did. She started off very slow, but built to a good rhythm. I guided her along to make sure she stayed in control and rhythm. She was completely into it. She fucked him with long and deep strokes and then a burst of some short hard thrusts. She slapped his ass at intervals or grabbed his chest. At one point she told him to suck my cock. So I went and knelt by his head. He was having trouble concentrating on sucking me because she was fucking him so intensely. I felt him moaning and grunting on my cock, but I grabbed him by the back of his head and fucked his face. I wanted to make sure he concentrated as much on sucking my cock as he was enjoying getting fucked by SR’s.

After a little while SR got tired. It’s understandable since she wasn’t used to being the top. She pulled out of him. I asked her if she enjoyed that and she sheepishly said yes. She was still a little self-conscious to admit that she liked it. I asked her if she thought he was a good bottom. And she said yes. I told her she should go thank him for being a good bottom. To my surprise she crawled up his body and put her pussy in his face and said “Taste me.” Well, I couldn’t argue with that because being able to taste her is a great reward in my book.

I lay down next to Marcello and watched him. I leaned into him and whispered in his ear, “Do you want to fuck her?” He didn’t respond.

So I looked up at SR and asked “Do you want Marcello to fuck you?” She was really getting into riding his face, but was able to mutter a yes.

I leaned back over to Marcello and said “Do you want to fuck my wife?” With that he moaned into her pussy. I then said, “I will let you fuck my wife on one condition. I get to fuck you at the same time.” With that he let out another deep moan.

I stood up and went to the side table and pulled out a condom. I got on the bed and started to suck Marcello’s cock to get him nice and hard. I rolled the condom over his cock making sure it was on nice and securely, but more it was a chance to tease his cock more.

I told SR he was all ready to fuck her, and how did she want him. She got off his face and laid on her back. I pulled out another condom and put it on my cock.

Marcello had moved in between SR’s legs ready to enter her. I told him to wait, squirted some lube onto my fingers and put them against his ass, sliding them into him. I felt how open his ass was. It made me so much harder to feel that because I knew SR had fucked him good.

I told him that was fine. SR then looked at him and said “Fuck me.” I watched as he slowly entered her. Listening to SR moan as he gently started to fuck her. She grabbed his face and pulled him to her to kiss him hard, her hands clawing at his back and ass as he started to fuck her harder.

I said “That’s it Marcello. Fuck her hard. She likes to be pounded. Don’t hold back any. Fuck her nice and good.”

He responded immediately. Pounding her pussy with hard and deep strokes. I could hear his balls slapping against her. SR was moaning louder. I knew she was getting too close so I got up on the bed behind him and slowed him down. I knew she was close to cumming and I didn’t want that yet. I slowed him down and then had him stop. I then got behind him and pressed my cock up against his ass. I felt the head of my cock pop into him and heard him moan. With that I pushed all the way into him, putting most of my weight on top of him. I then started to push into him. He matched me and we fell into a rhythm of me fucking him and him fucking SR. I could tell he was getting the most stimulation of it. He was moaning hard. I asked him if he was going to cum and he said yes. I told him not to hold back. With that he started to thrust harder. I matched him and felt his ass tighten around my cock. And then felt the muscles in his ass tighten and loose as he came. His moans matched what I was feeling.

When he was finished he was still on top of SR panting, like he was spent. I slowly pulled out of him. I pulled the condom off and slowly pulled him off of SR. I leaned in and kissed him gently and said “Good boy.”

I then pushed him down next to SR who leaned over and kissed him. While they kissed and touched each other I got between SR’s legs and slide my cock into her. She was very wet. I knew she was close, and for that matter so was I. I gave a couple slow thrusts and then started to fuck her at the rhythm Marcello and I just been. It didn’t take long for her to start to buck hard against me. She arched her back and let out a loud moan. Her pussy convulsed against my cock. Tightening its hold. I couldn’t hold back any more and I came deep inside of her just as she was reaching the height of her orgasm. We held there each enjoying the pure bliss of that connection when you and your partner are in perfect sync.

I then collapsed on top of her the both of us panting, sweat from my forehead rolling onto her. I then felt her grab Marcello and pull him into us. And there we laid a panting, sweating heap of people.

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hApPy hAlF-nEkKiD tHuRSdAy

I was totally ready to do my own HNT today. I had at least one idea ready, but the timing of it just didn’t work out. So I thought guess I’ll just have to go without doing it. Then I was at the gym this morning chatting with a gay guy I’ve become friends with. The sexual tension between us is kinda funny. We totally own up to it, and it’s a running joke. He is the sweetest nicest guy, but who has this edge to him that if you cross him look the fuck out. He has a penchant for kilts and Broadway theatre. It kills me that someone hasn’t snatched him up because he would be the best boyfriend/husband in the world. He was there before me and on an elliptical. So I sidled up next to him. But in getting on my machine I got a in my face glimpse of his ass. Now he’s a bigger guy, but he can carry his weight really well and pull it off. But he’s gotten a trainer and balanced his work like more to focus on his health and he is looking really great. And well, his ass was looking particularly great. Maybe it’s just because I’m in the mood to be a very dominant top to a guy right now (not that I’m thinking of anyone specific AT ALL). I let the moment pass and we settle into an intense workout with some chatting. At some point I end up brining up the fact that I had checked his ass out. He kinda giggled. In context of the conversation I said that it was a very fine ass, but not as nice as SR’s. He was offended and a little hurt. This is the nature of our friendship: sexual tension mixed with cruel brutality sometimes. Honestly it’s like we’re the Marquise and Valmont in Dangerous Liasions. He doubted my truth in the matter and so I said I could send him evidence that SR’s ass was probably nicer than his. He declined.

SO longer story later I decided that if he didn’t want it, I’d share it with you perverted people for today’s HNT. So there it is. My HNT for this week. And my gorgeous wife’s gorgeous ass. Oh and yes, those tan lines are pretty much a year round enticement. It’s the far western european blood in her. Enjoy!

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Adventures in Boys’ Night Out

Last Wednesday was my birthday. Originally, SR was supposed to have a work thing so our good friend R asked her if it was ok for him to take me out for a Boys’ Night. It’s been a while since we’ve been out together to “gay it up” for a night. I say that very loosely because really it’s a fun opportunity to explore that other side of me very openly without having to worry about what SR might be thinking. She trusts me and we have gotten to the point where we know what the rules are.

I met R at his office after work. There was a place near him that he walks past every day that he’s wanted to check out. On Wednesdays they have a new “After Work” party. So we get there around 6:30. R had surprised me by saying he was bringing someone from his work. He is much more open about things. However, he also works in a creative industry that could really give a shit about the fact that he is bi, married and in an open relationship.

We get to the bar and we are pretty much the only ones there. Not much of a surprise on a Wednesday night. Pretty soon people start coming in, but then we realize that they come in, go to a back room and then come out in nothing but briefs. Ok, so the entertainment is here. R chats up one of the bartenders that he thinks is cute. He also ends up chatting up the promoter, which is always a good idea. The sad thing is that the DJ is actually playing good music. R had a very big personality and is pretty forward. He kinda brings out the best (and sometimes worst) in me. I’m very likely to get myself into trouble when he’s around. Sometimes that trouble is good.

We then start to talk to this one dancer, Anthony. He is very cute. He’s the Italian cutie next door. Has all the classic All-American Boy looks, but with the New York edge. A slight accent and he’s wearing work boots. We’re chatting, but I’m kinda noticing him eye me. But by this point we’d realized that the point of the dancers were to get us to pay for a dance in the back room. As R pointed out, he’s never had to pay for sex and he’s not gonna start by paying for a cheap thrill. If he wanted to get his cock in any of those boys asses he could (told you he has a very bi personality). Now I’ve never paid for sex or a stripper either so I couldn’t help but agree with him. So we decided to move on to a new place. However, Anthony said to me as I left “Come back later and I’ll give you a free dance for your birthday.” Well, I mean if he was gonna give it to me for free — we might be back later.

The next place we went to was much more crowded. But it is probably the most popular gay cliché club in New York City. But if you’re gonna got full on Boys’ Night you might as well go for it. R and I were hanging out. By this time it was 8:30 or so.

Now I have to go back and tell you about my morning. SR had woken me up earlier being very playful. She teased me immensely. She stroked my cock and went down on me (which is still not a common enough activity for me, but she’s gotten much better). Of course, she was being her typical before work tease. She likes to do that and leave me thinking about it all day. But it was my birthday I pushed for more. I got her to straddle me and slide my cock into her. She was very wet so I knew that she was just as turned on as me. She was protesting because she clearly wanted more later. But she got really worked up. But then something clicked in her and she started talking dirty. She started talking about me going out for Boys’ Night Out. She asked me what I would be thinking about flirting with all those boys. I didn’t quite know what to answer, and so I said thinking about her at home waiting for me. And then she said, “You won’t be thinking about coming home and having me fuck you? That’s what you want isn’t it?” Whoa, damnit. Nice. Yes, of course that’s what I want. (side note: to catch you all up. I had bought a strap-on for SR to use on me. Our first time out with it was not that positive of an experience because it was such a new thing for her and us both. She got very distressed because she “wanted to do it for me” but it was the first time so we were both fumbling around with it.) Ok, so now I have an offer by wife to fuck me when I get home. That’s awesome. But I also know in the back of my head that I’m gonna probably be out late, but we’ll see.

Now back to cliche gay bar. I overpaid for some drinks and we were chatting and observing the wild life. Lots and lots of very drunk people. Obviously this is where everyone had been since after work. There was one guy who came up to me. He was very drunk and very forward. Introduced himself as “Wang” and then just gave me what he probably thought were come hither eyes. So was I supposed to say “Hi, wanna take me home?” So I just kinda like. Hiiiiiii. And left him hanging. He walked away. So in only the way R can get pulled into something when a cute guy and a hot TV are involved he got drafted for the bar game that was to commence “within minutes.” 30 minutes later and it got started. I have to admit I was getting a little annoyed because I would have either moved on to another place I had found as an option, gone back and seen if Anthony was joking, or gone home to SR and see if she would make good on fucking me.

But I’m a good friend. Plus it ended up being funny and I was doing some great eye fucking with a guy who was with a group of friends. I was sitting alone and so really it was his deal to come to me. Plus I enjoy playing the “you want it, you come to me part.” I’m really otherwise horrible with this stuff in a standard bar setting where I have to make the first moves. But I’m in a gay bar. I don’t HAVE to make the first moves.

R gets done, ends up winning $50 so we have more drinking to do. He asks if I want to go back to the first bar. Well, sure of course! We get back and it’s much more full. Though it’s gone full on perverted. A mixed group of guys from older, overweight gross guys to groups of cute guys. There are about 20 “dancers” now. R and I get a drink from cute bartender who is now stripped down to a jock strap and is incredibly hung. I mean wow. Incredible.

Guys start coming up to us and chatting. Here’s the standard pitch. “Hi, I’m X. How are you tonight?” “Hi, I’m R. Doin’ good.” “So you guys having fun?” “Sure are.” “Well, if you want some more fun we can go in back.” I can appreciate the direct sell, but I mean C’MON! It was kinda funny and highly amusing. Plus the view was just as nice with them dancing. I will say that there was one moment that kinda turned me off even more. This one guy was incredibly cute and was actually pretty personable. He initiated an actual conversation. Of course, he was flirty and touchy. But he kept running his hands over my love handles and stomach and squeezing them. Now, really I don’t need you to remind me that I’m not in as good of shape as you, but trying to give me the impression that you’re into guys who are a little bigger is not gonna win me over. For all I know maybe he did like me because I’m more in the “bear” stereotype, but I try to counter that in a gay setting as much as I can.

So one of the gimmicks the bar had was to give you raffle tickets every time you bought a drink. Then about every hour they’d pick a winner who’d get a free dance. Well, guess who won? Me! Hahahaha. So guess I don’t have to pay for it. The promoter came up to me and was like… ok now pick a ticket for the guy out of this cup. And I’m like, I don’t get to choose. R totally backed me up. So the promoter was like sure. Who do you want?

Pause for Reading Comprehension test:
Based on what you have read so far, who did I choose?
A. Love handle squeezer
B. African-American “banger type”
C. Anthony

If you said C. Congrats you win today’s Obvious Blog Reader of the Day.

So the promoter calls Anthony over and he takes me by the hand into the back room. The room had booth seats along 2 of the 3 walls. Two other guys were getting dances. Both of them were very overweight guys over 50. Anthony pushes me into a corner seat and starts to give me a lap dance. Now I’ve never been to a straight strip club, but I know that in general touching is not allowed. Here — touching was kind of a requirement. Not that I minded. I mean I’d totally rationalize that I hadn’t paid for this so what the hell. Plus I had chatted with this guy in an otherwise social setting for half an hour before. I knew where he grew up and where he lived (oh yeah, best part – in an apartment he owns 20 blocks from me). I knew he had quick a high pressure job 2 months ago and this was how he was getting by.

At the same time it was really weird. One of the reasons I have never been to a strip club is because I have problems objectifying someone so directly. Sure I can do it from afar, but so one on one like that…. ehhh. Then I also internalize embarrassment for them. Now, I know there are plenty of people who strip who enjoy it. Or are doing it for a very good reason. I mean I know that they are taking advantage of a situation and so I’m fine with them getting theirs, but there still is a squirm factor for me.

So to have Anthony grinding me, kissing me, having me touch him, having me lick his nipples was an odd thing. Don’t get me wrong this guy was so incredibly beautiful that I was doing just fine. And when he pulled his briefs down to show me the great work out his done on his ass…. I was in it completely. It didn’t last very long (I mean I wasn’t paying for it). So we left. I said thank you and went back to R we danced. The DJ was pretty great, which is a shame because we were the only ones dancing. Yes, not even the “dancers” were dancing.

By this point it was approaching 11:30. I knew SR was heading to bed and I had missed out on any chance of that aspect of things. I went to the bathroom and ran into Anthony. We chatted some. He said he was leaving and going home. I told him it was nice to meet him and thanks for making my birthday fun. He laughed. All in all the guy was really nice. Sure maybe that was his front for what he was doing, but it won me over (as did his perfectly trim and smooth body).

R and I decided it was time to go home. As I was walking out I noticed Anthony sitting at a table in jeans and a sweat shirt. I said good night again. We chatted a little again. I told him I was taking a cab home if he wanted to share. He said that a friend was finishing up a dance and they were gonna eat and the other guy was gonna drive him home and stay over. I said that’s cool. He then asked me for my phone number. He put it into his phone, called me, and said give me a call sometime. And with that I left.

It was a totally weird and trippy night. I have to admit it was not nearly what I was expecting for my night. I had thought it was gonna be some fun dancing and flirting. Maybe find some guy to connect with and who knows. But this night was just out there. It was great fun, and certainly a birthday I won’t forget.

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Tag Bastard


Ok, so my new perv friend, Marcello, tagged me on this because he wants me to blog more. Well, I can’t believe he’s gone through almost 3 years of my blogging already. I mean some of my posts were legendarily long (Tangent: If you are not watching How I Met Your Mother you are missing out on some of the funniest 19 minutes on TV). So here goes the Meme.

p.s. I do have two posts brewing. One I owe Gracie and another featuring Marcello himself.

The Rules:
1. You must include this link to Sex Talk – Sex Advice for Men
2. You must answer every question! If you don’t have a good answer, you are strongly encouraged to make up something good; we like to be entertained.
3. You must tag three people.

Here Goes:

1. Sex in the Morning or Sex at Night?
I’m kind of a sex any time except 6:00-9:00 a.m. I don’t know why. I think it has to do with the fact that I’m morning person who can just get up, but that doesn’t mean I’m functional. Now that isn’t to say that if someone woke me up to take advantage of me in the morning I wouldn’t go right along. But if you’re looking for a fully engaged partner you’re better off catching me at night. Plus I have night owl tendencies so I’m up for doing it all night long and spooning all morning.

2. Better Sex Music – Sade or Marvin Gaye?
It’s funny because I rarely use music as a mood setting factor and it’s not really every part of the occasion so… I guess Sade.

3. Naughty Pics or Naughty Home Videos?
I have to admit that when it comes to myself pics. I know I’m a bigger guy and while I’m fine with myself I’m as self-conscious as the next person. So with a pic I can better manipulate myself to show myself off better. Plus I think that it’s much easier to provide artistry to a photo than it is to video. That being said I’m with Marcello in saying that I know I have a HUGE inner porn star that would love to come out. So get me someone who knows the right lighting and angles and I’m all over it.

4. Fabulous Sex With: Dr. Doug Ross or Dr. Greg House?
Yeah, I’m gonna do with the cliche here and say Doug Ross. I mean the chiseled looks and that 1940’s era movie star (Clark Gable, Errol Flynn) quality.

5. Vibrator or Dildo?
I would have to say Dildo only because my experiences with vibrators have not been as pleasurable. That being said I have not fully invested in enough toys to make a true determination. Let’s go with more market research needs to be done.

6. Bedroom Sex: Lights Off or Lights On?
Soft gentle lighting that creates great shadows and provides a beautiful glow to the skin.

7. Word Preference: Pussy or Cunt?
Pussy. Cunt if I’m cursing someone out.

8. Spanking Over the Knee or Spanking Only During Sex?
Have not had the experience of the former, but love the later. I always love when it happens spontaneously. Someone smacks me on the ass gently and I love it and tell them harder.

9. More Exciting: Sex in an Elevator or Sex in an Aeroplane?
Elevator. I mean really have you seen the size and odd angles of some the places on planes. Then again I’ve never flown business or first class.

10. Ron Jeremy or Peter North?
I’m stealing Marcello’s answer verbatim because I totally agree.
Peter North, nice body and cock -boy does he shoot a load.

11. Word Preference? Cock or dick?

12. Linda Lovelace or Jenna Jameson?
Marcello said “Jenna Jameson with a strap-on. She knows how to move. Did you see I Dream of Jenna, the strap-on scene? Phew!” I haven’t so I think I need to drop by an 8th Ave porn shop tonight. But I will say it does sadden me the way Jenna looks these days. There was a beautiful natural look to Linda Lovelace which I do generally like. Totally toss-up. They’re both legends – why should I have to choose.

13. Rope Bondage or Bondage Tape
I don’t know. I have not done either.

14. Give Rim Job or Receive Anal Sex?
Sure and why don’t you ask me to choose between having a snickers or some peanut M&M’s because I think I’d make the decision faster. Can I rim someone while getting fucked? A choice between these two puts my two favorite things in opposition. I’m an extremely oral person and whether it’s eating pussy, sucking cock or rimming I love the control that going down on someone puts while at the same time focusing on their pleasure entirely. I like being able to tease them slowly. Build them up to the edge and then slowly dial them back. I get off on it. But then because I don’t have the opportunity to be fucked enough it’s something that I would have a hard time refusing if presented with in the right situation. But if I had to choose… Receiving Anal.

15. Get Rich Stripping in a Skanky Bar or Get Rich as a Call Girl for Celebs?

16. Which Threesome – Boy/Girl/Girl or Boy/Boy/Girl?
Well if I’m being selfish MMF. However, MFF is something we’ve never done yet and I would love for SR to have that experience. But really why limit ourselves to 3. MFMF is much more preferred and once you have that as a base you can throw any other letter in the mix and it’ll be a good time.

17. Flavoured Oil or Tingling Oil?
Have I ever mentioned I’m borderline OCD and as such oil can sometimes set that off. Talk about a mood killer.

18. Pearl Necklace or Swallow?
Oh boy. This is gonna get me in trouble I know it. So back in the “dark days” when I was actively cheating with guys I have to admit that I loved to swallow. Again it goes to the power and control that I love in going down on someone. Plus I love making SR cum by going down on her and when that happens I tend to “lock in” and keep tonguing her through her entire orgasm. It only stands to reason that I would enjoy the same with a guy. Plus that taste of a guy is pretty intense.

19. Sex While Strangers Watch or Sex With a Stranger?
Well that’s just a stupid choice. Both. I love to show off for sure, but I’m always happy to have others join in.

20. Tied to the Bed or to a St Andrew’s Cross?
Let’s start with the bed and see where it goes from there. Then again I’m not one to back off from a new experience so what the hell let’s go for it.

So now I have to tag people… Please like anyone is gonna see this.
Marcello already tagged Mina so I might as well tage Sylvanus. It’s only fair
Then how about WantonMaleness because we haven’t chatted in forever.
And then how about Bi in Staten Island just for a total wild card

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Sugasm #127

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #128? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

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What?! Is it really me? Why, yes, yes it is. I’m basking in my post-birthday glow and was feeling inspired this morning. I cannot say that this marks a return for me to blogging more regularly, but I have to say that reading Marcello’s newish blog has me inspired. In fact he inspired me to take this picture because I know that he will certainly appreciate it. So this is me dipping my toes back in the blogging pool (appropriate, eh?). Enjoy!

Oh and thanks to Mina & Sylvanus for their birthday HNT pic just for me.

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“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that’s holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. A true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake. And thank God for that.”

– Elizabeth Berg, Eat. Pray. Love.

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Of Taxi Rides and "Virgin" Asses

I realize that I have been completely AWOL from here and well I guess it’s mainly just that there really isn’t a lot to report. Busy work schedules have kept things quiet on the playing front. Plus Twitter keeps me occupied and gives me my blogging fix. But also in many ways I feel as though I’ve covered a lot on his blog already. In a way the way things have evolved in the last 3+ years in my relationship with SR have come to a point where things are working very well. Sure, we still have our issues that bug us every once in a while and need to be worked, but as I was saying to someone the other day that having issues like that prove you care. And if you didn’t care then you knew things were really bad. There’s a whole other post I could get into, but as you can tell from the title of this post… that’s not what this post is about.

So on Saturday night SR and I went to some friends’ apartment for dinner. It was a really nice night. The meal was great and the wine was even better. It was just one of those nice and casual nights with friends that doesn’t involve getting all dressed up and over paying for drinks in a crowded bar. But that’s not what this post is about either.

We had both drank enough that getting a cab home was the only way to go. We could have taken public transportation other than the subway that would have been quicker, but fuck that. So we get in the cab. SR starts making out with me and touching me. I was kinda surprised at the level of it, but really I’m not gonna complain. My level of exhibitionism is much higher than hers. Maybe it was that or it was the amount of wine I’d had to drink. Whichever it was I decided to push it a little.

I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. SR had already gotten me hard and I was uncomfortable. The part the really surprised me was that she ended up leaning down and sucking me. It was so fucking amazing. This woman was not my wife. The one who gets shy so quickly sometimes. This was someone else entirely, but I didn’t care. For the next 20 minutes she sucked and stroked my cock in between some gentle making out. It was really incredible, more so because it was such a pleasant surprise.

So we end up getting home. I gave the cab driver $40 on a $28 fare. I really didn’t want to have to fight with waiting for change and know what if he noticed what we were doing then I compensated him for it.

We got inside. I had to take the dog out so SR got into bed. Once I was back inside, I got to the bedroom took all my clothes off and joined SR. I didn’t waste anytime in going down on her. I figured I owed her for the fantastic head I had gotten in the cab. I couldn’t get enough. I was all over her. Pretty soon I was playing with her ass some. Being the bi guy I am, rimming is something I’m totally used to and enjoy. We’ve flirted with this before, but SR tends to tense up when it comes to playing with her ass, but not Sat. night. She was really into. So I was fingering her some while I was licking her clit. I was slowly feeling her out and seeing where it would go. I was taking it a step at a time. One finger, then my tongue, then my thumb, then two fingers. Each step she was receptive too. I’m pretty sure that SR has been fucked in the ass before, but it’s a topic of conversation that she avoids. But I know its been at least 10 years since she has been so I was taking my time. (Guess my experience being a couple guys first ass fucking really helped out).

I don’t quite remember the exact way that it went down, but I know that there was a moment where I asked her “if she wanted it.” I think her response was something like “I’ll try.” But it was a lusting and panting answer. That she was worked up enough to go for it. So I then found myself lubing myself and her up and slowly sliding my cock into her ass. I was being very gentle not to take it too far and let her relax and adjust to things. I pushed things a little and pretty soon she was doing a good job at taking more of it and letting me fucking her in a nice and intense slow rhythm. She was very verbal and moaning a lot, which is not like her either. She was wilding fingering her clit as well. She was really enjoying it, but it was too much. She said she couldn’t take any more. So I slid the condom off and then started fucking her pussy. Nice and hard, just as she likes it. I had been so focused on making sure she was feeling ok that I really wasn’t as far along as she was because pretty soon I could feel her pussy tightening around me and she had a most intense orgasm. I then rolled off of her knowing that once she’d cum she would get sensitive and push me off eventually. I started to stroke my cock with SR watching, which she loves. And pretty soon had my own deep and intense orgasm.

The night was great enough just having dinner with friends, but the rest of the night and some new steps forward in the adventure it was even better.

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Just Because the Dog is Cute

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HNT: Inspirations

Click here to see the HNT pictures that inspired me

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So in my Twitter adventures I have had a number of new people start following my conversations. Think that might be because of the popularity of a hot couple that I’ve been exchanging conversations with.

That being said I ran across the blog of KittyM one of the new people following me and this post was the most recent one. I felt compelled to share it. I hope she doesn’t mind. Check out her blog

Romantic love reaches out in little ways, showing attention and admiration. Romantic love remembers what pleases a woman, what excites her, and what surprises her. Its actions whisper: you are the most special person in my life.

Both of them are ready to hit the sheets, but only one of them wants to sleep. He’s ready, but she’s not willing. Or she’s frisky but he’s listless.

Desire discrepancy can wound and even cripple a relationship. What’s that you ask? When one spouse is longing for more sexual closeness and the other is too tired, too worried about laundry, bills, or other chores and think that everything else is more important, that it’s really no big deal, that there is always tomorow. But tomorow never comes and resentment builds.

It really is big deal. It’s about being loved, feeling close, feeling attractive. The low-desire spouse doesn’t get it.

The person with the lower sex drive needs to take the partner’s drive into consideration instead of thinking ‘Get over it,’ or, ‘Take a cold shower.’ What they’re saying is, ‘I don’t care about your drive, but I expect you to be monogamous.’ That’s unfair, and I think it’s one of the reasons for rampant infidelity, which isn’t just about sex – it’s about feeling wanted and appreciated.

When couples experience desire discrepancy they stop spending time together, don’t sit next to each other on the couch when they’re watching TV, don’t hold hands, touching has stopped, the relationship will become icy and the marriage is at risk for infidelity and divorce.

Lower-desire partners who actively start paying more attention to the sexual side of their relationships are frequently surprised at the positive changes in their partners’ attitude toward them, the family and the relationship.

When couples stop flirting, laughing at each other’s jokes, doing all those romantic things that keep the fire alive that’s when desire is lost. It’s not just about intercourse, it’s about telling your spouse he or she looks really great today, it’s about letting the one you love know you love them and showing it so they feel it.

Have you truly tried to love your partner today? Have you showed them the love they need in the way they need it?

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Very easy question this week. Don’t require a probing answer.

1. Are you a member of the mile high club?
No, and since SR is a really bad flier I don’t really have any hopes to be a member.

2. What is the most public place you have ever had sex?
In the water at the shore front of my parents’ cottage.

3. What is your most embarrassing family moment?
Um… yeah, I don’t think I’ll share that one. Thanks.

4. What kind of birth control do you use?
None with SR. With others condoms for intercourse

5. Have you ever had sex in the snow? Rain?
Did I mention that it was lightly rainy when we were having sex at the shore front of my parents’ cottage?

Bonus (as in optional):Describe your flirting technique: innuendo, telling a dirty joke, talking about sex life, or physical contact?
All of the above. Really it depends on the person(s). I have the knack of turning just about any comment into a dirty joke so that’s a good strategy. Though a properly placed hand, stroke, or hug can provide an immediate and intense spark.

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1. Have you ever met a fellow blogger in person?
I have met many. Though oddly given the nature of my blog and the nature of most of theirs I’ve yet to have sex with a fellow blogger. Though I seem to really connect with fellow bloggers who while desirably in all the best possible ways they are geographically undesirable.

2. Did you ever play an innocent game of “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”? How old where you?
If I did I don’t remember it.

3. When did you get your first not so innocent kiss?
7th grade, which was 1990 I guess. It was sloppy and not in the good way.

3a.If your partners are no longer of the opposite sex, when did you get that first kiss?
How rude to assume that my partners could not be of the both sexes! But since they are asking the other way around I guess I should say my first not so innocent kiss of the same sex was April 2003.

4. Have you ever awoke with someone who’s name you did not remember?
No. I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or something I should be disappointed in myself for.

5. Have you ever let someone else wash you while you were perfectly capable of doing it yourself?
OF COURSE! I mean hello isn’t that some of the greatest fore- or aft- play?

Bonus (as in optional): What makes a great first date for you?
Well, since I don’t date anymore I can only say what makes a great first meeting with others when we step out and do such things. A casual and relaxed environment over drinks where you can get to know someone. Feel out their personality and let the chemistry develop naturally. The right bar with a good vibe that can heighten the sexual tension is great too.

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HNT: Just for You

Just for someone special… they know who they are.

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TMI – 2 Weeks Worth

This Week’s

1. Do you believe in ghost? If so have you every seen one?
Yes I do believe in ghosts. I have never seen one, but have been to a restaurant that was an old colonial inn and felt a presence for sure.

2. What’s the scariest movie you ever saw?
Jesus, I’m such a baby when it comes to scary movies. I have to say the scariest moment watching a scary movie was when SR and I watched the first Scream movie. The first scene with Drew Barrymore and the phone ringing and stuff. So right after that scene the phone in SR’s apt. rang and it was the exact same ring as the phone in the movie. Scary the freaking crap out of us.

3. If you were given a house that was free would you accept it if it was haunted?
Sure. As long as it wasn’t in Amityville, NY.

4. If you were given a house that was free would you accept it if the last person had been murdered in it?
Sure. As long as their murderer still wasn’t living in it.

5. What was your most favorite costume you wore for Halloween?
I don’t have one… yet.

Bonus (as in optional): What’s your most memorable Halloween memory?
Don’t really have one. Halloween wasn’t big in my family even though I wanted it to be.

Last Week’s

1. If they kept stats of your sex life like they do in sports, what would you lead the league in? What all time record would you hold?
Saying the pros makes me sounds dirty… oh wait I like that.

2. What song gets you in the mood to have sex? best music to fuck to? best music to make love to?
Really don’t use music to get me in the mood

3. Where is your favorite place to have sex in your house/apartment?
Don’t really have a favorite place. Sex seems to happen most often on the couch or our bed. But we only have a two bedroom apartment so its not like we have lots and lots of options.

4. (girls) Have you sent or given your used panties to a guy? Do you know what happened to them? (guys) Have you taken/asked for a girls panties before? What did you do with them? (non-breeders) What is the protocol for this “tradition”?
Never, but I honestly thought about asking SR to do that for me during drinks last night.

5. What makes a kiss a great to you?
The connection. It can be soft and gentle or rough and hard, but there has to be the connection. Two people locked together in one of the most innocent of sex acts. The best part of a great kiss is when the flip switches. You are kissing, but then all of a sudden it moves form kissing to passion. You can’t get enough of each other. You have to kiss harder or deeper. Touch each other. Rip each other’s clothes off. There can be so much built into a kiss, but it shouldn’t be routine. It shouldn’t be something you do to start things off. It should be the thing that starts to get you off.

Bonus: Who pays for a date? If the girl asks a guy out, does she pay? If you are interested in same sex partners, how do you determine who pays?
As a guy I think tradition bears that you should always make the move to pay. If you’re with a woman and she wants to share then you only let her pay for her meal and you cover drinks and the tip. But if a woman is insistent and wants to pay then you don’t need to be all macho and make a show of paying. Resist some, but let her do it if she wants. Offer to pay the trip or for drinks. You have ways of making up for it I’m sure. In same sex I think that the person who asked the other out does have “tradition” on their side, but after that all of the above still applies.

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