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Morning Wood Friday

SR decided to stay home from work so unfortunately (for you, not me) I couldn’t get to take a pic of morning wood today.

Primarily because it was taken care of by someone else *wink*

Sorry! But not really!

Have an awesome Friday all!


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Friday Morning Wood, or, Morning Wood Friday?

Happy Friday the 13th! So in the continuation of Marcello and I’s Friday Morning Wood (Is anyone else gonna join us on this?!), Marcello decided to cheat and have boxers on because people liked his HNT this week. Now I say cheat because unless he sleep in boxers, which he has admitted is against the norm, he cheated. So no cheating here. Here is Friday Morning Wood as it really is.

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Morning Wood Friday

Week 3 and pretty sure that I’m gonna be alone since Marcello is on vacation right now. After last week’s no underwear pick I got some comments that more was seen in the first week when I wearing boxers. So I had to make up for it. But couldn’t give it all away so played with the
comic book effect of my webcam. Enjoy!

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Morning Wood Fridayy: Open Letter to Marcello

I know last week we created Morning Wood Friday on a whim and in the spirit of open flirtation. And we both know that once I start working again its so likely that I won’t be participating on a regular basis. However, in the meantime I’ll all for it. But I have a problem. Last week we both had great pics in our underwear. And you repeated it this week in another pair of boxers (which, dude, we have the same underwear collection and its kinda freaking me out). But we both know that neither one of us sleeps in our underwear. Nope if anyone was to catch asleep in bed we’d both be naked. So why the pretense of putting on underwear for the pics? Sure it’s sexy and hot, but if we’re gonna be serious about it being “morning wood.” Well then it seems to me that putting on underwear, even if strategically left near the bed, is not so authentic. So in order to be more authentic…. here is my pic for Morning Wood Friday

Don’t enjoy too much!


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Morning Wood Friday

Marcello and I have had an ongoing inside joke on Twitter where using /\/\/\ indicates that we are excited about something. /\/\/\ means “pitching a tent.” Last evening through a random line of conversation I requested Marcello send me a pic of him /\/\/\ to make up for something he said to me. He said he would in the morning and deemed a new blog photo theme – Morning Wood Fridays. Now I’m skeptical about whether I can keep a weekly pace up – I can barely do HNT. But here it is… Morning Wood Friday #1. Enjoy!

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