Defending the Raven

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I’m off. Something’s off today. It’s not just me. There is something out there today. Something pulling and stretching the good and sexy vibe of the world. Maybe it’s the collective realization by everyone that summer is over. School’s in session and it’s back to the grind. No more vacations or long weekends planned. Time to focus on things to be done on the weekend and not the fun plans to be had. Fun went out the door when summer finally ended. Whatever it is, it’s fucking with me today.

I can’t hardly focus on anything. I’m working, but pushing papers around and not really accomplishing anything particularly noteworthy. I can’t even focus on twitter to get a good flow going there. I had one good conversation of note (with a gorgeously sexy woman who thinks I only want her equally sexy husband, but can’t seem to get past the fact that I’ve grown past simply lusting for him and totally into them as a couple), but that seems to have been the one off for the day. Plus she had a good morning and seems to have powered through (and by that I mean through the power of her vibrator) whatever stuff is bouncing out there.

But I think there is also residual effects of my bachelor week and reuniting with SR over the weekend. She flew in on Saturday, and right into a tropical storm, and she had to adjust to not being constantly going for work and of course a 5 hour time change. So while being back together and in the same bed was wonderful… we haven’t quite yet had the reunion she or I would have liked.

It probably also doesn’t help that I spent a good deal of time while she was away being the going flirtations slut that I am. Chatting, flirting, watching porn, jerking off, playing with my toys…. Mix them any and all which ways it might go and that was my week. Of course, it was an unrealistic, hedonistic bacchanal that can only have been enjoyed by me as someone who doesn’t get the alone time like that, dove right in to enjoyinig it, but realized pretty quickly that it left me lacking for more.

And while I would have needed a full on orgy this weekend with a mix of bodies and situations to fully satisfy that which I was building up for myself. So it was probably better that SR’s internal clock was cock blocking her.

But that still leaves me in this funky place. I think I need to get a little creative with planning for tonight. And we are LONG overdue for something more.


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