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Morning Wood Friday: Uping the Game

So Marcello and I have been doing Morning Wood Friday on a fairly regular basis for almost two months. Now while the concept is fun it is limiting. I mean what is it?… take a picture of your cock when you first get up in the morning. We’ve played coy some weeks and been wearing underwear when neither one of us sleeps in underwear. Then we’ve showed all. Well I slept in this morning, barely noticing when SR got up this morning. When I finally got up I was pretty worked up. I had left the camera nearby and decided that rather than a picture I’d take a video. Given the mood I was in I thought I’d shoot at just the right moment (emphasis on the shoot). Funny that Marcello seemed to have the same idea this morning as well.



June 27, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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    Wow! I am loving the creativity you boys have been displaying!

    *fanning self, wiping sweat off brow, going to change the damp panties*

    Thank You
    Ms.Lily | 06.27.08 – 4:07 pm | #


    Another lefty! I’ve been waiting all day to see this since I couldn’t see it on my BlackBerry. It was worth the wait!

    Can’t wait until next week! I’ve got a few creative suggestions for you.
    J Z | 06.27.08 – 7:38 pm | #


    It will not play for me *pouting*…

    i am sure it was fantastic!

    Great minds and cocks think a like – hehehe!
    Marcello | Homepage | 06.27.08 – 10:03 pm | #


    Damn. I could use more Friday Morning Wood’s Like that!
    Wendy Blackheart | Homepage | 06.28.08 – 4:20 am | #


    well now! That looked fantastic.
    mina | Homepage | 06.29.08 – 2:08 am | #


    That was definitely hot
    Lilly | Homepage | 06.30.08 – 8:42 pm | #


    You missed me! Darn it.
    Rambeau | 07.01.08 – 5:45 am | #


    what a treat!
    Evan | Homepage | 07.10.08 – 10:56 am | #


    I can never visit your blog again.
    Kilted Wonder | 07.31.08 – 10:21 pm | #


    Comment by raveninnyc | August 12, 2008 | Reply

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