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HNT: Ode to Marcello

So my newest online friend Marcello put up a great set of pics for HNT last night. I particularly liked the stripped boxer pics, but that might be because of my underwear “fetish.” If I haven’t mentioned it before I love people stripped to their underwear. There is a delicious almost, but not quite naked level of excitement to it that totally turns me on. Someone in their underwear can be completely innocent or can be enticing you to the higher levels of intimacy. In Marcello’s pics he is clearly enticing because unless he had an itch he is drawing our attention quite specifically. So in the spirit of that I decided to mirror the pics as best I could.

Now in my comments on his posting I make a joke (a lame one, but one that cracked me up) saying “Now that you showed us your Peter can I show you my Paul?” Apparently he enjoyed the comment so I guess I need to make good on that. However in doing so I think I took some of my favorite photos of myself. Enjoy!


June 12, 2008 Posted by | HNT | 1 Comment