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Of Taxi Rides and "Virgin" Asses

I realize that I have been completely AWOL from here and well I guess it’s mainly just that there really isn’t a lot to report. Busy work schedules have kept things quiet on the playing front. Plus Twitter keeps me occupied and gives me my blogging fix. But also in many ways I feel as though I’ve covered a lot on his blog already. In a way the way things have evolved in the last 3+ years in my relationship with SR have come to a point where things are working very well. Sure, we still have our issues that bug us every once in a while and need to be worked, but as I was saying to someone the other day that having issues like that prove you care. And if you didn’t care then you knew things were really bad. There’s a whole other post I could get into, but as you can tell from the title of this post… that’s not what this post is about.

So on Saturday night SR and I went to some friends’ apartment for dinner. It was a really nice night. The meal was great and the wine was even better. It was just one of those nice and casual nights with friends that doesn’t involve getting all dressed up and over paying for drinks in a crowded bar. But that’s not what this post is about either.

We had both drank enough that getting a cab home was the only way to go. We could have taken public transportation other than the subway that would have been quicker, but fuck that. So we get in the cab. SR starts making out with me and touching me. I was kinda surprised at the level of it, but really I’m not gonna complain. My level of exhibitionism is much higher than hers. Maybe it was that or it was the amount of wine I’d had to drink. Whichever it was I decided to push it a little.

I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. SR had already gotten me hard and I was uncomfortable. The part the really surprised me was that she ended up leaning down and sucking me. It was so fucking amazing. This woman was not my wife. The one who gets shy so quickly sometimes. This was someone else entirely, but I didn’t care. For the next 20 minutes she sucked and stroked my cock in between some gentle making out. It was really incredible, more so because it was such a pleasant surprise.

So we end up getting home. I gave the cab driver $40 on a $28 fare. I really didn’t want to have to fight with waiting for change and know what if he noticed what we were doing then I compensated him for it.

We got inside. I had to take the dog out so SR got into bed. Once I was back inside, I got to the bedroom took all my clothes off and joined SR. I didn’t waste anytime in going down on her. I figured I owed her for the fantastic head I had gotten in the cab. I couldn’t get enough. I was all over her. Pretty soon I was playing with her ass some. Being the bi guy I am, rimming is something I’m totally used to and enjoy. We’ve flirted with this before, but SR tends to tense up when it comes to playing with her ass, but not Sat. night. She was really into. So I was fingering her some while I was licking her clit. I was slowly feeling her out and seeing where it would go. I was taking it a step at a time. One finger, then my tongue, then my thumb, then two fingers. Each step she was receptive too. I’m pretty sure that SR has been fucked in the ass before, but it’s a topic of conversation that she avoids. But I know its been at least 10 years since she has been so I was taking my time. (Guess my experience being a couple guys first ass fucking really helped out).

I don’t quite remember the exact way that it went down, but I know that there was a moment where I asked her “if she wanted it.” I think her response was something like “I’ll try.” But it was a lusting and panting answer. That she was worked up enough to go for it. So I then found myself lubing myself and her up and slowly sliding my cock into her ass. I was being very gentle not to take it too far and let her relax and adjust to things. I pushed things a little and pretty soon she was doing a good job at taking more of it and letting me fucking her in a nice and intense slow rhythm. She was very verbal and moaning a lot, which is not like her either. She was wilding fingering her clit as well. She was really enjoying it, but it was too much. She said she couldn’t take any more. So I slid the condom off and then started fucking her pussy. Nice and hard, just as she likes it. I had been so focused on making sure she was feeling ok that I really wasn’t as far along as she was because pretty soon I could feel her pussy tightening around me and she had a most intense orgasm. I then rolled off of her knowing that once she’d cum she would get sensitive and push me off eventually. I started to stroke my cock with SR watching, which she loves. And pretty soon had my own deep and intense orgasm.

The night was great enough just having dinner with friends, but the rest of the night and some new steps forward in the adventure it was even better.

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