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While You’re Waiting for Me

Ok, so yeah I know I suck… and not in that good way. Heck I haven’t even blogged a TMI for 2 weeks. To be honest that’s mainly because the last two weeks haven’t been interesting in the question department.

But for those of you who still check here in the vain hope that maybe I’ll have something to say… I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. It has been an insanely crazy month. SR and I had an awesome trip to Paris and London. I put some feelers out there to sample what Paris and London might have to offer, but we honestly didn’t have the time. Instead, I was feeling selfish and wanted SR all to myself. Once we got back it’s been a whirlwind of activity punctuated by baseball, but we were rewarded greatly for that! WOOHOO!! GO RED SOX!

Anyway, I’m not gonna go on further because I do have some posts I want to work out in the next week. I’ll be traveling for work this week so maybe I’ll get the time then.

In the meantime you have to go read the last 5 or 6 posts over at marriedexploits. A great blog by a married couple. They just started dipping their toes into the meeting with others pool. They recently had a couple interesting meetings with another couple. They have both blogged about the experience separately and I have to admit that it’s compelling. It’s hot, but they also bring up all the normal issues that happen between couples when you venture out together. A great read. Just wanted to give them the proper spotlight. And peak back in their archives… they are quite a sexy couple.

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