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Gimme More

I originally titled this post “The Art of Hooking-Up as a Couple, or, Men Are Sluts.” The reason was I was supposed to have written this post already, but didn’t get around to it. I could blame work, but I’ve been a little spacey of late. A little AD/HD in my focusing on things. Anyway…

The night of the awesome sex (that might have to be it’s permanent name) certainly heightened a lot of sexual things for me (for us both) and one of them was certainly a desire to get back to exploring with others some. That meant that I got back on some of the adult dating websites we’ve been on in the past. Pretty soon after getting back on one we had this very good looking bi guy message us – we’ll call him Producer. The conversation was very easy and good, which is always a good sign. Plus his pics – well let’s just say a series of pics with wet boxer briefs helped his cause. So I checked in with SR and we made a time to meet. We tried for a Friday night, but he had been out late with work celebrating a project and said that while he really wanted to he knew he wouldn’t be the best company. Now I have to admit that was a really good sign. Nothing like someone not being 100% to make a first meeting bad. So we made alternate plans to meet on Monday night after work.

On Monday when I chatted with him to confirm we ran into a little obstacle of the fact that he lives outside of the side and was tied to public transportation schedule. The extra hitch was that while we so live in Manhattan it is not the most convenient part of the island. Part of me wanted to just invite him to our place, but that is not the ideal first meeting. Meeting over drinks or something is key, especially since I tend to do all the talking to people. I share emails and chats with SR, but she is a step behind on the first meeting more often than not. Plus we’re not really the hop in bed with others kinda people. Sure maybe I am more, but I’ve learned that sex with people you’ve gotten to know some is much more fun. This is also where the art of hooking up as a couple comes in. There are so many parameters to take in with the the people on one hand and well as managing things between yourselves as a couple. How much are you “G,G,G” or when do you say “No, that’s not gonna work for me.” Luckily, in this case SR and I were on the same page about just meeting for drinks for the first time.

So we made the decision that the time constraint would mean that drinks and conversation were going to be the fullest extent of the first meeting. But that’s not a bad thing. Gotta leave them wanting more, right?

However, in the course of the chat he had made a comment about a pic of my cock that I had sent him. So I made a flirty comment that if he wanted an in person preview he could just follow me into the men’s bathroom. Yeah, I know I’m a total slut, but really if you’ve been reading long enough that won’t surprise you.

We met at one of the cheesy, college bars for the not in college crowd on the Upper West Side (if you’re from nyc you know where I’m talking about). He was just as good looking in person and the conversation was really easy and nice between all of us. He was polite, but flirty. It was fun.

After an hour or so of us all getting along and such he went to the bathroom so I decided to follow. He had gone once before, but didn’t follow. And when I went he didn’t follow so…. I got into the bathroom and found him about to zip up at a urinal. I stepped up to one pulled my cock out. We were both pretty hard quick and standing there stroking and checking each other out. He asked if the door locked and I said no, but the way the bathroom was set-up anyone walking in would have hit me with the door so I just said “No, but i could just do this” and leaned against the door. He came over and we started stroking each other. he had a very nice and thick cock. Of course, I couldn’t resist so I leaned down and sucked him a little. Really great tasting cock. After a couple nice sucks and taking him deep once I pulled back. He immediately returned the favor. Nothing too intense. Stroked each other a few more times, but knew that it wouldn’t be long before someone else came in. But as I pulled my hand away I realized there was some precum on his cock so I wiped it up with my index finger and licked it. That got a “fucking nice” comment out of him. Then it was zip up and back upstairs to hang with SR. It was very hot and certainly made me want to just go home with him, but it just wasn’t gonna happen.

For the last two weeks we’ve been trying to figure something out. Between our jobs and lives it was hard to manage a time to meet. However, at the end of last week he mentioned that he was going to have to be in the city for work on both Saturday and Sunday. He wasn’t sure when or if he’d had time, but was just letting us know. On Saturday he called to say he had “a window,” but by the time he got to us and gave himself time to get back to work it’d be about an hour. Sure plenty of time to have some fun, but even though we’d met once it’s not likely that SR and I are just gonna invite him in and get naked. There is a little build-up required. The fact that it didn’t work out did not prevent SR and I from having a great night together. We had some pretty fun and hot sex where he ended up being a fun topic of conversation in the moment. She was disappointed that something hadn’t worked out.

We touched base on Sunday and he thought he’d be free from 6:30-10:00. Perfect. He could get to us by 7:00 and would have to be on a subway back at 9:30 at the latest. I was convinced the whole time that he was gonna call and cancel because work had gotten in the way. But at 6:30 he imed saying he was gonna be leaving in 5 minutes. Sweet. I checked with SR, just in case and she a little ambivalent, but I’ve learned that if she’s not up for it she’d say no right away. She got her shot to say no so I pulled the trigger and told him to come on up. (If you look at my twitter writings from yesterday you’ll see how this all played out. special thanks to mydesire and wantonmaleness for sending me all their good naughty vibes to help make it happened. It worked I owe you!)

I ran and got some beer (getting him some wheat beer which he drank the first time we met – yeah, I am that kinda guy). Then took the dog for a walk so he was taken care of. When I was out he called saying he was getting off the subway so I just went and met him. Got back to our apartment and all settled in to the couch with a beer. SR asked me to put on some music, which was perfect because the first time we met a Green Day song was playing when we left the bar. At a street corner SR was having a private moment singing along and kinda dancing. He was watching her and was totally turned on. I watched the whole thing it was great. Loved seeing the look on his face of pure desire. So I was funny and put on Green Day, which got a good chuckle. But SR wanted to listen to Amy Winehouse. Whatever SR wants…

We were in that awkward moment of “ok, who is gonna make the first move.” I could tell he was ready to pounce, but he was being polite. SR is much more coy and lets someone else make the move. There are lots of ways that I’ve played this. Sometimes I’ll just start making out with SR and let the guy work his way in. Sometimes I’ll go to the bathroom and see if he makes his move. But I was kinda waiting to see what he would do. I realized that there were a lot of lights on and while our neighbors can’t see right in at the right angle at the right time they could. So I got up and turned the main light off and just walked into the kitchen to act like I was playing it casual. The minute I did that SR and Producer started kissing. Guess I really didn’t need to turn the light off, but glad it helped.

We all spent a little time on the couch, SR in between us both. We’d take turns kissing her, touching her. Though when he took his shirt off – that was a nice moment. He has a great body. Lean and fit with a little definition. He’s a surfer and it looks like it. There was some gentle contact between us, but then he grabbed my cock through my shorts. Pretty quickly he was running his hand up my thigh under my shorts and then my boxer briefs. He grabbed on tight to my cock and was stroking me pretty hard. I don’t need a better invitation than that and happily returned the favor. I have to admit it was pretty hot to grab his cock having already knew what it felt like to have him hard in my hand.

Things were going good, but the couch is certainly not the most comfortable piece of furniture. So I stood up and pulled SR up and led her to the bedroom. Producer followed. It was one of those fun awkward walks where no one wants to break contact. So we got to the bedroom and I took my shirt off and then pulled SR’s tank top off (she had lost her pants on the walk to the bedroom.). Producer reached around and undid my shorts and then he undid her bra. SR and I were facing each other and kidding and making out. I felt her moan into my mouth and go a little weak kneed. That’s when I realized he had pulled his boxers off and his hard cock had slide between her legs. So I pulled my boxers off and pushed into SR and felt his cock hit mine. Both of our cocks slide between SR’s legs. (gonna take a break and just savor that moment)

I felt it was time to get into bed. I hopped up into bed taking SR with me. Producer pulled her panties off and pretty quickly spread her legs and starting going down on her. SR and I were laid out next to each other making out and touching each other while he ate her out. He grabbed my hard cock and started stroking it. He then leaned over and started to suck me. He was not tentative at all and was taking deep and long strokes with his mouth. I had no doubt that he was a very bi guy, but to have him suck my cock as enthusiastically as he licked SR’s pussy was a huge turn on. It was even hotter because SR and I were talking to each other. I was making naughty comments at her. I knew he was going down on her really well based on way her body was reacting, but I asked her if she was him licking her and she said yes. So I told her to moan and make sure he knew. She is not usually verbal, but I know it’s always nice to give verbal encouragement.

Not one to be out done I shifted myself to go down on SR. He swapped positions with me. SR was very wet and I knew that if I continued she’d probably cum and be taken right out of the moment. I made sure she knew I was there, but then moved on to sucking his cock. He was incredibly hard and has a nice long and fairly thick cock. Pretty substantial. It had been such a long time (well bar bathroom with him not withstanding) since I’d really have a cock that I was really enjoying the moment. He was moaning and bucking his hips a lot so I knew he was enjoying it. So much that I think he forget to pay attention to SR because she soon moved down to join me. I have probably said it numerous times before, but there is nothing hotter than sharing someone else with your partner. Lips and tongues touching as you pleasure the other person. I then focused on his balls while she sucked his shaft.

Think we were too good of a team because he pulled away and had SR lay down on her back and started to eat her out again. I was at the foot of the bed and had a beautiful view of all of it, but an even better view of his ass. He and I had talked about how far we’ve gone with the bi stuff. Given what I knew I spread his ass open and rimmed him. I think it shocked him right at first, but he moaned loudly into SR’s pussy and pushed back into me. He had a very nice ass. Was pretty fantastic to be eating him out while he ate SR out.

I then felt SR’s hand pull me towards her and she shifted out of the way so that I was between her legs. She clearly wanted me to fuck her. So I pushed my cock against her and slide in very quickly. She was incredibly wet. I slowly started to fuck her. She was so warm and wet I was easily sliding in and out of her. I felt Producer’s hands running over my back and ass. He then moved in right behind me. I felt his cock push against my ass so that his whole cock was nestled between my cheeks. He then leaned in and started to…. the only way to describe it is hump me. At first we were fighting for the rhythm, but then I gave in and let him do all the work. At that point he was pretty much on top of me with his cock pushing against my ass. Every thrust he made would thrust my cock into SR. It was so incredibly hot. The only way it would have been hotter was if he was actually fucking me. But this was such an in the moment thing that there was no way I would have been able to take him. However, it was so hot that I could feel myself getting close to cumming. I was nowhere near ready for that so I told SR I have to stop because I was going to cum. She loved hearing that and got this evil smile on her face and she tried to hold me in place. I certainly appreciated her wanting me to cum deep inside her, but I wasn’t ready. And I knew that was to come anyway.

I rolled over next to her. Producer went to go in to eating her, but I grabbed his head and pushed him on to my cock. He resisted at first, but then got my cock in his mouth and he knew why I was being so forward. I wanted him to take SR on my cock. Once he got a taste he slowly and longingly licked every inch of my shaft and moaning with every lick. It took SR a moment to figure out why I made him suck me, but she got it. He then moved over and started to pay attention to SR, which was fine because I needed a little breather. He was kissing her, licking her neck and breasts and was going down on her. The whole time I was playing with his ass. Massaging it and teasing his hole with my fingers. I leaned over to our nightstand and pulled out a couple condoms, some lube, and my favorite “easy to take dildo.” I took the dildo and pushed it up against his ass. It didn’t register much of a reaction. I figured better not to push that this time around. So I grabbed a condom and starting running it along his arm and down to his hand. He grabbed it pretty quickly and put it on. He then got between SR’s legs and slowly entered her. She loudly moaned “Oh Yes.” He is a little bigger and thicker than me so I could see why she would have that immediate reaction.

I went back to playing with his ass. Rimming him a little. Getting his hole wet and then I started to finger him, making sure to match his rhythm. I might have gotten a little aggressive because I had one finger in him pretty deep and was pushing hard and he kinda gave me an “Ouch,” but when I pulled back while continuing he didn’t mind. Pretty soon I had the tips of my index and middle finger in him. At that point though SR pulled me in closer to kiss her. So I kissed her lips and lips, and tweaked her nipples. He started to fuck her harder and she was liking it so I encouraged him. Told him:
“Fuck her harder.”
“Yes, just like that.”
“Pound her nice and good.”
“Give it to her just how she likes it.”

Then I asked her:
“You like that baby?”
“You like his thick cock fucking you nice and harder?”
“You want more?”

She responded with an enthusiastic and breathless yes. And he matched it perfectly. Fucking her harder. To the point where I could hear his balls slapping against her ass. I was touching both of them. Leading them on. SR’s hips were starting to buck. I knew she was building to cumming, but then I heard Producer start to moan really loudly and felt him thrust deep into her. He had beat her to cumming. To his credit he knew she hadn’t cum and continued to fuck her as he finished his orgasm. And then he got out of the way quickly and told me to “Finish her.” I loved the encouragement and so did SR. I moved in and entered SR. I just starting to let loose on her. Grabbing her by the hips and thrust into her with long and deep strokes. I liked my thumb and pressed it against her clit and rubbed it in soft circles, just like I know she likes. I felt Producer’s hands on my ass. His fingers probing my hole, pushing me to fuck her harder. SR was right in sync with me. As I felt myself starting to cum I felt her hips buck and the first wave of her orgasm causing her pussy to tighten around my cock. It was absolutely amazing. When I was done I turned around and looked at Producer and the look on his face was awesome. He was basking in the glow of his own orgasm, but totally amazed at haven’t watched us. Seeing such a private and perfect moment between a married couple. I’ve seen that moment before, I know it.

By this point it was almost 9:00. He had to be at work and we had to eat dinner. I walked him back to the subway and got us some food. We settled in and watched the VMAs on MTV. Watch Britney make a legitimate fool of herself. Though her song, “Gimme More” would have a fun moment when we got into bed. I was feeling playful still so I started playfully singing “Gimme More” and inching my hand down SR’s body to her clit. She slid her legs open a little and was giggling. I honestly didn’t expect her to want more, but when I started to kiss down her stomach she didn’t resist. So I started to go down on her and eat her out. She was very sensitive so I had to be careful. She built things very fast and said she was so close, but then I felt her back off. She said “You’re not gonna get me.” Oh really!?!? Folks, don’t challenge me to something unless you’re willing to have me do it because more often than not I’ll take you up on it. So I redoubled my efforts. Tease her pussy with my fingers while I tongued her clit. I felt her building again. Then he hips started to buck. So I wrapped my arms around her thighs and held on for the ride continuing to work her clit hard as she moaned and thrashed her hips. She told me to stop and was pushing against my head, but I kept going. Sucking hard on her clit as she continued to orgasm. She finally twisted away from me. That’s when I relented. She was sweaty and breathing heavy. Totally spent and loving it.

While Britney’s performance on the VMAs sucked seven ways to Sunday…. Her song was the perfect theme for the weekend.

So for today…

fuck it..

I *heart* Britney

bisexual; ; ; ; ; polyamory


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