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Jon Galt is a F*cking Bitch

So Jon tagged me on this. It’s actually been a while since I’ve been tagged on one of these so I was actually kinda excited, but I had to get pissy about it anyway – hence the title. Anyway. Hope this is a nice counter-point to my very pornographic last post.

*What side of the heart do you draw first? Um… the left side. What does that mean?

*Can you dive without plugging your nose? Indeed I

*What color is your phone? Both are black.

*Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours? SR would definitely be easy. Maggie Gyllenhall would be interesting, but maybe that’s just because I’m currently watching her in the movie Sherry Baby. Though taking that a step further maybe her and her brother Jake. That would be very interesting. Throw in her “baby daddy” Peter Sarsgaard. Then again if they are gonna all be there then SR definitely should be too. Opps.. sorry did I get carried away with that one?

*Where are you right now? At home on the couch with SR.

*How do you feel about carrots? I haven’t really though about my feelings towards vegetables. I suppose I’m ambivalent about it. I suppose there is a slight twinge of herbivore guilt when I eat them, but not really. Carrots are good.

*How many chairs at the dining room table? Two, but we have four.

*Who is the best Spice Girl? I don’t think any of them have any great talent so best really isn’t the way to ask it. Ginger spice is sexy in that curvaceous red-head kinda way. But Posh has the hot husband (can you tell I’m having a very bi day?)

*Do you know what time it is? If it’s 10:00pm I don’t know where my children are. But its almost 4:00pm EDT currently

*What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator? If? How about when I was. Use the call button to call for help. Press the alarm. Sit and wait.

*What’s your favorite kind of gum? I don’t have one.

*T or F: All is fair in love and war? False. Always remember the Golden Rule. (I REALLY liked Jon’s answer so I’m keeping it)

*Do you use words that you don’t know the meaning to? Not usually. Sometimes I use a big word that’s not right, but generally know it.

*Do you like to sleep? Sometimes.

*Do you know which US states don’t use Daylight Savings? I know Arizona for sure. But really what does it matter?

*Do you know the song Sugar We’re Goin’ Down? Don’t think so. Strike that. I actually do know that song very well and didn’t remember. Evan had to remind me. Damn it’s been a while since I’ve listened to Fall Out Boy. I’m kinda ashamed.

*Do you want a bright yellow ’06 mustang? For free? Sure. Bright yellow wouldn’t be my first choice.

*What’s something you’ve always wanted?

*Do you wear a lot of black? I don’t really like it so I usually avoid it. I don’t think I look good in black. But I also wear a lot of blue, which I don’t like with black so that could be it too.

*Describe your hair. It’s dirty blond and very thick. It tends to have a mind of it’s own, but I’ve been told it’s wonderful to run fingers through.

*Are you an adult? Only when I have to be.

*Who is/are your best friends? My wife.

*Do you have a tan? Surprisingly… this year I do. It’s oh so subtle, but it’s pretty decent. Generally I’m a freckle and burn kinda guy.

*Are you a television addict? Addict? Not since we got a DVR. But yes I probably do watch too much TV.

*Do you enjoy spending time with your mom? Not as much as I want to.

*Are you a sugar freak? Ugh. Yes.

*What is your favorite movie? Amadeus. It’s such a gorgeous movie with a brilliantly fucked up story.

*What’s your sign? Aries. Such an aries

*Where do you wish you were right now? Nowhere special really.

*Who did you copy this from? The sexy stud Jon

*How do you know them? From our blogs and online chats

*Would you have sex with them? In some ways we already have, but heck yeah, especially if his woman and mine were included.

*What brand of shirt are you wearing? Mossimo

*Have you ever smoked anything? Yup. Cigarettes. Cigars. Pot.

So I guess I’m supposed to tag three other people so…
Evan because he always has great answers for things
Ben because he needs to post something
WM because he needs to mix things up on his blog. Too much sexxxx! LOL.
But only if they want to.

And since we’re in this train of thinking…. This week’s TMI

1. What is the best relationship advice you’ve ever received?
Sad to say that I’ve never received great relationship advice and have had to find out my own lessons. But the best relationship advice I’d ever give to anyone that pure open and honest communication in a relationship can be the sexiest thing. It can lead you to new places together and make you feel that much closer.

2. How many people have you dated at once? How many people do you think it is acceptable to date at once?
Only one considering I’ve only really, truly dated one person. Well dating is such a varied word. I think if you are having dates with people if can be numerous. But if once you cross that exclusive line to only date each other you gotta honor it.

3. What made your worst kiss so bad?
Let’s put it to you all this way… making out with a dyson would be a more pleasurable experience.

4. Can a relationship last if the sex is bad?
Not unless you are honest with someone about the sex being bad and try to work on making it better. But sex is such an elemental part of a strong and healthy relationship that if its bad it’s going to lead to a breakdown of resentment, bad feelings, or cheating.

5. What one thing would you like your partner to do every time you have
sex with them?
I think oral is a necessary element for everyone. It’s easy to jump to the really good stuff, but having that in between step to really work each other up is key. However, I’m definitely a take each experience as it happens so nothing is necessarily required.

Bonus (as in optional): What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?
My wife.


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