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Note: This one is very long, but I think it’s worth it. It’s taken me all week to write. I wanted to finish it sooner, but I wanted to get it write. I finished it, but have not edited it completely so I apologize if it’s lacking in proper english in places. I’ll try to clean it up soon, but I wanted it to be out there. Enjoy!

Ok, so if you were here over last weekend you saw a whole bunch of back and forth on my dilemma of what to do on Saturday night. We probably should have gone up to my parents’ for the weekend, but an easy excuse to not go up presented itself on Friday night and so we didn’t. That of course left us with a free weekend to do whatever the hell we wanted to. About the extent of our planning was that SR had some clothes to return at a couple stores, but if it didn’t happen the world wasn’t gonna end.

On Saturday morning I woke up really early and was restless. I was thinking about what our weekend was gonna be like and was compelled to get out of bed and put an ad on craigslist. Why? If you’ve been around long enough don’t you think you know me at least that well enough not to question that? Though it was 7:30 am so that’s even extreme for me. After I went back to bed and slept for a couple more hours. If I didn’t have emails waiting for me I woulda sworn it was a dream.

We did some normal Saturday morning routine stuff. Walk the dog. Get coffee. Chill out together and waking up fully. There was talk of taking the subway downtown to return clothes, but two cheesy TV movies later and we decided to camp out on the couch for the rest of the afternoon (I blame Julia Roberts). We ignored the fact that it was a pretty gorgeous day in Manhattan because that would have made us feel bad about that fact that we were taking the weekend for ourselves to do nothing.

SR spent the day playing SIMS 2 (I always try to find symbolism in her taking such a dominant and active role in lives of computer generated characters, but that would be so wrong of me) and I messed around online – reading blogs and fielding responses to our ad. Now I’ve talked to some people who have long gotten over craigslist as full of fake people and impossible hook-ups. Well, I think since we’re a couple our luck is a little better. The fact that we’re both bi does reduce our return rate. In my experience the return of single guys for bi couples for single bi women is 7 to 1 to 0.00001. Of the bi couples 75% tend to either so perfect we don’t rate or are fake. 15% are much older than us and 10% are genuine. Now single bi guys are pretty easy. Once we get through the people who just a photo or a one line email, which I do as a rule don’t respond to, there can be 4 or 5 guys who are interested. (Oh and single bi women? Last one who responded was about a year ago and after 4 emails “she” disappeared). After some part and forth and feeling people out there are usually 2 guys left and that’s when I bring SR in to see what her thoughts are, unless I’m really up for one over the other in which case I choose. Bi couples go to the front of the pack.

So on Saturday I ended up narrowing things down to a bi couple and a single bi guy. The couple were in the city from our of town. They sent one headless pic of them that seemed to indicate they were older – 40’s. That’s not inherently a problem, but having met some older couples before there can be a divide in experience and approach. Sometimes there is not much you click with personality wise. Also, sometimes they are much more of the “swinger” type, which we really aren’t. However, this couple seemed kinda fun, regular people in town from upstate for some fun. The single bi guy was a couple years younger. Pretty cute. Seemed like a really outgoing and nice guy. Better still he totally was coming from the same place as us – meet for drinks, chill and get to know each other, let the flirting and chemistry take over and see where it goes. We’re not the meet and hook-up immediately types so this was perfect.

The big hurdle was me. I know I am in the driver’s seat when it comes to things like this. SR is pretty clear about when she doesn’t want to “have some fun,” but it’s gonna be the one pushing or leading. I tested the waters and she seemed game. However, I also knew that given some female issues it’d been a good two weeks since we’d been intimate. But because of that I know I had a lot of pent up energy. And… well I’ll be blunt because it’s true… it’s been too long since I’ve gotten some cock. So I was being honest with myself. I knew that a big chunk of my motivation was selfish. But I also knew that SR knows that. She has as much fun as anyone in the room, but we both know that there is a part of exploring with others that is entirely selfish.

All I had to do was pull the trigger on either the couple or the guy. But something was holding me back. So I distracted myself with some conversation with WantonMaleness – he is always good for that (now see if he and his lovely wife we’re more geographically desirable it could have been a whole different night). I talked to him about my dilemma, one I know that he can sympathize with to some extent. I guess I might have also been looking for someone else to make the decision for me and I know he’s a take charge kinda guy *wink* But he didn’t help in that regard, but I had no idea that the simple conversation with him would turn more interesting and make the decision for me anyway.

At one point in the conversation SR was asking who I was talking to and what I was talking about. I was being a little coy because I know I was ranting about being in the driver’s seat a little and so I didn’t want to start that conversation when I knew I was just being stupid about it. But she did end up saying hi to WM and such and she was intrigued by what I was talking about. Our dog woke up from his blissful sleeping and needed to go out. So I took him out for a walk and ended up telling that to WM and said that maybe SR would take over talking to him. Clearly I knew she’s probably look at the screen and was hoping to get them into a conversation. So I went out with the dog and let him do 10 times more sniffing than I usually do. I figured if she was talking to him I’d let her have as much time as possible. So when I came in and found her on the couch with my laptop on her lap and typing I was very pleased. We’d already been drinking some and I needed another drink, but we were out of Diet Coke. Oh, darn I had to walk to the deli to get more – leaving WM and SR to chat some more.

A long and leisurely walk to the deli and back later… I arrived just in time for SR to be saying goodbye. WM had to other things to do. So I said so long and proceeded to make SR and I more drinks. I was trying to play cool wanting to read all about what they talked about. But once I sat back down on the couch I couldn’t resist. It was a fairly tame conversation, though there was a passing mention of buying a flogger. However, the exchange that stood out most was SR saying something to the effect that I “underestimate here ‘shyness,’ but that I’ll learn one day for sure.” And then WM threatening to out my on his blog for all the inaccurate impressions I’ve probably given on my blog about her.

WELL! I’m not one to usually one to stand down to a challenge and if that wasn’t a direct challenge then it was as close to one as I wanted. We were decidedly staying in. I’ll underestimate her shyness no more and I’ll just go after what I want full on. So I bet you all thought we went out. Well! Fooled you. I had the exact opposite response. We were staying in. We were going to have a fun and freaky night in.

That was at around 7:00. We spent the next three or so hours watching some old episodes of Sex and the City on HBO on Demand. It was a perfect tease in a way. A little sex. A show we both love (primarily because the time period defines the time we first came to NYC. I’ll defend that another day). Of course, I was also making sure there was a steady supply of drinks – just enough to keep our buzz going. We reached the last SATC episode available to watch. SR took a trip to the bathroom and I decided that it was perfect time to switch things up. I pulled out my favorite porn DVD that we have (Mass Appeal 2). Very good bi porn. Covers all the bases with equality. Plus there’s lots of hot strap-on action, which was not so subtle of a suggestion on my part.

SR comes back and asked what I put on, but I don’t let her see and instead pull her to me so that she is straddling me while I’m sitting on the couch and we start to kiss. Very slowly at first. Barely tasting each other. Running my hands slowly up and down her back. Barely touching her.
Kissing her a little more intensely. Our lips part and our tongues teasing each other. Testing. I run my hands down her side and that’s when she melts into me. I feel her push herself into my crotch and she pushes for a deeper kiss. Then it’s hands all over each other. Kissing passionately. Not wanting to hold back anymore. It’d been too long since we experienced each other. The raw passion that’s been on the surface for the 2 weeks she’d been out of commission boils to the surface and we only want to consume each other. I grab her by the back of her head and kiss her deeply and strongly. My tongue circling hers. Flicking the tip of hers. Working just like it is when I’m going down on her.

I then reach up under her tank top and unhook her bra. I feel her gorgeous breasts release and she pushes into me. I want her shirt off. I want to see her breasts. So I lift her tank top from the back and pull it off. Tank top and bra come off in one easy motion. Her breasts fall into clear view and her head hair is released from the shirt and falls have in front of her face. She’s gorgeous. It’s like a pornographic Patene commercial. But she’s beautiful. I take that second to just look at her in that moment and am amazed that she is my wife.

I run my hand over her chest and gently caress her breasts. I hold one of her nipples in between my fingers and then slowly tweak it. But I can’t hold back I have to lick her breasts. I love to tease her. Sucking and licking all over. Taking her hard nipples in between my teeth and gently biting on them. Pushing the envelope of what she can take. But most of I love kissing the spot right in between her breasts because I know it’s a sensitive spot for her. I only have to gently kiss there and she moans. When I do it I can feel her push her pussy against my cock, which is so incredibly hard.

At some point my shirt also comes off and I can feel her bare skin against mine. And it’s one of those moments, small moments, I cherish. No matter how many times we see each other naked or cuddle naked in bed every night or have sex… Each time we are intimate there is that first touch of bare skin. Bare skin that shouldn’t be touching. It’s like you remember the first time that happened and the feeling is always the same. You relive it each time. It’s marking that special connection you are making with another person whether it’s your spouse, partner, or a stranger. There is something intensely intimate about that moment.

As much as I love having her straddle me I’m so hard that I’m getting uncomfortable. So I lay SR down on her back on the couch, let her stretch out and I lay on top of her. Slowly kissing her again. Then kissing down her next, and her breasts, and her stomach. Stopping at the waist band of her pants. I pull her pants down on her hip. Exposing her hip bone a little and start to kiss from the outside towards her pussy. Slow, gentle kisses. Nothing too intense because I know it will tickle her too much. But just soft enough so there is a light tickling sensation. She is squirming in pleasure. It tickles her, but for once she is embracing the tickle and enjoying it. Letting is go from a tickle to a pleasurable sensation. But then my goatee brushes against her and it’s a little too much. She bucks her hips and arches her backs and moans and giggles in teh same breath. It’s such a beautiful and sensual moment. I need more.

I unbutton and unzipper her pants and spread them open. Revealing her sheer thong. It blends in with her skin so well you almost thing she’s not wearing it. I kiss her a little right at the band of the thong and again it’s too much. So I pull pants off. Pull them over her gorgeous curving hips and down her slender, tones legs that will forever give away that she was once an expert dancer. I drop the pants on the floor and turn back and am blown away. The TV is the only light in the room and the glow bounces off her olive-tanned skin. She is tucked into the corner of the couch stretched out on the couch naked except for her thong. She is twisted into a slight and sexy “S.” Her breasts falling perfectly and her legs partly ever so slightly. Again, I think “Damn, that’s my wife.” Her head is turned and watching the TV. It’s the first time she’s really been able to see what I’ve put on. The scene is two women in a shower kissing and caressing each other. It’s a very sensual scene up until the end when it’s pure raw sex, but right now she’s watching the two naked women enjoying each other in the shower. I don’t have to ask what she’s thinking or if she likes it. That’s part of her fantasy. I know she would love that experience. Being with a woman alone. I don’t want to ruin it for her. So I spread her legs and lean in and start to kiss and caress where her thong is. I also know the movie so well that I know there will be a cut to another scene of two men alone together sucking each other (it goes back and forth between the
two scenes until the two couples all join in together for a very bisexual mfmf foursome).

I let her enjoy watching continue to work my mouth and tongue over thong teasing her. Then I slide her thong to one side and tease her clit with the tip of my tongue. She moans as I go down on her a little. I can taste how wet she is. I know she is very worked up, but I am enjoying myself too much. The whole experience. I don’t want to make her cum to quickly. So I sit back at the end of the couch, spreading her legs open and touching her. Fingering her slowly and gently. Running my fingers along the insides of her thigh and along her labia. Brushing her clit every once in a while. Just slowly touching and working her up. She is enjoying it, relishing in it. Her thong is getting in the way so I pull it off of her and continue touching her.

I slide my middle finger deep into her and she moans in pleasure. I catch her eye and we connect, but then she looks at the TV. The movie has progressed and the two men and two women are all in bed together. One woman is just starting to enter one of the guys with a strap-on. In a way its a perfect moment because when SR had chatted with WantonMaleness and I had decided to stay in I wanted to purely to push the envelope. It’s as if the movie read that and we shared that and connected.

So I started to finger her more. Really working her. Massaged her clit in circles with my thumb. She moves a hand down and grabs my wrist. She pulls it back a little. She wants it softer, but she doesn’t want it to stop. I can feel her getting wetter and her hips start to rock. She says she’s going to cum and just when I think she is going to she pulls my hand away. She pushes her hips up and is moaning. It is a soft and gentle orgasm. Not the hard and intense one’s she usually has. It’s such a beautiful moment. Taking full pleasure in what I did. But it was time to move off the couch. I get up and turn the movie and TV off. Slide out of my shorts and boxers, leaving them right there in the living room. I give her a hand and pull her up off the couch and guide her down the hallway to our bedroom.

We fall into bed and start kissing. I reach between her legs to touch her. I am afraid she is going to push me away because she is done, but she doesn’t. However, she is not at wet as before. I reach over into the nightstand and get some lube out. I put some on my fingers and start to finger her gently while we are kissing. While I grabbed the lube I also grabbed the large dildo we have. I put it between her legs, but also get on top of her. I push the dildo against her and slowly start to fuck her with it. I am on top of her though so it’s like it’s my cock. It’s pretty thick and she’s still sensitive from cumming on the couch. But I keep teasing her pussy with it. I then move back and kneel between her legs so I can watch me fuck her with the dildo. I want to see her take it. I want to watch like it’s another guy fucking her. Watching like it’s someone else taking her.

She is loving it, but it’s too much. So she pushes me back and kisses down my chest to my cock. I am so hard. She takes me into her mouth and starts to suck my cock gently and slowly. Taking long strokes up and down my cock. Her mouth is wet and warm and feels amazing. She takes on hand and grabs the base of my cock and strokes along with her mouth. But then moves the hand down to my balls and massages and teases them (It’s the one area that I think women neglect). But she continues down under my balls and towards my ass. I spread my legs and scoot up exposing my ass more. She goes right for my hole placing two fingers over it. Pushing against it and rubbing a circle. It’s perfect. Just what I want. Her sucking my cock and playing with my ass, but I want more.

I lean over, trying to distract her from what she’s doing and pull out my go to dildo. The one that is easy for me to take without any work. I place it between my legs pointing right at my ass. I know she feels it. I think take the lube and put some on my fingers and push her out of the way and lube my ass a little. I take the opportunity to push the dildo right against my hole. Her hand goes back down, but puts her fingers against my hole and starts to work my hole more. Sliding a finger in a little bit. It’s the most she’s ever really done to really work my ass. I’m loving it. But I want more and that’s what this night is about. Just pushing the envelope on what I want. So I reach down and grab the dildo and push it into me. Not far, but just enough. Then I take SR’s hand and place it on the end of the dildo. And hold her hand, pushing the dildo into me. It’s intense and awesome. I remove my hand and she takes over. Sliding the dildo into me slowly with long strokes. I am moaning loudly, telling her how great it feels. Encouraging here and telling her to fuck me harder. She increases the pass. It’s incredible. To have my wife fucking me. I tell her this is what I’ve wanted. I say “Fuck, me baby. Yes. I love it.” That triggers something in her and she immediately moves to straddle me. She is facing away from me bent over fucking my ass, but sits right onto my cock. I slide easily into her pussy.

And I start to fuck her. I grab her hips and just start to guide her onto my cock. I get into a great rhythm and tell her to match me. I tell her to fuck me just like I’m fucking her. It’s perfect. My cock and “her cock” matched in perfect synchronization. I increase the tempo fucking her harder and she matches me. I can’t take it anymore. I am feeling so fucking good. It’s total bliss. Feeling her giving it all to me — fucking my ass and letting me fuck her pussy. She is moaning in pleasure too and I know she is enjoying it, but in this moment it’s like she’s the one in control. Giving it all to me. Pleasuring me. I recognize it and love it. But I can’t take too much more. My ass is getting fucked so hard and with my cock fucking her so deeply and just as hard I’m going to cum. At the moment I tense my ass and start to cum inside her, but she pulls off and my cock explodes all over my chest and stomach (my face and lord knows where else too). I grab my cock and take control of my orgasm. Squeezing my cock and taking long hard strokes. I know she is watching me. She loves to watch me cum. Loves how intense my orgasm is. When I’m done I just freeze and the first thing out of my mouth is “Fuck, I love you.” She giggles and lays down next to me. It’s such a spontaneous comment. Extreme truth?

I’m spent, but I know that SR isn’t. I give myself a minute to recover. Let the blood settle back and let my breathing catch up. And then I realize I still have the dildo in my ass. So I slowly pull it out and it sends a shudder up my entire body. I feel my cock spasm. It’s like a reverse orgasm. Or like an aftershock of an earthquake. Not as intense as the first orgasm, but no less enjoyable. I stand up and tell SR I’ll be right back. I need to wipe the cum off of myself. I go into the bathroom and drop the dildo into the sink and put the water on hot and use the hand towel to wipe myself clean. Then I’m inspired. I know I’m spent for a bit, but I want SR to feel like I am. And then I figure that if we’re gonna play with toys we might as well play with them all.

I go back to the bedroom and pull out the rabbit. I test it, but it’s not working. Fucking batteries. But then I remember we have some in the living room. I tell SR I’ll be back again and she whines “Where are you going?” I kneel on the bed and kiss her and say “Shhh, I’ll be right back.” I rush into the living room and grab the batteries. Pop out the old ones and somehow get the news ones in in the correct the first time around. I rush back into the bedroom and climb into bed next to SR. I kiss her neck and put the rabbit between her already spread legs. She feels the tip against her pussy and she moans. Then I push it into her and turn it on and she moans really loudly. I know it’s her favorite toy. Why we don’t play with it more I’m not sure. I start to play with the controls. Changing the intensity and motion.

But she wants to be in control. So she takes over and I guide her through the controls, orienting her with them. And I let her take total control. It was so amazing to watch her play with herself. Masturbation is usually such a private, individual moment, but to be able to watch it. To run my hands over her breasts and stomach, nibble her neck. It’s amazing. And amazing this definitely was. She took her time. Let it build slowly. To watch her work her pussy with the vibrator got me hard again. I lubed up my cock and started to stroke my cock. I was getting close very fast, but she was still relishing the sensations. But when she finally came it was incredible. It seemed to last forever. I came quickly after she started cumming, but she kept going. It seemed to last for 2 or 3 minutes. Her body writhing in pleasure. Her moaning and shouting about how great it felt. I massaged her and kept encouraging her to keep going. To take more. Finally when it was over she pulled the vibrator out of her and left it there between her legs still on. She was completely spent. I grabbed the rabbit and turned it off, put it on the nightstand and curled up next to her. I ran my hands over her entire body telling her how amazing she was. How amazing the night was. And it was. It could very well have been the best night of sex we’ve ever had.

But hopefully it will also be a new step in things. I know what I want. I know how SR is. I’m not holding back anymore. Want to be adventurous then we’ll do it. Now all I can think about are the toys I want to buy. The porn I want to get. And the nights out with others I want to plan.

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