Defending the Raven

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We’ll Be Back After This Commercial Break

Writing a post about the weekend, but it’s kinda reaching epic length. Just writing it all out and then will edit or not. In the mean time.

1. What’s the deal with blue balls?

It’s a psychological excuse men use to either get laid or to justify masturbating so many times a day.

2. What is the hottest vehicular sex scene in a movie?

If I said Crash would that make me a fucked up pervy freak? Though based on the provided list I’d have to say I’m still searching for it. Though I’ve seen a couple car sex scenes in some porn that are pretty hot.

3. Strap-on? yes, no, give, receive?

Fuck Yes. Um, I don’t think I need to strap one on to give so I’ll play catcher thanks

4. What is the average penis length?


5. How do you stimulate his prostate? Guys, do you like it?

I like the sex biased set-up of the first question. The irony is that I can still answer it from experience. Let’s see have used fingers, dildos, vibrators, and one other thing… what is it again? Oh yeah, my cock.
Now to part 2. Fuck Yes.

Bonus (as in optional): Confession Tuesday… tell me a secret!

I’ve been caught having phone sex when someone picked up another extension.


August 21, 2007 - Posted by | tmi

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