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Hey folks. So if you read my twitter at all this weekend you probably guessed that I wasn’t in new york city. SR and I actually spent the weekend at my parents’ cottage. They have a great lake house and so there is a huge benefit for us visiting them as often as possible in the summer. Plus our pup loves swimming, even if it means that he gets dry skin and scratches for a good few days. We have also had Fridays off for most of the summer – well, I have them off and SR took them off. We had hoped that this meant that we’d be alone at the cottage on Thursday night, but alas my mom was there. It would have been great to get up there. Drink some at the bar my parents have and then get a little naughty. Ah well.

However, I was certain to not let that stop me. So early Saturday morning when I was woken up by my dad going out to golf early in the morning I thought I’d try to get a little some of my sexy wife. She was wearing this cute sexy pjs I bought her. Black boy shorts and tank with lace on the edges. Very safe for family, but very sexy as well. She was rolled away from me with one knee raised up to her stomach, leaving her legs often just enough for me to run my fingers up the inside of her thigh. I rolled onto my side and put one leg in between her legs so that she couldn’t close her legs. I then ran my finger along the seam between her legs, which was pressed right against her pussy. I gently ran my finger along the seam and could feel that it was perfectly placed right between the lips of her pussy. So I put my finger right between her pussy and ass and gently pushed down on her shorts so that the seam pulled against her and stimulated her pussy. I could hear her moan a little and she fidgeted some. However, she would usually close her legs or groan so I thought things were going great. SR says she likes being woken up, but she is so not a morning person that I think I have only been successful once. But I had high hopes this time. I didn’t push it like I am usually want to do. I continued to play with the seam of her sorts and let that do all the work stimulating her. There were gentle little moans and I could feel her getting a little bit wetter. I thought I had her. So I pushed two fingers against the seam of her shorts right at her clit. And that’s when it happened.

Thwarted once more. SR rolled over and grunted “Unhfh,” which is shorthand for no. Fuck! Ah well, I tried. I even tried to stroke her arm a little, but didn’t want to be touched. Maybe I pushed too hard or maybe she’s just not a morning person unless she’s the one initiating. When we did wake up she didn’t even remember I tried to wake her up.

Worse still… Saturday started that time of the month. That time when I’m left to my own devices. I know that some people have mentioned that that shouldn’t mean anything. That SR could still take care of me. That might be very true, but the fact of the matter is she gets so disinterested in sex that I wouldn’t even ask.

BUT wait it gets suckier…. Yesterday was SR’s birthday. I couldn’t even properly celebrate my wife’s birthday by showing her how much I love her. Oh, sure I got her a gift and we went to a nice dinner and I constantly reminded her how much I love her, but there isn’t anything better than showing her by giving her the most intense pleasure. The only upside is that we will be in the city this weekend and maybe, just maybe, we’ll plan something really fun. We’ve been trying for a couple weeks, but nothing seems to stick. Think we both need a touch of excitement to make things fun. In fact I made it official that her birthday celebration is a full week, which will conveniently take right through the weekend. My hope, selfish as it might be, is we find a great birthday present to finish off the week’s celebration!

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  1. I am the same way. If a lover tries to wake me from my slumber, no matter what time it is, my body naturally rejects them. I tell all my lovers this and I tell them to keep trying, because I will eventually wake up and come out of it. *wink*

    Comment by Mina | August 6, 2007 | Reply

  2. Mina,
    SR says the same thing. In 10 years I think have been successful a handful of times. The thing is I know she loves morning sex and that when I do awake her up she’d be very happy. But thanks for the extra encouragement.

    Comment by Raven in NYC (aka Mark) | August 6, 2007 | Reply

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