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At Long Last, or, Vacation Sex Is the Best

I realize that my blog as been pretty boring of late (cue the crickets sound effect). However, I have been doing a lot of twittering of late, which is actually kind of fun. It’s like blogging, with a little bit of text messaging thrown in when you read other twitterers messages.

Things have been busy since our vacation. Had a little 5-day holiday weekend with family and lots of work in between. The weekend before last we actually spent in nyc. I was feeling kinda worked up and put an ad up on craigslist. Nothing really came of it. Or at least no responses that were worth pursuing. The interesting thing is that since then I’ve gotten a couple responses that have been far more promising. I also spent one evening last week looking at profiles on MUCH more interesting. Chatting with a couple people so who knows there might be something interesting coming on that front. Though this Friday should be an interesting evening out. For about 3 months now I’ve been chatting with another couple. She’s bi and he’s open to all the options. He’s never done anything with another guy. Doesn’t have a real urge, but is not turned off by it. As he said in the heat of the moment with another couple he won’t limit what could happen. Plus based on some comments he’s made I think that he’s much more open to the idea than he’s led on. We have tentative plans to meet for drinks on Friday — so all you perverts out there send me some good vibes and all that junk.

But I need to get back to some regular blogging. Primarily because I have not written about our first night while on vacation in Mexico. I know I have teased one fellow blogger about writing about it, but he’s been nice enough not to mention it again. So here we go.

As I might have mentioned the resort we went to has in-room jacuzzis. They are right in the room and huge. They are set-up for two people, but could easily fit four (I wish I could say we tested that). This resort is part of a chain that we’ve been to two other times before. All of their rooms have in-room jacuzzis. It’s certainly one of the features we love about the place.

We arrived in the middle of the afternoon on Sunday. When we got there. I quickly unpacked stuff and then we headed out to catch a couple hours at the pool. It was nice to be able to give our skin (or at least mine. SR tans amazingly) a slow introduction to the Mexican sun. We were out there till about 6:00 and then headed back to the room for showers and to head off to dinner. Our routine is to have a late dinner and then spend the night at a bar or in the discotheque (that’s what the staff calls it and it amuses us). However, we had been up early and so we decided to head back to our room. I made a passing comment that we could go back and get in the jacuzzi and SR say “Ok” VERY eagerly.

That heightened my… um… senses – that’s it. My senses.

We got back to the room. I got the water running since it takes about 20 minutes to fill up and added some of the resort supplied bubble bath. SR took her contacts out and we putzed around while the jacuzzi filled up. We were both really eager to get in so we did. The fastest way to fill a jacuzzi is to displace some of the water with bodies.

Stripped naked – SR sporting tan lines already and me sporting a couple dozen more freckles we just sat back and relaxed. I had itunes playing some random mood music on our mac. It was really quite perfect. We were both really enjoying being on vacation. Because we got to the resort so early that day we already felt like we had had a full day. We were officially on vacation.

I of course was the first to get a little frisky. I made some silly comment (who knows what cheesy thing I said) and ran my hand down SR’s chest and stomach and to her thighs. She spread her legs open so I took that as an invitation to reach between her legs. Despite being in the jacuzzi I could feel that her pussy was wet. Well now that’s one way to get my cock hard (as if it wasn’t already).

I continued to play with her pussy. To spread her lips open and finger her clit gently with my middle finger. It didn’t take me long to realize that the water could be an ally in getting SR worked up more. I used my index and ring finger to spread her open more and used the whole of my middle finger to get a current of water working against her pussy. She definitely really loved this. The gentle currents of the water teasing her clit and pussy. Of course my finger would accidentally brush against her and that would make her melt more. So I laid my finger against her and started to finger her pussy. The water helping to make it more intense. Her hips were bucking and I knew she was very worked up.

So worked up she moved to straddle me. She stroked my cock a little, but then slide herself onto my cock. Sliding deep and completely into her. Her breasts were above the water, slick with water and some suds from the bubble bath. They were absolutely gorgeous. I couldn’t help leaning in and taking the nipple of one into my mouth. Running my hands up her side and pushing up under her breasts. Feeling her gently rocking on my cock, but enjoying sucking her tits to not completely notice I was inside of her. I was completely drawn and absorbed in her breasts. However, that only served to get her more excited and to start riding me harder.

Well, that got my attention. So I leaned her back some and grabbed her by her sides and started to really thrust into her. Directing her body onto my cock. Feeling the water between us create a suction that would draw us closer when we tried to pull away. It was like we created our own whirlpool that kept us fucking. I also felt water surrounding my cock while thrusting into her pussy. It was an odd feeling because I could feel that I was fucking her, but couldn’t. I was enjoying the experience of fucking SR right there in the jacuzzi, but I wasn’t getting a lot of stimulation on my cock.

Luckily, I could sense that the opposite was the case for SR. She was obviously quickly building to an orgasm. I wanted to slow her down and pull her back otherwise it would be over quicker than it starter. So I pulled her in close and said “Are you ready to get out.” She enthusiatically said yes.

I pulled the plug on the jacuzzi as we got out and toweled each other off. Usually coming out of the shower or something like that you are still kinda wet and not feeling the best, but maybe it was the fact that we probably still have bubble bath on us, but we were ready to go. So we turned off some of the lights and got into bed.

We laid there for a moment just taking in the whole experience. Anyone walking into room with their eyes clothes would have been able to sense the sex in the room. I reached out and touched SR’s stomach. She rolled into me and we started kissing deeply and intensely. Usually when we start kissing it’s playful and sweet and builds from there, but these were longing kisses. Trying to fully take each other in. Kissing is an intensely underrated skill and factor in sex. Too many people just by pass it as first base on the way to home or others just do it badly like the latest thing they kissed was their reflection in a mirror.

Our hands started roaming all over each other’s bodies. My cock was immediately hard and really aching for some direct stimulation. The jacuzzi fucking wasn’t enough for it. So I had SR suck my cock. It’s something that she’s never done enough for me in the past, but something that of late she is very happy to do. I’m intensely glad for that because it’s definitely a necessary step in the process for me. When she has gone down on me getting to climax doesn’t take nearly as much work when I’m fucking her.

I’m also not one to receive without giving so I moved to go down on SR. I did tongue her clit a little and fuck her with my tongue, but she was obviously still on the edge from our session in the jacuzzi. With her sucking my cock I was getting close as well. So I laid her out on her back and spread her legs open. Moved in between her with the tip of my cock centimeters from her pussy. This has got to be one of my favorite moments in sex. That moment just before two become one. That moment when sex becomes its most intimate. That moment when I’m just about to make love to my wife. Or that moment when you are going to fuck. It’s like the point of no return. And to not pause for even a nanosecond and acknowledge it is a sin against the gods of all that is perverted, loving and sexual.

It’s also the perfect way for me to segue to saying that was the moment before I fucked and made love to my wife harder and more intensely than I think I ever have. The moment my cock slid into her wet and welcoming pussy we both clicked on. In perfect sync. Our bodies completely connected and taking each other in. It felt so incredible. It was like I had never been inside her and yet I also knew that I knew he better than anyone. I knew exactly what she wanted. Knew exactly what I wanted and how to take care of it for both of us. It could have latest 2 minutes or 2 hours because time stopped for me. There was no holding back. That usually means a quick way to cumming, but I think we were both enjoying it so much we wanted it to last. I was on top of her with my palms on the bed and on the tip of my toes fucking her. It was like I was doing push-ups except that I was thrusted my cock into her. It gave me the perfect leverage for my cock to be the only thing touching her. My arms then gave in and collapsed on top of her. One extreme to the next. I wrapped my arms around her back and grabbed her shoulders, pushing her down onto my cock and I pushed my hips up into her. Allowing me to get deep into her.

That was it. That was all each of us could take. Being so deep inside of her had me ready to cum and I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock. I knew she was right there too. So I just fucked harder. Holding off as much as I could. I felt her body tense up tightly, then he body melt into the bed and her hips thrust hard into me the muscles in her pussy tightening hard against my cock causing me to cum hard and deep inside of her. Our bodies maxed out to the extreme, but on autopilot. Our bodies taking over and feeling that ultimate release. Sounds so fucking cliche, but it was absolutely incredible. Porn sex? Fuck that. That was better than anything ever caught on film. That was the real thing of the imitation that is put on DVD and sold for $75.

So yeah. That was our first night on vacation. I’m gonna go call my wife and tell her I love her now. You all have a great day.

Oh, and if you’re in nyc – stay cool, but remember the upside to this weather is scantily clad everyday people walking the streets. So don’t complain about the heat, just appreciate the eye candy everywhere!

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