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Day 2 in Mexico. This is exactly what we needed. SR is in the shower right now before we’re off for dinner. I wish I had a good half hour to write, but damnit I’m on vacation so I don’t. The reason? Like I said in my last post we have a 2-person jacuzzi in our room. We used it last night, and I don’t mean for the nice relaxing effects of a jacuzzi *wink*

You know how hotel sex is one of those just great things. And then how sex on vacation is awesome as well. Now take hotel sex + vacation sex + a 2-person jacuzzi = well I’ll tell you more later.

In the meantime, I hope you all are having a lovely time wherever you are. It’s sunny, breezy, and hot hear on the Mayan Riveria. I’ve already had one massage and have another booked for Friday and a marine scrub and facial booked for Wednesday. I really need to factor these things into our monthly budget at other times of the year.

Time for me to hop in the shower (yeah, you all can insert your fantasy here) and go to dinner. I have been twittering sparsely so if I don’t write again here do check that out.

Oh, and for your fellow bloggers… Blogger is in Spanish right now. Luckily I know what everything is already!!! My spanish SUCKS!


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