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Something to Remember Me By

Welcome to the weeks of hell. After dealing with the 2 week furlough of SR to work that occurred at the beginning/middle of May we now enter the post Memorial Day, start of summer, and the June from hell.

SR is currently on a runway in a midwestern airport en route to a western city. She is spending the whole week at a conference for work. If she had had her way she wouldn’t be there, but there wasn’t much choice in the matter. She’ll be home late Friday night, which will tie nicely into my needing to work all day Saturday. I will then be off to Miami for work on Monday and Tuesday. Things have yet to fall into proper place, but my boss really wants me to go so going I am. Cross your fingers that I get my shit together and the shit gets together. Then a week and a half of work and stuff to do with friends on the weekend. Finally that will end with a week long vacation of doing absolutely nothing unless we want to.

Of course, we had to spend this holiday weekend with family. That is not necessarily a bad thing in it of itself. The issue becomes that there really isn’t much privacy (or room) to do anything other than sleep. So we decided to come back to nyc on Sunday night. Used the excuse that SR had a really early flight out this morning (sorta true) and we had stuff to do. Got home after 11:00 and crashed.

Spent all day yesterday pretty much doing the few things we needed to and then just hung out. I wish I could say we decided to do something very fun and Memorial Day-ish, but we just didn’t want to hassle and hanging out together with the pup was just as nice.

We did our normal get into bed at 11:00. SR was wide awake and very playful. Kinda goofy. She couldn’t stop tickling me. While I’m a ticklish person I do pride myself on being able to withstand a pretty intense onslaught of tickling. SR being extraordinarily ticklish finds this frustrating. There is a double standard in our house of her being able to tickle me, but not me of her. However, she was being very wacky and weird. She was acting almost childish in tickling me and licking me and just being goofy. Sometimes this can border on obsessive and it drives me crazy. However, I knew that all it meant was that she was incredibly horny, but didn’t know what she wanted. So I played along. Tried my best to take as much of it as I could. Not respond too much other than to snuggle her and tease her by tweaking her nipples, or sucking them or sliding my hand between her legs to feel how wet she was getting.

After I would say was a good 45 minutes of this I had her on her side with me cuddled up behind her. My hand was massaging her ass gently and I slide my hand between her legs. Normally she’ll tighten her legs together, but thing time she pushed her right leg up further to allow me to touch her. My cock was resting on her left thigh getting increasingly hard. I could feel her was a little wet, but not incredibly. So I pulled my hard around her leg and slide it between her legs rolling her onto her back.

She slowly spread her legs open. I gently massaged her clit with the pad of my middle finger. Ever gently just like she likes it. Holding back and not trying to push her along. I let her catch up to me. I slide my finger down to her pussy where she was getting wetter. I slide my finger into her a little to get my finger nice and wet and went back to her clit. Her wetness on my finger made it much easier to tickle her clit. She started to moan in satisfaction and encouragement. However, she just wasn’t wet enough and I could work her quite properly.

I decided that the only real option was to to go down on her. However, I had to be careful because I didn’t want to push. If I don’t go at her pace sometimes she’ll back out of it completely. She is not very good at telling me what she wants, but is very good at telling me when she doesn’t want something. I didn’t stop rubbing her clit. I had her very relaxed and enjoying it. So I started to kiss down her stomach and slowly swing myself down and between her legs. I kissed around her stomach and just at the spot where her leg meets her hip. She bucked her hips into me. I spread her legs wider and just went got it. My mouth wide open over her pussy and my tongue zeroing in on her clit.

The moment my wet tongue hit her she moan and pushed herself further into the bed, spreading her legs wider for me. I knew this is what she wanted. There was no question. I focused on her clit using the tip of my tongue in a circular motion. Taking my time to slow tease her and then to flick it fast and hard. Building her up and then slowing it back down. Spreading her legs wide to get my tongue deep into her and taking her all. And then the thing that drives her totally crazy. Spreading her lips back with my fingers and running my goatee gently across her pussy so she can feel the stop hairs tickle her. By this point I knew she was totally into the moment and that she could have been up for anything.

However, I was enjoying having complete control of her. Building her close to orgasm and then pulling back. I thought about fucking her, but the fact of the matter is that as hard and worked up as I was I knew there was gonna be some work to really get me going. I needed a good blowjob and some intense making out. Guess I was playing the girl and needed lots of foreplay. Plus its been a while since SR has let me just work her over so I kept going.

Taking my time to really enjoy myself. But as much as I wanted to keep going she couldn’t hold back. I could feel her hips start to buck and she gently arched her back. She tried to push my head away, but I knew she was there. So I sped up my intensity. Sucking on her clit and really working my tongue over her. I could feel my mouth cramping from all the work, but I wasn’t stopping. SR tends to have one very intense orgasm. It’s one of the things I have to be careful when others are involved. If you get her past the point of no return she will have an incredibly intense and deep orgasm and then that’s it. But I didn’t care. I was getting what I wanted.

So I kept going. Then she arched her back even further and started to cry outloud. She pushed back into the bed and tried to pull away from me, But that is when I wrap my arms around her legs, push my mouth harder into her pussy, and hold on for dear life. Once she starts to cum she wants to pull back and stop stimulation, but I refuse and even more aggressively work her clit. Pushing her to cum harder and more. He hips bucking wildly and her moaning loudly. I keep pushing until her physically pushes me away. Once she does that I press my tongue against her clit and just hold it there and let her body finish her orgasm and let her settle. Once she does that I pull away, but of course I give her one last swish with my tongue which sends a final shuddering shockwave through her body.

I slide up next to her and snuggle her. She is completely spent and can barely talk. I say to her “I guess you knew exactly what you wanted?” She giggled and asked “What about you?”

My response: “That’ll give you something to think about all week while you’re away from me.”

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May 30, 2007 - Posted by | Explori-stories


  1. Sigh.

    Comment by e.e. | June 1, 2007 | Reply

  2. Lovely. Romantic and hot and just . . . . great. I wish my lady would let me do her like that. It gives me so much pleasure and she always cums with incredibly intensity. Sigh,

    Comment by Nigel of Macedon | June 2, 2007 | Reply

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