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More Questions Than Answers

60 Minutes did an interesting piece that pretty much sums up all the most widely accepted research on what makes us straight or gay. The interesting thing is that there was a concession that environment can play a part in the mix somewhere. That for every answer shown that it could be genes or hormones or both there was no one conclusion that it completely explained.

Of course, being neither straight nor gay I found it much more interesting. To see that there is a variable of things at play. I can see where environmental factors in my life might have come into play. Being one of the youngest kid in a large kid neighborhood made it hard. Plus the only other kid my age was a girl. So while we did run around the forest near my house playing army and stuff we also played with Barbies. And I did/do have a domineering mother and a father who saw more potential in my older sister than me so never really bonded with him.

Maybe it was all there to begin with. Maybe I have a mutated gay gene or only got a partial dose of testosterone in the womb or maybe it was just the way I grew. Though maybe, just maybe it’s a little bit of it all because there is never one true answer when there are exceptions at every turn.

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