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I ran across this article thanks to Google’s Gmail. I got a news article link that was attached to an email exchange I was having with someone about bisexuality. It’s an interesting article to ponder. Sex in Space and such. However, the author of the article hit on something that goes beyond NASA researching sex, space and their astronauts.

If NASA invites me to take part in discussions about sexual standards in space — it could happen — I will suggest sending all candidates into the adult internet for a year.

They don’t have to have cybersex or fall in love, but they should participate in different types of adult communities until they become comfortable with the wide range of human sexual relationships. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would gladly volunteer to show astronauts the ropes.

Online, astronauts (and their partners, if they have any) can learn how to deal with sexual situations similar to those they will face in space, with one important difference: an escape hatch.

They can observe and experiment with sex without possession, partnership without monogamy, sexual pleasure without expectation of roses or breakfast.

They can discover group love, bond with a special someone, or both. They can try letting go of jealousy and fear, figure out how to protect themselves from other people’s drama, and develop healthy ways to cope with desire, love and rejection.

Some astronauts might discover they are comfortable with polyamory or bisexuality while others might reaffirm their commitment to monogamy. The important thing is that they practice living and working respectfully with others regardless of who is sleeping with whom.

Why shouldn’t this be something that applies to everyone? Why shouldn’t all people have this experience. Be given a tour of “what is out there” as a way of destigmatizing certain aspects of sex. Let people know that the things they might internally be feeling are not things they are alone in feeling. I think about the people who have emailed me after reading my blog and feeling relief that there was someone in their position who was going through things. And even has come out the other side in a positive way. I often think about how useful it would have been to have been exposed to bisexuality, open marriages, and the like 3 or 4 years ago. I guess that’s why I even have this blog. Share my story in a public way that will hopefully be useful to others.

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