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Who Flinched First

Given my rant of the other evening I suppose most of you must be thinking ‘Wow, didn’t know Mark could be such a dick’ and/or ‘Damn I hope he gets laid soon.’ To be honest I thought the same things, but didn’t expect the later to happen until SR was past the work hell she’s currently in (that happens Sunday).

Despite the hope that she’d be home earlier last night SR didn’t get home until just after 8:30 – not the latest night she’s had, but not the earliest either. However, whereas Tuesday I was ranting last night I was just missing her. We spent the night making a really simple, brainless dinner and watching TV (2 weeks worth of Scrubs, fast forwarding through most of the American Idol results show, and Lost). I was being needy and required lots of cuddling and contact. It was the best I could hope for.

We got into bed around 11:30. B, our dog, was being very cuddly and needy, but we’re having none of that. We spoiled him as a puppy so it’s now he has his bed and we have ours. Plus SR was wide awake and kind of in one of her wacky ‘I can’t get to sleep moods.’ Now this could mean she’s overtired but it could also mean she’s horny. We were just cuddling and enjoying
being naked in bed. I was obviously testing the waters forhonry.

Eventually we starting to kissing more intently than the pecks we’d been giving each other. Again I was trying to push the agenda along, but SR didn’t want to move that fast so I decided to let her lead. I figured it was late, she was awake, and she wanted it too. So if that was the case, rather than pushing it I’d hang back and tease her, and get her to the point that she couldn’t hold back any more. So we continued to kiss and touch and rub each other. I would tweak her nipples roughly once. She’d shudder and I knew it hurt, but in that way that was kinda nice. Th nicest thing is that she returned the favor.

The odd thing about me is that my nipples generally do not get hard, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy having them played with – even roughly. In fact I rather enjoy it. I think its the one sexual act that can border on pain that I get off on.( Oh wait, you can smack me on the ass pretty hard too. Hmmmm, maybe I’m into pain more than I though.) However, since my nippels don’t get hard people assume that I don’t want them played with. As SR tweaked, pinched and twisted them I made sure she knew I really liked it; moaning loudly and grinding my hard cock against her. She got the message.

I could tell that seeing me get so worked up over what she was doing was driving her crazy. I reached my hand down between her legs and could feel she was very wet. I teased her clit. Slowly massaging it with my middle finger and then sliding my finger down and deep into her. I pulled my finger out and sucked it. Showing her how much I was enjoying tasting her. I did this three or four times. I cannot begin to describe how amazingly sweet she tastes.

We were lying on our sides next to eat other and I could tell she wanted me to roll over on top of her and fuck her. But if she wanted me she was going to need to make that very first move.

So we continued to tease each other. She started to stroke my cock, which was incredibly hard. There was no question that I would have loved nothing more than to slide into and fuck her deep and hard. We continued our little game of teasing each other. Trying to get the other one to cross the line and take charge of things. She was stroking my cock fast and working my right nipple very hard to the point where she had me arched back and moaning, but I refused to give in. Instead I reach over and again started to gently massage her clit. Barely touching her, but working it in a circle with the entire surface of my middle finger. That was it for her. She put her left leg up on my shoulder and thrust towards my cock. The tip of my cock settled right between her legs. She was pushing down in order to take my cock.

I decided I’d won and pushed my pelvis up and the head of my cock slide right into her. I held it there. Letting us both enjoy the sensation. Feeling how hot and wet she was. Letting her feel how hard I was.

I then wrapped my arms around her back and grabbed her by her shoulders and slid deeper into her. Us on our sides, a tangle of arms and legs. But it was perfect. We were so perfectly in rhythm. She was moaning incredibly and she said she was close to cumming. So I thrust harder, but didn’t realize how close I was and I came fast and hard. I tried to hold it off, but I couldn’t. It had been too long. Too long with us teasing each other. And too long since we’d made love. I felt my cock explode inside her. Feeling the tremendous release of cumming inside my wife. It was utterly euphoric. By far the best orgasm I’ve had in months. I wanted it to last forever. I keep fucking her through the whole thing.

I could tell SR had not cum so I tried to play with her clit, but she was too sensitive. She tends to reach this point where she’s either cum of you have to push her past the sensitive point. She couldn’t take me fingering her clit so I pulled my cock out of her and I slid down and started to work her with my tongue. I could taste myself all over her. That was incredibly surreal. As most guys I’ve tasted my own cum, but I’ve never tasted myself on her.

I started to get her into a good rhythm with my tongue, but no matter how much I wanted to make her cum – watch her back arch and feel her push herself into my face – she was just too sensitive.

So we collapsed into a sweaty heap on the bed and teased each other about how we had teased each other. I made sure to reinforce that she should work my nipples like that any and every time.

Great night.

God, I missed her!

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May 17, 2007 - Posted by | Explori-stories


  1. Fan-fucking-tastic! Glad the dry spell is over, and sounds like an awesome time at that.

    Comment by WM | May 17, 2007 | Reply

  2. So I’m not the only one who tivo’s American Idol results down from an hour to four minutes?

    Comment by Evan | May 17, 2007 | Reply

  3. Sounds like your date went waaaaay bteer than mine

    Comment by Naive London Girl | May 18, 2007 | Reply

  4. I love your blog. I love Wanton Maleness’ blog. However, this is the most ‘Wanton Maleness’-eque post you have ever published. I guess he is rubbing off on you, if not exactly rubbing you off.

    Comment by Sal C | May 18, 2007 | Reply

  5. Thanks Sal…. Though keep reading. I predict there may be some ‘Raven’-esque posts coming from him soon enough.

    Comment by Raven in NYC (aka Mark) | May 18, 2007 | Reply

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