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Chat with Will

Will is the new bi married guy that SR and I have become friendly with. I’ve chatted with him longer and SR got to meet him for the first time at the last Burning Man party we went to. As I might have mentioned he generally is a pretty dominant person, but he also had a submissive side that comes out. I thought I’d share a chat with him that shows that side off. I know the situation and even the venues change mid course, but you just gotta go with it.

Think this might show you why I was so keen on getting him in the mix with SR and I.


Will: hey, I was just thinking of you
me: ah… my brain just froze… too many witty and dirty comments to process to be able to get one out
Will: LOL
me: so what put thoughts of me into your head?
Will: I’ll send it to you
Will: sent
me: oh fun
Will: lol
me: mmmm. nice [I don’t have the pic he sent, but it was a simple, gorgeous b&w pic of a woman with a strap-on on. she was in white panties and a white cotton tank top.]
Will: I find that very sexy
me: that is incredibly sexy
me: the black and white certainly sets it off nicely
Will: see, thats why I thought of you
Will: indeed
me: aw that’s so sweet and dirty
Will: lol
Will: which, in my book, is a rather nice combinations
me: it’s the perfect combination
Will: 🙂
Will: the picture itself is sweet and dirty
me: though another of my favorite combinations is passionate and aggressive
me: definitely is. the simple white panties and teasing tank top and the smooth skin make it sweet, but then that long, shiny strap-on makes it dirty
Will: yep!
me: now see I’d love to see that on SR
Will: yeah
Will: I have a really nice one
Will: not black tho
me: no not black?
Will: nope
Will: skin tone
Will: white skin tone
Will: I had a black one but the TSA took it
Will: LOL
Will: I was going to see a lover of mine and had a bag of toys and when my bag came out of security, it was gone
Will: what was I going to do? Say, who took my big black strap on?
me: LOL
me: that would have been great. Though hopefully someone out there is enjoying lots of poundings with your strap-on
Will: lord, I hope so
me: no kidding
Will: and it was not some bible belt fanatic throwing them away
Will: there was like $300 worth of toys in that bag
me: that’ll teach you to check with so many “luxury” items
me: though I can only imagine the looks going through security if you tried to carry them on
Will: exactly
Will: that is the price you have to pay
Will: tho I’m sure they get all sorts
Will: once, this same love had sent me a pair of her panties and I forgot i had them in my coat pocket and I got tagged going through security
Will: and the guard pulls them out and holds them up
Will: I actually had to laugh
me: LOL
me: that’s awesome
Will: damn, I miss her. She was fun
me: sounds like it. we’ll have to find you some new fun?
me: so you ever get your cock sucked like you wanted? [the day before he had talked about finding someone to give him a blowjob.]
Will: nope
Will: turned out [my wife] was going out that night
Will: I forgot
Will: so, I had to end the search
me: ah well then…
me: i had a very nice night
Will: oh yeah?
me: I forget how good I am sometimes 😉
Will: LOL
me: spent a good hour with 3 dildos and some porn working my ass over nice and good.
me: by the time I finally lubed up my cock and stroked I shot an incredible load. I can be a pretty intense shooter when worked up properly
Will: me too
me: i do forget that when I get that worked up I need to close my mouth unless I want a mouthful
Will: LOL
Will: thats funny
me: it was kinda hot, but yeah
Will: yeah, those are the moments you wish you could suck your own cock
me: oh yeah…
me: found a video where a guy sucked and fucked himself. now that’s intense
Will: fucked?
Will: man, he must have had a very long cock
me: yeah
me: it’s crazy because he’s doing it with two guys fucking next to him
me: also have a video of him with a girl and he’s pounding her and she’s pushing him back because obviously he’s too big for her. though she hog ties him and fucks with with a strap-on so she gets her revenge
Will: lord
Will: that sounds intense
me: it helped on monday night 😀
Will: LOL
Will: wow, that last part sounds hot
me: which part?
Will: where she exacts her revenge
me: ah right
me: him being hogtied was kinda hot too
Will: yeah
Will: when I go sub, I like to go really sub
me: good to know
me: same here actually
Will: the really odd thing is that wearing panties and a skirt- being treated like a girl, really turns me on BUT
Will: I don’t like to see men in panties
Will: I don’t even like to see ME in panties
Will: it’s weird
me: that is weird. i don’t like it either, but I guess you enjoy the humiliation aspect of it. or being so totally not in control that you are forced to do something you don’t like knowing it gets the other person turned on
me: though i wonder how SR would react to that. we met with this guy once. who said he was bi curious, but not exactly. he was cool with me sucking him, but much more into SR which was cool. SR ended up chatting with him online (one of the rare instances) and meeting up with again one night. he mentioned he had a pantyhose fetish. of wearing them and she was very turned on by it. she was telling me about it in bed one night so I totally teased her about it and talked her through a scenario with him in pantyhose… that was a good night
me: one of those top 10 nights
Will: wow
Will: thats interesting
Will: well, its not humiliation for me
Will: its feeling feminine
Will: I like feeling like a girl
Will: when I am in that mood, anyway
Will: but when I see me, I make a terrible girl
Will: LOL
Will: that may be why SR likes it too, she likes the feminine touches on a man
Will: who knows
Will: but I understand you not liking it on a man
Will: cause I don’t either
me: VERY interesting
me: my mind is racing with ideas and scenarios
Will: oh yeah?
Will: please share one or two
me: I was actually thinking of making you wear a pair of lacy boy short type panties that SR has. Very girly and feminine, but with a slight twinge of butch – boyishness. think they’ might actually look very sexy on you, especially seeing your hard cock pressed tightly against you. they are very see through. then I would love to have SR in only a pair of high heels with you on you knees. She has one leg up on the bed and I make you eat her pussy. eat her out like a good little girl. kneel next to you and ask you if your pussy tastes as sweet or gets as wet as SRs
me: ask you if you like licking other girls pussies
me: ask you if you like being SR’s little bitch
Will: oh man
Will: now I am rock hard
Will: that’s VERY hot
Will: I love it
me: of course it continue to have you bed over our bed (it’s nice and high) and I slide the panties out of the way and just start pounding you. Making you take me. Want to make you whine and moan like a little girl. and every time you do smack you hard on the ass. Fuck you so hard your cock starts dripping cum into SR’s panties
Will: oh man
Will: have me lying on top of SR, kissing her as you fuck my pussy
Will: that is amazingly hot
me: yeah my cock is straining to get out of my suit pants
Will: mmmmm
Will: can I help you with that, Sir?
me: you most certainly can boy. why don’t you get under my desk for me
me: unzipper my pants and suck that cock for me
me: i’ll keep the door to my office open and keep working
Will: yes, Sir
me: press my shoe against your cock…. you make a sound and I’ll press harder
me: be a good boy, be quiet and suck my cock.
me: take that cock nice and deep. i want to feel your lips wrapped around the base of my dick
Will: I may choke a little, buy I will do my best, Sir
me: oh I like it when you choke, but you better be quiet. have you choking on my cock. look down and you and see tears streaming down your face from swallowing my dick
Will: mmmmm
Will: do you have me in my skirt and panties?
Will: 😉
me: oh you bet
me: had them here in my desk waiting for you
Will: Im glad
me: you came in all butch and manly. bet you had the women in my office drooling
Will: oh yes
me: if they only knew you were my little bitch all dressed up and under my desk servicing my cock
Will: mmmmmm
Will: yes
Will: and they would never know, because I would have them servicing me
Will: but for you, I am the little girl
me: my very good little girl
me: and if you are good
me: i’ll treat you nice and good
me: you get my cock nice and hard and wet. I’ll zipper up and close and lock my door
me: have you stand up and show me how pretty you are in your skirt and panties
Will: and….
me: the skirt barely covers your ass… i sit down in my chair get you in front of me… looking at my pretty little bitch
me: turn you around and bend you over my desk
me: make you show off that tight little pussy
me: run my hands over your yout tight little cheeks
me: i stand up next to you and put my left hand over your mouth and smack you on your right cheek
me: feel you moan into my hand
me: i whisper in your ear to shut up and take it
me: that i know you like that.
me: then smack your left cheek.
me: see that your ass is nice and red. you’re shaking a little
me: i sit back down and massage your ass for you. taking the sting away.
me: spread you open and see your little pink hole.
Will: mmmm
me: slowly pull your panties down nice and slow.
me: leave them at your ankles. my sluttly little girl with her panties at her ankles
me: with her pussy spread out right in front of me
me: then i start to eat your out. working my tongue deep into your pussy. lick you like I lick SR. getting you wet
me: hearing you moan gently
me: feeling your hole loosen up from the tonguing I’m giving it. pull back and watch it pucker
me: begging for more
me: begging for me to fuck you
me: i stand up and lean into you. you can feel my hard cock through my suit. pressed up against your pussy
me: i whisper into your ear… you want that cock?
me: well do you
me: do you want me to make you my bitch?!
Will: yes, I do
Will: please
me: please what?\
Will: please give me you cock
Will: please fuck my pussy
me: fuck my pussy…. ?
Will: make me you bitch
Will: your
me: make me your bitch, who?
Will: please make me your bitch, Sir
me: that’s a good little girl
me: don’t you forget that
me: don’t you forget who’s in charge of you
Will: Im sorry Sir, it wont happen again
me: who decides what you get
me: or what you don’t get
Will: yes, Sir
me: just for that I’m gonna make you wait
Will: If it pleases you, I sent you a picture
Will: Im sorry, Sir
me: that’s very sweet
Will: Im glad you like it, Sir
me: but i’m gonna sit back. pull my cock out and stroke it a little
me: i want to watch you finger your pussy
Will: yes, Sir
me: work it nice and good for me
me: finger it like you do when you’re all alone
Will: yes, shall I pull my panties down or aside?
me: remember they are already at your ankles
Will: yes, of course, I am sorry, Sir
Will: I cant wait for your cock
me: yeah?
Will: I wish my finger were your cock, Sir
Will: yes, Sir
me: i bet you do
me: my sweet little slut
me: you act so innocent, but you’re a dirty little girl aren’t you
Will: yes, Sir, I am
Will: I am your dirty whore
me: I’m really enjoying the view of your finger your pussy… getting my cock nice and hard
Will: I’m glad, Sir
me: spread your cheeks open for me.
me: show my that wet pink pussy
Will: yes, Sir
me: what do you want
Will: I want to bend over your desk, hold may ass open for you, keep my mouth open and let you take me any way you please
me: that’s what i like to hear
me: i think i want to bury my cock deep in your pussy
me: would you like that
Will: yes, very much Sir
Will: I have never had a real Masters cock in my pussy
me: well now you will
Will: yes, Sir
me: pull some lube out of my desk…. and lube your pussy up nice and good. i want you nice and wet and slick. then get right up behind you and press the head of my cock against your pussy
me: feel that girl
Will: mmmmm
Will: yes
me: you like that?
Will: fuck me, Sir
me: push my cock into you nice and slow.
me: feel the head of my cock stretch your pussy out
me: so nice and tight
Will: mmmmm
Will: your cock feels so good, Sir
Will: I love being your whore
Will: you dirty little whore
me: you are good little whore
me: you like the way my head is stretching you open
Will: mmmm
Will: yes
me: feels so good
me: so good….
me: I just push the rest in deep and hard
Will: mmmm
Will: spreading wide to take you
Will: pushing back
me: my cock buried in your pussy right to the base
Will: to get you all the way in
me: you want it deeper
Will: yes
me: good girl
me: take that cock
Will: yes, Sir
Will: always
Will: anywhere you please, Sir
me: pull you back into my chair
me: you sitting on my cock
Will: mmmm
me: by a good little whore and ride my cock
me: feell my girl bouncing up and down on my dick
me: taking it like the dirty slut she is
Will: I only wish that my girlfriend SR were here so you could watch us kiss while I ride your cock
Will: while I bounce up and down on your lap
me: oh yeah
me: i bet she’d get nice and wet seeing you being used
me: being my bitch
Will: she likes to kiss me and play with my clit
me: oh yeah
Will: and find me pretty things to wear
me: tease you
Will: mmm
Will: I love being fucked by you in front of her, Sir
me: like her seeing you be used…. used like you like to use her
Will: yes, Sir
Will: when we are alone, She is mine
Will: but with you, I am yours
me: good girl
me: you like having her see you riding my cock. taking it deep inside you
me: you like taking that cock… filling you up?
Will: yes
Will: oh yes
Will: I am so hard
Will: Sir
me: you have no idea who hard you have me
me: can you feel it?
Will: yes
me: i think your girlfriend needs to take care of how hard you are
Will: SR is whispering to you that she would like to suck my cock while you fuck my pussy
Will: yes, please Sir
Will: may she?
me: you would like that wouldn’t you
Will: yes, please, Sir
Will: please
me: your cock is straining isn’t it
me: so hard
Will: yes
Will: I am so hard
Will: my panties are straining
me: let me reach around and see how hard you are
me: mmmmm
me: oh yes very hard
Will: oh yes
me: you like me rubbing your cock through your panties?
me: feeling the soft fabric rub against your cock
Will: mmmmmm
Will: yes
Will: I love that, Sir
Will: I would love to feel SRs lips on my panties
me: i think she can do that
me: but don’t stop riding my cock.
Will: oh yes
Will: yes, Sir
me: don’t forget you need to please me
me: that’s what you are for
me: but i want her to please you too
me: lick and suck your cock
me: feel how it tightens your pussy
me: around my cock
Will: thank you, Sir
Will: I wont forget
Will: I am pushing back on your cock and grinding
me: good girl
Will: her kisses on my cock are amazing
me: does her mouth feel good on your cock
Will: and make me want you deeper in me
me: take me deeper
me: pull your cock out for her
me: tuck your panties under your balls for her
me: i want her to make you cum
Will: yes, Sir
me: I want to feel you cum with my cock deep in you
Will: perhaps we can get a mirror and you can watch her suck me
Will: yes, Sir
Will: I want to cum in her mouth
Will: with you in me
me: you have to ask her if she’ll let you cum in her mouth. I’m not sure she likes that
Will: perhaps she would like me to cum on her tits?
Will: you tell me, please Sir
Will: you know better
me: she wants to see you cum
me: watch how intense you orgasm is.
Will: yes Sir
me: see if its as intense as when I’m fucking her
me: you can cum on her tits
me: i know i would like to see that
Will: Yes, sir
me: and then watch you be my slutty little girl and lick your cum off her tits
Will: Yes, Sir
me: you gonna cum for me right now?
Will: I am your whore and I will do as I’m told
Will: yes, Sir
me: good girl
me: (because my cock is out of my pants and I’m stroking it)
Will: Yes, Sir
Will: mmmmmm
me: that cock feel good in SR’s mouth
me: do like how gently and tenderly she sucks you
Will: yes, I love it
Will: esp with you in my ass, Sir
me: soft and gentle strokes with her mouth
Will: I love the combination of you both
me: teasing and edging you with her mouth
me: oh don’t worry baby I can feel your pussy twitching with my cock in you and SR sucking you
Will: mmmmmm
me: mmmmm… i can feel your pussy getting tighter on my cock
me: you are enjoying that
Will: yes
Will: may I cum now, Sir?
me: of course
Will: thank you, Sir
me: ride my cock slut
me: feel you lean back into my while you stroke your cock
me: good girl
me: take that cock deeper
Will: mmmmm
me: i want to feel your pussy milk my cock as you cum on SR’s tits
Will: yes
Will: sir
me: cum for me
Will: yes
Will: thank you, Sir
me: that’s it
me: mmmmmm
Will: ?
me: i can feel you getting closer
Will: I guess this is the point where I lick her tits?
Will: Sir
me: bury your face in her tits while I cum in your pussy….
me: yes I think that would be the point we’re at
Will: mmmm
Will: and she can hold me and we can kiss while you finish in my pussy
me: exactly
Will: mmmmmm
Will: that is so hot
me: dear lord yes
Will: I’m glad you think so
Will: will you share this with SR?
me: teehehhe
me: I just might
Will: lol
me: though I might have to save it for a later date
Will: it would be fun if she liked it too
me: not 100% sure, but she does surprise me
me: I think the thing she’d like is that that is only one side of you and that there is a whole other side which she would respond to much better
Will: right
Will: so, this is not the first side to present
me: and I’ll probably have to tell her we had this conversation on monday night and not when I was at work. teeeheheh
Will: yeah, good idea
Will: well, this is not the way I come across at first at all
Will: so I think we’re safe there
me: no not at all
me: but seriously I love that you are as switchable as I am
me: the only problem in having had that talk. now all I can think about is finally meeting you. we’re gonna have to dial it back a couple notches in order to get SR up to speed. Don’t want to leave her behind. While I’m sure we could be very well matched…. MUCH MUCH MUCH more fun if she’s in the middle of it all as well.
Will: oh yes
Will: it will be a different thing when we meet
me: indeed… this is guys being guys
me: which I will tell you she does enjoy reading
me: she’s admitted to getting herself off reading some of the chats I’ve shared with her with other people
Will: maybe you should send her this IM session!
Will: hey, I have to run
Will: then send her this one and see how it flies – if she has read the others
Will: talk to you later

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  1. You do have your moment:) Only problem was never actually made it to the end.

    Comment by Nate | May 7, 2007 | Reply

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