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10 years ago today (well more accurately probably in those in between hours of May 3 and May 4 where it might technically be day after, but because you haven’t gone to bed yet it’s still the day before) SR and I expressed our feelings for each other.

We’d spent two years as very close friends. She was seriously dating another guy and, well, I was the best friend because when you’re pushing 300 lbs. and you have other issues you’re dating card ain’t so full.

That evening was the night of the annual year end blow out of student group we were involved with. SR was going to graduate in a two weeks and I still had two years of school left. We knew we’d still be friends, but we spent so much time together every day it was gonna be hard. So late that night we walked a really drunk friend home from the party. On out way back we just kinda let it all out. Let out all the feelings we’d had for each other but never talked about. It went something like this:

SR: I really like you.
Me: Yeah, I really like you too.

That was it, but in that simple exchange was volumes and volumes of information. We then spent the entire week of finals and her entire Senior Week before graduation together. Things developed pretty fast, but it would be a full month before we were actually together.

However, May 3 was always the day. Always the day we celebrated as our anniversary. And while our wedding anniversary is in October this is a day that is still important.

It’s even more so today. We have spent 10 years together. 10 years of ups, downs, highs, lows, sideways, lefts, rights, and everything else in between. Through it all I can’t imagine being with someone else. Someone who has been so loving and caring and honest with me.

Turning 30 was not a big deal for me. I wasn’t blown away by it or anything. It was just another birthday just a little more special because of the round number.

But this… 10 years. Knowing I’ve spent 1/3 of my life with the same person is truly remarkable.

So while I know she probably won’t read this. I just need to say it to everyone.

i love you, sr.


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  1. i hope i have that with someone someday… thanks for sharing with us

    Comment by MK | May 6, 2007 | Reply

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