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Miffed: I’m Just Not a Morning Person

I have to admit something.

It’s been almost two weeks since SR and I have had sex.

Now first let me mention that the last time was fantastic, out of the blue, sorta out of character for SR, and ironic considering the rest of this post.

Two Thursdays ago I decided to skip the gym and stay in bed an hour longer with SR. I usually go to the gym and leave the house around 6:45/7:00 a.m. In general, I’m a morning person. I can get up no problem and get my day started – if I have somewhere to be. I will also admit that I do accomplish this by having a well organized morning routine. Don’t get in my way or mess with my morning groove or I will get grumpy and pissy. But this morning SR was awake. I was half awake and could sense that she wasn’t asleep. SR is NOT a morning person. She has her morning routine down to the bare minimum and will stay in bed as long as possible.

Not this morning. Though I didn’t really make much of it. I went back to sleeping. However, I was woken up by this fantastic, wonderful and warm sensation on my cock. I thought I was dreaming, but then I realized that I was actually kinda awake and that SR was sucking my cock. WHAT?! HUH?! I couldn’t believe it. I usually have to suggest she give me a blowjob and certainly have to start things in general. But I wasn’t gonna complain or show my surprise. I was just gonna show my appreciation. I started to stroke her arm and she brushed me off. Clearly this was all about me. Ok, hey, not gonna fight it. She continued and gave me what I have to say was probably the most incredible and amazing blowjob in our 10 years together. At least Top 3. I’ve always thought she didn’t like sucking cock (or my cock) because it’s not something she does in the regular course of sex unless I bring it up.

I felt so amazing, but I wanted more. I had to have her. By this point she was laying next to me, stroking my cock and kissing my neck and earlobe (note to all: you want to drive me fucking crazy? nibble my earlobe and ears.). I had to be inside her. I couldn’t take it anymore. I pushed her onto her back and got on top of her. She started to protest, saying this was about me or something to that effect. To be honest, I wasn’t quite listening. I slide my cock slowly into her. She was incredibly wet so it wasn’t that she didn’t want me. I was surprised though that she was right in sync with me. I was on the edge and so was she. So I started to pound her very hard, which she loves. Not holding anything back at all. The two of us completely connecting. There may be a fine line between making love and fucking, but what happens when the lines get crossed…. I’ll tell you a major fucking orgasm together. It was incredible. And with all the things that have gone on in the last couple weeks, it was exactly what we needed.

Ok, I’m kinda exhausted after writing about that, but I’ll continue anyway. So that was 2 weeks ago. In that time we’ve both been in sync. We can tell that we are both horny and both really want each other, but life keeps getting in the way. SR had the work week from hell last week. Didn’t get home till at least 8:00 p.m. each night and usually still had work to do. Then this weekend, I don’t know, we just never did.

So last night SR went out to dinner with her brother who is in the city as well. I had told her at work that I wanted her and that I planned to be naked in bed waiting for her when she got home. The one hitch was she told me she was going to our favorite BBQ place in the city and offered to bring me dinner. ARGH! A man’s dilemma. Great food or Great Sex. Which comes first. She insisted on bringing me dinner and we could do stuff later. Ok, fine. Great. Awesome ‘cue for dinner and her for dessert.

Well, we got into bed around 11:00. There were thunderstorms in the area so we laid in bed and watched the lightning flash off the walls and just enjoyed each other. I started to make more overtures and then she said “Don’t go to the gym tomorrow. Then we can wake up together.”

Ok, so here’s the problem. Despite the previous Thursday’s morning antics I am not a morning sex person. Sorry, just not. I have my routine and well there’s the whole feeling gross from sleeping, bad breath, etc. It’s also quick. SR on the other hand loves it. But the catch is that she is not a morning person. So when I try to initiate some mornings when I actually am in the mood for it I usually, unknowingly to her, get rebuffed. Obviously I wasn’t gonna get any that night. So I was hopeful she’d wake me up again. Well the alarm went off at 7:20 as usual and we were both asleep. I as usual just wasn’t in the mood for it. I got up and got into the shower. SR came in all pouty saying I hadn’t woken her up. She was actually kinda pissed at me.

REALLY?! C’mon. You weren’t awake either. Plus you know the morning is not my thing. But I let it go. It would have been too easy to just get into a stupid fight about why we didn’t have sex this morning. And really that is not worth it.

Plus, I know that we’ve both been wanting each other, but something is not lining up for us. In the past we’d obsess about it and it would affect us, but for some reason it’s not this time.

; ; ; ;


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