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Did I Mention He Was F*CKING Hot!?

Well, well, well. Despite my lack of posting I am still amazing that this blog manages to get 70-ish hits a day. You have been a patient bunch so despite the varying more deeper posts I have running around as ideas I am going to reward your patient with another sex story. Now this is not going to be the typical play-by-play of who did what to whom (sure there will be some of that — too good not to include it). The reason for this is because the person we met with was one of the most fascinating and interesting people we might have ever met.

About 6 weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon SR and I were relaxing at home catching up on weekly TV. There had been some comments of “doing something fun” that evening, which implies an openness to just about anything. So me being the typical guy went to sex. And if all things are open that goes to how many preferences can we get covered that evening. Plus it had been months since the last time we met up with anyone(s). Out goes our typical ad on craigslist. And quickly come back the one line emails from guys who just want to fuck. Yeah, sorry not our style. A couple I try to flush out because, well, the pics are hot. Then there is the second wave with more thoughtful responses as well as ones from couples. However, nothing strikes me as particularly interesting or good. And if that’s the case then it’s a bad night on craigslist. Yes, I am that much of a slut.

Much later in the evening I go back and check messages and receive one from A. It was not the typical response. It was multiple paragraphs and was well thought out. Told us a lot about himself and his pic was really nice – I mean REALLY nice. I have to admit this was an instance where my old self comes up. When I was very overweight I had horrible self-esteem. Since losing weight I realize that while I may not have the prefect body I think I’m a good looking and attractive guy. Plus I know that when it gets down to getting naked I have no real reluctance in my abilities. However, this guy was 4 years younger and had a body that was near perfect. So of course I figured he’d see pics of us and just pass on by.

However, instead he and I spent about 3 or 4 weeks exchanging emails. We learned a lot about each other and past experiences. He was definitely a very cool guy. We tried to meet up twice, but things just didn’t work. We finally got together on Saturday right after my trip to San Diego. The three of us met for drinks at a bar that I have to laugh about because it seems to be our go-to place when it comes to hooking up with people. I guess if it works why change things. However, I think its more about the fact that we tend to be cautious about meeting with people. I like to have some email back and forth to learn a little about people. Plus since SR isn’t really involved in searching for people (by choice and she is perfectly fine with me taking the lead on things) I like to have some emails from the person(s) so that she’s going on what they right and not what I say. Heck, if I im with them I’ll even share those with her. I want her to be able to have a vibe from the people.

We had a really great conversation at the bar. Without giving away too much personal information he has had an incredibly interesting and sometimes twisted life. Consider all he’s been through it’s amazing that he is so well adjusted and down to earth. He’s one of those people you meet and you just realize that they have had an incredible life of amazing ups, downs and sideways. They make you jealous, but then also thankful that your life has been more “normal.” The nicest about him is that the conversation was free and fluid. He’s only ever had two other experiences with another couple, which were also his only bi experiences. This was also the first time that he even went out searching for something. He even joked that our ad was the first one he saw and responded to right away, but once he started looking more he completely bailed. Was too much.

As they say sometimes have a way of working themselves out.

We ended up back at our place. We ended up on our couch just chatting some more. It was that moment “in between.” That moment when you’ve all agreed to move on to the next location and have tacitly agreed that you’re taking things to the net step. But then there is always that “in between” time where you’re waiting for someone to make the first move. I have to admit that I tend to like to be more forward and move things along, but I also love it when someone will be forward and move things along. I kinda have a habit of excusing myself at some point to go to the bathroom with the hoops that the guy will make a move on SR. I did that in this case and nothing. A little bit after that SR went to the bathroom and A made a comment about how in the past experiences he’s had the couples have been much more forward. I told him that we are much more relaxed and chill, but doesn’t mean we can’t kick things up. SR came back from the bathroom and sat back in between us on the couch. I started massaging the inside of her leg and making suggestive comments. I then started kissing her ear. She closed her eyes and sighed deeply. That was about all the signal we needed to move on.

I always love this point. To watch the other guy and see what he does. Does he sit back and just watch us make out? If so, I’ll try to catch eye contact and smile as a way of encouraging him. Or does the guy move in and start to touch and kiss SR. A kinda did both. He was back against the edge of the couch and was watching us make out and touch each other, but he was also gently stroking SR’s arm. Nothing too suggestive, but very intimate and gentle. I caught his eye and smiled and he smiled right back. I told that as an opportunity to reach out and put my hand on his leg. He moved right in and started to kiss SR’s neck and he also put his hand over the one I had on his leg.

We continued the mutual touching and kissing, but our dog (who was locked up in a bedroom) started to bark because there was no more noise in the apartment. We tried to ignore him, but I got up to go into the bedroom and reassure him that things were fine. When I came out SR was leading A down the hallway to our bedroom. We got into our bedroom and I took SR’s shirt and bra off. A and I were on both sides of her touching her. He was kissing her. I then unhooked her bra and slide it off. A immediately started to lick her breasts and nipples. He even started to undo her pants. It was at this point that we all just decided to get naked. I watched A take his clothes off and his body was completely as advertised. Smoothed, impeccably toned, and just plain gorgeous. The thing was that it wasn’t fussy. It’s not like he spent hours slaving away in a gym sculpting his body. It was very natural. But the most amazing thing was his ass. When he slide his boxers down his ass was amazing. Tight, rock hard, and round. I knew he’d never had his ass worked over in anyway, but I knew that was gonna change tonight.

We all got into bed and I started going down on SR. A took this as a sign to let SR suck his cock. It was so incredibly hot to look up and watch SR suck on his cock and be able to just admire his body all the while doing one of my most favorite things. But then A surprised me. Rather than just kneeling next to SR to let her suck him he pulled away and came down to suck on my cock. That was incredibly surprising. He isn’t exactly bi per se by his own admission, but just comfortable with it all. Sure fine that makes him bi, but based on what he said I got the impression he was going to fall much more on the straight side of bi. But who am I to complain when someone is sucking my cock, and very well I might add.

We continued on swapping and exchanging positions. I pulled a condom out of our nightstand and handed it to him. Mark’s universal sign of “hey, go ahead and fuck my wife. please.” I’m still waiting for that day when I give the guy a condom and he decides to fuck me, but I’m certainly not complaining about it. Some might find it odd, but watching another guy fuck SR is another of my favorite things. It’s a combination of things. Watching the look on her face of enjoying feeling another man inside of her. It’s also watching him fuck and seeing how every guy has a technique and a way of fucking. I take mental notes on what I can see SR responds nicely too. Plus I suppose there is a masochistic side to it as well. Getting off on the fact that the only reason the guy is fucking SR is because I let him. Sure that’s not the whole story, but can’t deny that part of that plays in.

So as I’m watching A fuck SR I can’t help, but watch his perfect ass flex as he enters and exits her. I start to touch and massage his ass. First as a way of urging him to fuck her harder (which she does like), but then as a way to be able to work my hands all over his well-muscled ass. He then leans forward more so that he’s pretty much laying right on top of SR and pounding her hard. I take that as my cue. I get behind him, spread his ass, and start to rim him. When I know a guy hasn’t really had his ass played with I’m never sure how they are going to react. I’m ready for the rejection of it and have to change things up. However, he doesn’t seem to care and even starts to moan a little. A clear sign that he’s enjoying the dual sensation of his ass being played with and fucking SR. But he soon leans back to fuck SR slower and I lose a position to continue to rim him. However, it’s a victory all the same. But then he surprised me again. I move up next to SR to play with her. However, A leans in and takes my cock into his mouth.

Whoa! Damn this guy likes to suck cock. The thing was I was surprised by it so of course I was totally into quickly. He continued to fuck SR and suck my cock. I was leaning back over the edge of the bed. It was an incredibly awkward position, but in a way it only enhanced the experience (maybe the degree of difficulty had been increased and so my body was reacting accordingly). I could tell SR was getting close so I moved to switch things up because I didn’t want her to cum right away, which usually takes her right out of the equation. She tends to build to one incredible orgasm that just completely closes up shop because she gets sensitive. So A pulled out and I went down on SR. I can sense where she is and can build her close to cumming and then pull back. Which only increased the intensity of her resulting orgasm. Funny how that happens 😉
SR was sucking A’s cock while I was doing this.

His cock was very average, but nice. I have to admit that it was the first guy we’ve ever been with where I felt I was evenly matched. I’m solidly average. Nothing to complain about and I don’t get all tied up in cock size because I’ve been with enough big cocked guys who just don’t know what to do with the gift they’ve been given. However, when it comes to meeting with bi guys we seem to attract ones who are bigger than me. Like I said I deal and am fine with it. It’s not as though I’m worried SR is gonna want a bigger dicked guy and leave me. She knows if she wants a big cock she can have one whenever she wants 😉

A then reaches down and wanted to play with SR’s clit. I pull back and let him go for it and take over sucking his cock. I knew SR was close, but I knew it would take longer if he was using fingers. Well, come to find out A has magic fingers or something because only a few minutes later SR starting bucking her hips and moaning. She came very hard and very fast. It was incredibly intense.

As SR was coming down I continued to suck A. I figured it was his turn. Yeah, well fucking hot guy had different ideas. He rolled me over onto my back and started sucking and stroking my cock. This time it was with a new intensity. He wanted to get me off. I have to admit that it’s not easy to stroke or suck me off. I tend to get stuck on the fact that people aren’t squeezing hard enough and stroking me the right way. But while A wasn’t exactly hitting the exact rhythm I like he was very close. I was getting so close, but couldn’t exactly hit it. He had me on the edge of cumming for a good 5 minutes before he hit it just right and I cummed an incredible load all over my chest and stomach (well except for the first one or two streams which went over my shoulder and onto the pile of our clothes on the floor – I tend to be a very intense shooter as a general rule).

He seemed incredible pleased with himself and I looked over at SR who had this great smile on her face. She often enjoys just watching me jerk off. Think to watch another guy stroke me off was a whole new experience for her. Well, now it was A’s turn. So I pushed him onto his back and started to suck his cock. SR decided to join in. I let her take the lead to suck and stroke him while I sucked on his balls and right underneath them. It didn’t take very long for him to start to buck his hips and moan, and cum an incredible load onto his perfectly flat stomach.

It had been a good 4 months or so since SR and I had done anything together with someone else. Well, if it took 4 months than it was worth the wait. This guy was just really great all around. The nicest thing is that we’ve been in touch pretty regularly since so it’s been good.

; ; ;


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  1. Sounds like a very good connection made. And damn that was a very hot story to read.

    Comment by WM | March 8, 2007 | Reply

  2. i concur with wm. definitely a hot read. isn’t it awesome when a 3-way goes well for everyone involved? i love when the dynamic is evenly balanced like that.

    also? good on you for breaking through your insecurities and feeling confident about yourself. very awesome.

    …enough big cocked guys who just don’t know what to do with the gift they’ve been given…

    a-fuckin-men, man. i think “bigger” dudes assume they don’t have to work for it. lazy thinking on their part.

    Comment by libertine di homo | March 22, 2007 | Reply

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