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Be Mine 2,814 Miles Away

Hi my name is Mark and I write this blog.

Sorry. I thought I needed to reintroduce myself after so long an absence. The last week plus has been long and hectic. I am actually writing from my room in a lovely hotel located in sunny San Diego. The thing is I’m not supposed to be here. Right now I’m supposed to be cuddled up in a warm bed with SR. This is probably about the time when the dog will wake up and realize we’re fast asleep and realize he can sneak into bed and curl up at the end of the bed by my feet.

However, that’s not the case. I’m stranded in San Diego. I came here last Friday with SR for my sister’s wedding. You know that wedding I only mentioned once in passing because to go into detail would 1.) give away too much personal information about me 2.) cause me to get all worked up once again and 3.) probably bore you to death — we all have family issues why do you really need to hear mine. I decided to tag on some work visits since I was out here because… well I could. SR went home on Monday and I was scheduled to fly back today. However, because of the sleet/snow/ice storm in the east my flight got canceled.

I know what you’re thinking. Why would I fly back on Valentine’s Day — what kind of schmuck of a husband are you? Well, SR doesn’t like Valentine’s Day. If anything it gets her all worked up to the point where she obsesses. She doesn’t like the overselling of it. It’s especially difficult in a big city like New York where things are of the overscale proportions to begin with. Through in a holiday like Valentine’s day and words like Roses, Truffles, Oysters, and Caviar add up to the 3 and 4 figure range fast. We have usually celebrated quietly with a nice dinner at home and a couple bottles of wine. Sure our first V-day we got all dressed up and I took SR to a nice dinner and the ballet. And one year we did the total first date V-day of cheap dinner and a foreign movie. But we both kind of agree that a special dinner or flowers or chocolates get more bang for the buck (in the wallet and in saying I Love You) on days when it’s unexpected. I usually find something small to surprise her with, but sometimes a free e-card works wonders too.

So it was cool that I was flying back today. I was scheduled to land at 9:00 p.m. and would have been home by 10:00 or 10:30. Plenty of time to relax and maybe through in some proper loving for the day for lovers. Instead I’m alone in a hotel room as far across the continental U.S. that I can get. It’s also the first time in 10 years that we haven’t been together on Valentine’s Day. And while we don’t get all gung-ho about the day it really does make me sad.

I guess for the first time I do understand what this holiday can be like when you don’t have someone. I mean I have someone, but I don’t. And when I went out to dinner with my newly minted brother-in-law tonight and saw couples out at dinner together it did kinda get me choked up some.

So to the most incredible and beautiful woman that I man could ever deserve Happy Valentine’s Day. I miss you so incredibly much even more than I told you when I said good night to you earlier.



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  1. Hi, just want to introduce myself, V here. Have been reading your blog and find it really interesting. Bi married male here and struggling with it. Reading your notes kinda helps me keep things in perspective. Keep up the good work…..V

    Comment by binstatenisland | February 20, 2007 | Reply

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