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PerfektDad Speaks

I updated you all on the whereabouts of PerfektDad a couple weeks ago. Back from vacationing with his family he speaks. Wanted to bring his comment up to the top in case some of you care and missed it. He knows he can use this space to talk any time he wants.

Hi…it’s PerfektDad. I’m catching up on this blog after a long absence. Mark and I haven’t even chatted in a while because we’ve had different things going on. I am doing well. I think I wrote once on my blog that my bisexual feelings come and go…if that makes any sense to anyone. Possibly due to some other things that have happened in my life, the attraction to men hasn’t been there for a while. Actually I shouldn’t say the attraction has gone away, but the desire to do anything with another man has. I’m not suggesting that my bisexuality has gone away…at this point I don’t even want that to happen. It may be like any marriage…sometimes stress and other things absent make it easy for someone to cheat or think about it…and other times that person could never imagine wanting to cheat. Right now I’m in that second place and all is well. I’ve had long conversations with myself and others about this before and don’t expect it to last forever. But lately I’ve been putting myself and my family first rather than running the rat race that was my life for a couple years. I think that has made all the difference. I didn’t mean to use Mark’s blog as my own personal writing space, but I think he’ll forgive me. Maybe soon he and I will even catch up with each other again. And to those who’ve wondered or asked about me…thank you. I still read your blogs occasionally too.


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