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There is Nothing Like a Dame

SR and I have had a quiet and relaxing Sunday. Spent the early part of the day shopping for a dress for SR to wear to my sister’s upcoming wedding (just thank me that I haven’t spewed that batch of vitriol on y’all over the last 2 months). I have to admit that I am one of the few men out there who generally enjoy shopping with their wives. But it is even better when it’s special occasion clothes shopping. I have this knack for finding things that SR wouldn’t or making her put on dresses she wouldn’t otherwise try on to varying degrees of success, but usually they are winners. We went to a large uppity department store (prices were much better than expected) that had a waiting area that I could sit in and wait for her to come out to show me. This was ideal because the part I love best is when she comes out in something stunning I get this rush through me that just sends my heart racing and well you all know what happens when blood starts rushing through a man’s body. She found a fantastic dress that is a color that neither of us EVER would have imagined liking, but that matched her skin tone so perfectly. Heck it’ll even look better when she gets the natural tan in the summer. I’m sure she’ll get lots of flattering comments at the wedding.

We then ended up spending most of the late afternoon and evening catching up on TV (our DVR has changed our life and we can’t live without it!). We also watched the SAG Awards in between shows. Which brings me to the topic of this post. I have to admit to having a crush on Helen Mirren. I mean the woman is 61, but she is absolutely stunning. Regal, poised and has an air of confidence all with a smoldering sexiness just under the surface. And last night she was simply gorgeous. Plus if you have seen any of the Prime Suspect miniseries you know that she has a gritty side to her — you know, when she’s not playing a Queen (which we saw on Saturday night and thoroughly enjoyed. A fantastically structured movie in how it is told and wonderful acting all around. The woman who plays the Queen Mother is hysterical.). I think ultimately the attraction is also that I suspect that she could teach one a thing or two in bed. So say what you will, but all I’m saying is I fancy Helen Mirren. She’d be a welcome substitution to the list any day.

Happy Monday all!


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