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All I want for Christmas

So the Village Voice has had a series of that most periodicals run this time of year with listing of gifts to buy people. Of course, never to be the mainstream the Voice’s list has been a Sexy Gift Guide. In Part 2 this week is a gift that I would love. Other bloggers have included gift lists on their sites — certainly more confident than I in thinking that their adoring public would want to take things a step further in their gratitude for offering entertainment. However, if in all my fantasies and dreams I could have Santa bring me one thing (and I’m more than willing to personally sit on his lap and ask for it) it would be this:

I’ve talked about my desire to have SR use a strap-on on me before — I think. Of course, I know that that is not necessarily how she is sexually as a person. She is much more passive and submissive (though both of those are completely wrong because passive implies that she is not interested and submissive has an S&M subtext). So the idea of her playing top and actively engaging in fucking me isn’t likely. Though when we have talked about the different things I wish she would get into she’s always said that I need to make them happen. So I figure maybe if Santa brought me the kit that would be step one. Then I’d just have to take it from there. So if anyone wants to play Santa let me know and I’ll whisper where Santa’s sleigh can arrive.

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