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Yeah, it’s a whole new look… sorta. So I didn’t really tinker with much, but finally made the full conversion to Blogger Beta. I though the maroon was a subtle nod to the holidays – the Christian one anyway. Anything more would have been just nasty (yeah, I tried it. woof!).

I apologize for not writing more, but the transition from being unemployed to the new job has had me readjusting my schedule. I have a bunch I would like to write about, but don’t exactly have the time during the day. I need to be really focused on the work and new job. I have spent too much time in the past wasting time online during work. Luckily once this job picks up I should be spending lots of time on the road and away from a computer.

However, before I go I did want to reference this article that was in the Sunday Arts & Leisure section of the New York Times. The article is about Raúl Esparza who will be playing the lead in the new Broadway production of Stephen Sondheim’s Company. Now I may have mentioned my extreme love of Stephen Sondheim musicals. Company is probably by most measures his masterpiece. It’s the story of a not quite young, but not quite old single guy named Bobby and all of his wacky friends. It’s a study in relationships and love and sex and lust and marriage. It has always been widely speculated that there is another theme of a man struggling with his sexual identity running under it all. Modern productions have often taken this spin, but Sondheim insists that this was not the intention. What is interesting about this article is that in this production art is imitating life somewhat. I must admit it was kind of a smack in the face for an article on a nice relaxing Sunday reading the paper with SR. I had only read the first quarter of the article when I mentioned it to SR. Unfortunately she read it in full before I did. Some of the comments in the end didn’t sit well. Couple this article with this article that was in the Sunday Styles section and it made for an interesting Sunday reading the paper. All was fine because when I joked “Why don’t we read the Sunday Times like this more often?!” I got a hearty “Yeah really” from SR.

I hope you all had a pleasant Thanksgiving holiday whatever you did.

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  1. Hurray your back!

    Comment by Jenika | November 28, 2006 | Reply

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