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Video Worth A Billion Words

If a picture is worth a thousand words as the saying goes… I’m not sure how many words this video that Viviane got from Jefferson and posted today is worth. You must watch it.

I also think it is the perfect does of levity for this blog for the last couple days. Though if you want to read a great reaction that followed up on my last couple posts read Nate’s post today.

Also, if you want to read a could thousand fantastic and great words head over to BiJourney. It’s a new blog written by Al, a 24 year-old single bi guy. I discovered him yesterday when he entered the fray of the comment war. I have to admit that I sometimes do feel alone in the bi married guy blog world because I tend to be so much younger than the other guys writing (Ben being the exception I read regularly). However, what is so unique about Al’s blog is that he is on a journey of self-discovery that is entirely related to him. Sure there are friends and family in the mix, but being single he does not have the complication (and I mean that in no way negatively) of being married. He is a fantastic writer and very introspective. It is a beautiful and fantastic read. And well I would remiss to say he’s also pretty darn cute too — and that’s not even taking into account my own Anglo-phile bias — I’m a sucker for British guys.

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  1. Mark, (and Jefferson) … Thanks for the video. It made me laugh — out loud. I guess the poor chap never got all the sand out of his crack.

    Comment by Paul | November 3, 2006 | Reply

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