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Sharing the Effect-ion

Ben posted this James Blunt video and I have to admit that it did have an effect on me. First the video and thens what I commented on his blog:

I had a former co-worker who loves James Blunt. I left my job before she could give me his CD to copy.

Absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. I’ve listened to it a dozen times now. Hits right at the core of things for me too in a lot of ways. It’s very true for me in how I feel about my wife. But the whole thrust of the song is like the alternate track our stories could take. It’s very raw and hurts. Despite all my outward appearances I still do have the same fears as you. I still have the same questions. How can this continue forever? Is this the right thing for me? Us? Hearing a song like this (or some of the Dixie Chicks songs I’ve posted on my own blog) bring those questions back and hit at the core of things (art will always do that for me – hence why it is so important in my life). And it does hurt. It does open the wounds of self-doubt and wondering.

However, I’ve decided long ago when this journey started that it’s too easy to get stuck in the self-pity and instead try to work through that and look at the larger picture and work towards the positive. Work towards the real solutions I need in my life. And yes they are often measured in millimeters.

There are so many wonderful things in this song. So many wonderful sentiments of how someone feels about the person so close to them in their life. In a way I wish to prove the ultimate meaning of this song wrong.

It doesn’t meant that sometimes I do feel at a loss and hollow, but wallowing in those feelings – while good from time to time – have a paralyzing effect that I have felt before. I hated that feeling and try to fight it all the time.

Carry on brother. You are going in the right direction.

p.s. Nice to see you back posting with more regularity Ben.

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