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Coming Out

A double-edged blog title here. I know I have been in hiberation the last couple weeks. All of that has been for good reasons. I will do a whole other post about what I have been up to (there are two great stories to tell) tomorrow.

But I did want to take the time today, in honor of National Coming Out Day, to just say a couple things. I am a bisexual man and very happy with that. I am a married man and very happy with that. And I am a bisexual married man and extremely happy with that.

I know that my situation is complicated and difficult for many people to understand. I know that some people today would be telling me to give it up and just admit I’m gay and move on with it, but that’s not real. The spirit of the day is to honor, embrace, and celebrate your true self. That’s what I’m doing.

I can truly say that the last two years have been the most important years of my life. I have finally been able to come to grips with who I truly am as a person and be honest and open about it with the people most important in my life. I have made some incredibly strong and important connections and friendships with people… people I know that I will know for a very long time and will forever have an impact on my life. I have also made some incredibly stupid decisions, but I have to embrace those and own them as well.

In many ways I was not able to truly feel and live my whole life until I was true with myself and share that true self with SR. The experiences I have had have in the last 2 and a half years have challenged me and made me question things, but in the end it has made me a better person and made me much happier.

Of course, that always brings up the hypothetical — if I had the chance would I do it the same all over again. The short answer is no. Knowing what I know now I would have been stronger and more honest with myself earlier. I would have been more open to all the possibilities that could be available to me. However, I also know that where I am and how I got here is not something I’m ashamed of or disappointed in. More importantly I can’t imagine my life today without the people and things in them right now. I have no regrets in how it happened since I can’t go back. I understand now that things did happen the way they did for a reason.

As someone said to me recently “I have to be true to myself.” I understand that and embrace that and wish that for everyone out there. And I hope that I continue to approach everything in my life in that way.

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  1. Good for you, dude! Happy Coming Out Day!

    Comment by Polt | October 12, 2006 | Reply

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