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As someone who is in a career that can be easily equated to a sales job I have to appreciate to brilliance in the Rabbit Lady’s marketing plan. Scour the sex related blogs that are out there with a healthy following and offer the owner of the blog a free vibrator with the caveat that they mention it with a link to her site within one week of receiving it. Viral marketing at it’s most basic. Brilliant absolutely briliant. It’s a shame her site is so dedicated to one type of sex toy because I would have happily bought stuff just to support the great idea.

Now I must admit my reluctance in passing on personal information to someone randomly even if on the surface it seemed legit. Though after consulting with another blogger who’d already done it I felt save in trying it. SR was overly worried about it, but all I was doing was giving an address. It’s not like I was passing on credit card information.

So I made my selection and happily received it within a couple days. I knew going in that this toy was geared toward women. I mean when a toy’s claim to fame is a rabbit shaped attachment that stimulates the clit — well as the a member of the clit-less segment of the population I wasn’t too excited about it, except that I love using a toy on SR. On Saturday evening SR and I went out to our favorite place for dinner. We can site at the bar, have a few beers, eat a great dinner, and end up with a round or two of comped drinks because we are friendly with the bartender (this evening one we hadn’t met. Obviously actor. Very cute with a vaguely ethnic look with an incredibly sexy voice, but one that didn’t quite match his look). Earlier in the day I had trolled craigslist, but wasn’t feeling it. Responded to one ad about a bi party, but got a message back from a single guy who was looking for people to go with him. He had a great picture, but since the party seemed kinda iffy gave him my cell number and said if the party doesn’t pan out and you’re still looking give us a call.

After dinner we went to a bar that is kinda special to us. It’s a total 20-somethings post-college frat bar, but we went there the weekend after I told SR I was bi and had cheated on her. We spent abotu $150 sitting at the bar for 7 hours, comparing notes on guys and girls we thought were attractive. SR even flirted pretty heavily with a guy. She gave him her cell phone number. If that happened today I’m sure it would have gone further. But anyway, we were drinking and enjoying the crowd. Then the guy from CL called. The party was lame, but he had met another bi couple and was gonna be meeting them for drinks near his apartment in about 45 mintues if we wanted to join. I told him I’d chat with the wife and we’d find him at the bar if we were up for it.

Honestly I thought it would be kind of a fun adventure. When I told SR the whole story she was intrigued, but there was only one problem. She wasn’t entirely prepared for such an evening. If she knew it might go there she would have showered, shaved in all the necessary places, etc. I was disappointed, but only slightly. I should have mentioned that maybe we’d do something crazy just so she’d plan. But I’d actually had a really nice night with her that I was ok with jsut going home. Plus I knew what was waiting for us at home.

Fast Forward. We’re in bed at home and enjoying the beginnings of the perfect ending to a perfect night. But I have a secret weapon tonight… the new toy. Now I have to admit that I had already played with it a little bit just to figure out the controls. There are five buttons, two that control the vibrating rabbit and three that control the rotating/thrusting/vibrating head. I was surprised that it was lighter than I was expecting and not that clumsy to hold. I can only imagine the poor people who had to test out the original prototypes before they got the proportions right. But back to the controls — I’m a guy who can actually program electonic devices just fine. This — well I really had no clue how the buttons differed except the ones to make it vibrating slower or faster. I was worried, but I had no reason to be.

Whenever we’ve used a vibrator I’ve always noticed that SR tends to move it to a vertical position to stimulate her clit. Not much of a shocker, but it tends to mean that there is no penetration. This would change that. The moment I slide it into her and turned it on she melted. I think just started pushing buttons. Figuring out what to press to slow things down to speed things up. It didn’t take long to figure out how to get a steady rhythm going and then how to mix it up and really push things. To say the first time out was a huge success would be an understatement. SR was completely and totally satisfied. If I was a less secure man I would have thrown the thing out right away, but I know that no toy will ever replace me. Plus I’m the one who is more likely to pull it out to use it on her so I get the benefit of being the one making her feel good. The toy is just my choice of method for the evening.

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  1. I don’t know a thing about the “Rabbit Lady”, but I know quite a few things about the “Rabbit” and it is indeed a lovely thing! I’m glad SR enjoyed it!

    Comment by SD | September 20, 2006 | Reply

  2. I’m going to be buried with my Rabbit. It’s truly the most amazing toy. I combine it with a butt plug and I am one happy girl. Yum! Glad SR enjoyed it!

    Comment by Stace | September 22, 2006 | Reply

  3. It is a wonderful marketing concept and toy. My biggest problem was which free one to choose. “Sis” suggested the waterproof, but the selections seemed overwhelming to a member of the clit-less population.

    Comment by Nate | October 4, 2006 | Reply

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