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Because I’m Easy

So I don’t have much to say today, but didn’t want a day to do by without blogging. I’m on a good run and want to keep it that way. Stole this from another uninspired at the moment blogger.

“30 Questions You’d Probably Never Think to Ask”
1. Have you ever been searched by the cops?
Yes, a couple times when getting on the subway.

2. Do you close your eyes on roller coasters?
Not on purpose.

3. When is the last time you went sledding?
Winter before last maybe. It wasn’t that long ago.

4. Would you rather sleep with someone else, or alone?
Someone else, but sometimes it’s nice to have the whole bed to yourself.

5. Do you believe in ghosts?
Yes indeed.

6. Do you consider yourself creative?
I like to think so, but it’s getting what’s in my head to reality where the disconnect happens.

7. Do you think O.J. killed his wife?
Yeah, but the police did a shitty ass job too.

8. Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?
Yes and with Brad Pitt

9. Can you honestly say you really know anything about politics?
I hope so since that was my major in college.

10. Do you know how to play poker?
My speciality is strip poker.

11. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?
More times than I probably should have.

12. What’s your favorite commercial?
Huh. I don’t know. I guess I don’t really have a favorite. I mean it’s not like a favorite movie or something.

13. Who was your first love?

14. If you’re driving in the middle of the night, and no one is around, do you go through a red light?
Not always, but sometimes I have.

15. Do you have a secret that no one knows but you?
Hmmmmm… maybe.

16. Boston Red Sox or That Evil Team That Shall Remain Nameless on this Blog?
Red Sox

17. Have you ever been Ice Skating?
Of course, good New England boy that I am. And I can skate backwards

18. How often do you remember your dreams?
Once or twice a month maybe.

19. What’s the one thing on your mind right now?
Finalizing getting a new job lined up and figuring out when the hell are SR and I gonna have some extracurricular fun together.

20. Do you always wear your seat belt?
Yes, but not in the back of taxis because I ain’t sticking my hand in between the seat to go searching for the belt.

21. What talent do you wish you had?
Playing the piano or guitar. Or really good artist.

22. Do you like sushi?
Not really, but I can be talked into eating it.

23. What do you wear to bed?
Nothing unless I’m sleeping somewhere where other people, like parents, might come in. And then only boxers

24. Do you truly hate anyone?
I think it would take a lot for me to truly hate someone.

25. If you could meet one famous person, who would it be?
Julia Roberts

26. Do you know anyone in jail?

27. What food do you find disgusting?
Tuna. The smell alone is revolting.

28. Have you ever made fun of your friends behind their back?
Yes, but I also make fun of them to their faces.

29. Have you ever been punched in the face?
No, but I have punched someone else in the face once and it was one of the greatest moments in my life.

30. Do you believe in angels and demons?
Aren’t those just really nice or really bad ghosts.


September 15, 2006 - Posted by | Memes

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  1. Oh I love this. I am so stealing it. 🙂

    Haven’t talked to you in forever. Glad you are doing okay. 🙂

    Comment by DWQ Online | September 18, 2006 | Reply

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