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In Control

If there is anything I learned from the early years of my career working in PR and marketing it’s that you need to get out in front of the story so you can control the message. Now that it’s official, that I’m leaving, I wasn’t sure what to tell the people I work with. In trying to save face it’s hard to say you’re leaving when the next question, “Where are you going?,” has no definite answer. I am close to something, but don’t want to say that’s where I’m going in fear of jinxing it (thought Lord knows I’ve told enough of my friends and such that I might have already done that). I also know that given the circumstances of how things went down there are some senior people who my boss has told everything too. I’ve decided to not mention anything to them directly because I find it obnoxious that my boss has kept telling me that he hasn’t told anyone when I know that’s not the case at all.

So I decided today that I would start telling some of the support staff people to get my messaging out there. This way the entire place will also know by noon. I’m not bad mouthing anyone because that’s just the bitter thing to do and I’m not bitter at all. I’ve said from the start that this is the right thing long term just wish I was in charge of how it happened. In a way it’s very similar to how SR found out I was bi. So now all the support staff people know and they think that I’m taking the noble move to step aside because this is not the right position for what I want to be doing, but I wanted to leave now before we got too far into things for the year. Plus I’ve also told one person I’m much closer with that I have a couple things in the work, but I don’t want to mention them and jinx myself so that story will get out too. In a way I’m working office politics as well.


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  1. Hmmmm. You know if your boss is telling people already that he’s let you go or asked you to go and the reason why that would be a prime “defamation of character” lawsuit because employers are not supposed to do that.

    Either that or he’s just a big shit.

    Comment by Poodle McClure | September 14, 2006 | Reply

  2. He’s being a shit. At the end of the day he’s using me as a scapegoat for shit coming down from his boss. At the end of the day my leaving is not gonna change how things run in my area.

    And he’s smarter than to say he’s letting me go. He’s probably told people that he talked to me and we decided together it was better for me to move on.

    Anyway I work in too small of an industry that is highly incestuous to think about anything like a lawsuit when there is no need for it.

    But thanks for the advice!

    Comment by Raven in NYC (aka Mark) | September 14, 2006 | Reply

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