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It’s Official

Well I officially resigned my job today (well officially Friday, but no one was here to receive my letter). It is a fairly bittersweet feeling. On one hand I love the place and the people I work with. It was a welcome change from some previous jobs where I liked a few people, but the organization was not entirely healthy. I’m also bitter for how it went down. I wish I had been more in control of the situation. However, I know that long-term it’s the right move for me. Because of the organization and the way things are structured no one is going to succeed in this position based on the way expectations are set. I know it’s not about me, but I can’t help leaving with a bad taste in my mouth because I was forced out. I should have seen things coming sooner, but I have to admit I really enjoyed being here.

The other frustrating aspect of things is that while I’m very close on a number of fronts to having a new job lined up it makes it awkward when people will ask what I’m doing or where I’m going. Sure I could just say that I’m going to place X where I had a fantastic set of final interviews last week — the kind where you meet all the right people and expect an offer soon. Plus I am moving along in the process at another place to the point where I could be in the same place early next week. I just don’t want to say I’m going to place X and then jinx the whole process. I’m feeling good that if I will be jobless it will only be for a brief period of time. Hopefully no more than a week just to save face with my new employer in pretending to give proper notice.

I have to admit that the best part in all this is how supportive and great SR has been. Sure there was an evening of panic in wondering if we could afford for me to be out of work, but we could if we were really smart about things. And work has always been a conflict for us (well for me) since we both work in the same industry and she is much further along in her career (she did have two years on me), but she is also much better at it. I enjoy the work, but somehow I don’t ultimately feel that it is ultimately the right fit for me.

The next 10 days should be interesting. Hopefully that’s as interesting as it will be — 10 days.


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  1. Congratulations! I wish I could take the plunge and get another job. It’s so scary but so exciting. I hope it works out for you!


    Comment by Anonymous | September 12, 2006 | Reply

  2. hugs…it will all work out…

    Comment by Anonymous | September 12, 2006 | Reply

  3. wow, big deal sweetie.
    I know it will all work out too.
    I have every bit of faith in you, and ‘knowing’ you as long as I have, I am sure it is solid faith.
    You’re smart, witty, (and cute!)… how could anyone resist hiring you??!!
    I look forward to hearing about the next endeavor!

    um…er… does this mean no more Harry Connick Jr. sightings???

    Comment by e.e. | September 13, 2006 | Reply

  4. how big is your dick…and how do you measure it?

    Comment by Anonymous | September 13, 2006 | Reply

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