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Who Flipped the Switch

SR and I had a fantasticly lovely weekend. It was our first weekend alone together in the city after a summer of heading out of town on the weeekends to our parents’ homes since they both have places that are more summer friendly than NYC usually is. We had no plans or agenda for the weekend.

Ok, so no agenda isn’t exactly true. I had mentioned putting an ad on craigslist as a possibility for the weekend. Received a number of interesting responses, but none that materialized. Did have a really fantastic chat with one guy who was really nice and cool and wanted to take us out to a strip club, which is something SR and I have always talked about doing. He was really nice and probably would have been a great time. There were a couple hitches. He actually lives out in Long Island even though he was staying at a freind’s place in Queens. So if things did go somewhere we’d have to end up back at our place. SR doesn’t really love hosting for various reasons. The other bigger problem was that he and I connected around 9:00 in the evening. Not usually a problem given that we don’t usually go out until around 10:00. However, I had started making vodka tonics over our pre-dinner cheese course and I was 3 in and SR was finishing off her second. We were very comfortable and a little too buzzed to think about going out. The guy understood, which does gain him more points. Hopefully we’ll catch up with him another night.

But that didn’t end our evening. Given that we were talking about going out and having a sexual evening and were drinking it made getting into bed more interesting. I’ve probably mentioned a number of times that SR tends to be more passive. It’s not that she’s not into it she just tends to let me (or others) make the moves. We were in bed together and I was gently stroking her body and playing with her nipples. In the last month or so I have noticed that she likes to have her nipples played with very aggressively. I’ve always known that she liked having her nipples licked, sucked, gently nibbled on, and tweaked. However, there was a moment a few weeks ago where I tweaked a little bit harder than I normally would and she responded with a deep moan. Well, I don’t need more encouragement than that. Since then I’ve been more aggressive and forward in playing with her nipples and it’s driven her crazy and added a new level of fun.

But that wasn’t the only interesting aspect of the evening. One of the things that always seems to come up when talking to people who respond to our craigslist ad is double penetration. However, anal is not something that SR is all that into. No specific reason just one of the things that she’s not into. But I also know that given the right situation and exploration she’ll go anywhere. During the course of our foreplay…

[I must interject here to tell you this part of it. It will be important for later. At one point I straddled SR’s chest putting my cock right in front of her face. She gladly started to lick the head of my cock. I leaned over her more so she could suck me and give me better leverage to gently fuck her mouth with my cock. She took this as a cue to grab my ass. She grabbed very firmly and started kneading my ass. She then started to smack my ass some. I of course loved it and made sure that she knew it. She smacked harder. She then started to press a finger against my hole. This was the first time that she had taken the initiative to play with my ass. I was in heaven. I loved it. I wanted more and made sure to let her know how great it felt and say things like “I want yout to fuck me.” However, it didn’t go much further yet.]

…there was some conversation about what she was thinking about. And she said nothing. Of course, I continued to push and mentioned she was probably thinking about someone joining us. She said “Maybe” in the coy and sexy way that drives me nuts. Somehow that led to further conversation which somehow, because I can’t remember right now, to me suggesting she let me try playing with her ass.

She didn’t protest so I kissed my way down her chest and stomach. I stopped to tongue her clit some. I then moved my mouth down and worked my tongue right at that spot of flesh just between her ass and pussy (saying perineum sounds too clinical). She arched her back slightly so I went right for her ass with my tongue which only made her arch her back more and moan.

Some people might have an ick factor reaction to rimming, but I don’t mind at all. Having experienced it myself as well as seeing the reaction of it on a number of guys I know the incredible sensation it can provide. I could sense that SR was still reluctant, but I kept at it without pushing too much and making sure provide a lot of saliva for lubrication. I also distracted her by fingering her clit slowly and gently which she responded to. So I swapped tongue and finger, working the tip of my tongue around her clit and pressing my index finger against her ass. I slowly rubbed my finger in a circular motion and then gently slide into her ass. She loved it, moaning loudly. I made sure to continue working her clit hard. As I did I pushed my finger in further and began to finger fuck her very intensely. Not too deep and not too hard, but enough for her to sense what it might feel like if I was actually fucking her with my cock. She was enjoying it for a little bit, but then she seemed to pull back from it. We’d certainly come far in one evening I wasn’t gonna force it.

I then decided we needed to shift things. I was still licking her clit and pussy, but shifted my legs up and over her so she could suck on my cock some more and I hoped have her return to playing with my ass. We were in perfect unison because she got it and started playing with my ass again. It was great and she was very eager to continue. Wanting more and sensing her willingness to go with it I pulled her vibrator, my dildo and some lube out of our “sex drawer.” I then kneeled next to her facing her feet with her vibrator in my hand. I placed it between her legs and turned it on low. The instantaneous rush I could feel go through her body is so incredible. Sure it’s a toy doing it, but its an extension of me so I get the same rush out of it. However, she was very sensitive from all of my tongue work so she took over since I would probably get her to cumming too fast.

That gave me the chance to lube up my ass. Usually I have to get things started when it comes to working my ass with a dildo with her involved and then she usually just likes to watch me. But when I went to find it in the dark of the bedroom I couldn’t find it. But then I feel it up against my ass. Apparently SR already had grabbed it and put it in her hand. Talk about a total suprise… the second one of the night. First, she’s open to some ass play and now she’s ready to take control of fucking me. I was so completely turned on and excited. To feel SR pressing a dildo against my ass and pushing it against my hole was incredible. She had a little trouble getting it in. I have a willing but reluctant ass. I know that initially I just have to push hard and get past that initial fight, but I knew that she didn’t want to push it too hard. So I grabbed the dildo a little higher up and pushed it in harder so she could continue.

Once in, I let her take over. It was so incredible. I’ve been craving to get fucked. And sure working a dildo on myself during some alone time has helped some, it’s not the same as having someone else do it. When you’re fucking yourself with a dildo you know yourself and when it’s too much. You don’t always pushing your limits. But when someone else is in control whether with a dildo or their own cock they will push your limits or have a rhythm that is different. That was the case here, and the fact that it was SR in control was mind blowing. And the best part is that when I encouraged her to fuck me harder or deeper she reacted perfectly. There was no holding back. I was so worked up and excited I need to be inside of her. So dildo still in my ass I got between her legs and slide inside of her. Supported myself with one arm and used my other hand to continue fucking myself. We were both perfectly in sync. She came first we me right behind.

Last night seemed to be a breakthrough of sorts. Ulimately they were small, but I think they will make a big difference long-term. I have lots of ideas of where I want things to go (strap-on is the biggest thing that comes to mind), but I’m hoping we can build from here.

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  1. What a weekend! I could tell you both were not only exploring, but enjoying it.

    It got me excited, too. Thanks.

    Comment by Paul | September 12, 2006 | Reply

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