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A Weekend (NOT) in the Country

Apologies upfront to fellow theatre fans for my bastardization of an obscure Sondheim song name for the title of this post. For those of you who missed it as the materful, campy, and slighty creepy Tim Gunn from Project Runway says “Carry on!”

Can you tell I’m in a slap-happy (hmmmm sometime a good slap does make me very happy, but that’s for another time) mood. Maybe it’s because I had a nearly 3-hour interview for a new job yesterday afternoon and I felt really great about it. Or maybe it’s because I’m enjoying the subtle flirtation and slow march to possible meeting in person with a fellow blogger. Or maybe it’s because the Rabbit Lady from is gonna be sending SR and I a free vibrator to play with (stay tuned for a full review on here. And yes I will sell myself anytime.) Or maybe it’s because today is the last day of jury duty, which while it came at an ideal time it has become tedious.

But really I think it’s because for the first time in a couple months SR and I are not going anywhere this weekend. We have no plans. No obligations. Nothing specific to do. As I might have mentioned before we usually spend weekends away at families’ more summer friendly places. But now that Labor Day has passed we can reclaim our weekends for ourselves. We even did all the proper checking in with friends we haven’t seen and no one else seems to be around. We were secretly hoping that would be the case, but there are some friends we haven’t seen in a while so it would have been nice to catch-up, but since they aren’t available as my mother-in-law says ad nauseum “Oh well.”

Of course, given a fully free weekend I have to put out the option for something more exciting and interesting. It’s been a long time since we’ve, well let’s put it bluntly, fucked around with other people together. So of course I had to go back to our old reliable, craigslist. Reposted our standard ad. The nice thing about craigslist is that I can be rather passive-aggresive about things. If someone(s) interests me I can respond. If not I can move on. Thought I’d share with the group our regular ad.

We’re a down to earth, fun, adventurous, sensual and sexy bi married couple in our late 20’s. Looking for another bi or bi-curious couple, guy or gal who would be interested in getting together, get to know each other, let the flirting take over, and see where it goes. Very open and have no expectations, but respect all limits.

We really enjoy the aspect of meeting in a bar, club, lounge, or whatever somewhere and have a fun evening out first. Lot’s of fun stuff to do this weekend so looking for someone with some great suggestions as well. Meeting new people is as fun a part of this for us as where the evening may go. We enjoy the idea of meeting people with no expectations even though we’re all thinking about where things could go. That’s what makes it fun. Getting to know each other casually having a good time certainly makes where the evening could go even better.

We’re both bi. She’s, 30, 5’7″, 130lbs, brown/blond hair, curvy, sensual. He’s, 28, 6′, 190 lbs, blond hair, blue eyes with a classic linebacker football player build. We’re very down to earth, professional people who have a very free and sexy side that just needs the right time, place, and company to come out.

Another bi couple is the ideal, but open to single bi women and men.
But really only looking for people who are bi or bi-curious.

One line e-mails will get you nowhere. We understand people’s needs to be discreet and such, but a picture really does help. If you’re not comfortable sending on the first e-mail that’s ok, but be willing to send one at some point. And really don’t ask for our picture first without sending yours.

A little longer than the usual craigslist ad, but have found putting more effort in up-front yields more quality responses. Let me know what you all think. I’m always open to tweaking things. Also, would be interested to hear people’s experiences with craigslist. It’s always been the most successful vehicle for us. We’ve been members of every other adult personals website (adultfriendfinder, swappernet, sexxymofo, etc. etc.) out there. However, we’ve found that it’s not the easiest place to find other bi people or bi couples. Also, given that there are so many other possibilities it’s hard to hold someone’s attention if you don’t want to hook-up right away. We’re really not the completely casual sex kinda people. Sure we know where things might go and what we’re hoping for, but we’re not just gonna go to someone’s apartment and get naked.

No telling where this will get us, but you never know. Plus might just be fun to have the weekend just for ourselves and just to ourselves. I do like to have options though.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. For those of you I might interact with over instant message — I’m not dead. Work upgraded our servers over the weekend and have apparently blocked IM. I haven’t had time to figure out the work around yet, but probably not a bad thing since I’m prone to wasting inordinate amounts of time chatting.

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  1. There are several perverts who are also major Sondheim fans ;-D

    Have you tried placing an ad on Poly NYC (

    Comment by Viviane | September 8, 2006 | Reply

  2. I lost your cell phone number and haven’t seen you online. Give me a call sometime during the week.

    Comment by Perfekt Dad | September 8, 2006 | Reply

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