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Bright Spots

So I ranted and raved about what a crappy month it’s been (oh did I forget to mention the Red Sox are sucking major ass right now too and the dog has a skin issue that makes us feel really horrible because he has to wear a cone around his head so he can’t scratch).

BUT there have been a couple bright spots. Despite the Red Sox sucking SR and I got to travel up to Boston to see the Sox play the Yankees at Fenway. Forget the fact that they lost and it was depressing, but it was great just to be at the park with SR. And after the game I finally got to meet e.e. SR had met her a couple months back when she was in Boston for a conference. They had a great time over beers and a Red Sox game. There was lots of girly flirting, but neither of them made a move. Originally this was supposed to be a big fun weekend in Boston, but given the potential financial issues with my job situation we decided it was better to be overly frugal and not burn through some of our savings unnecessarily. It wasn’t the most beautiful day and the Sox losing was a downer, but it was so incredibly nice to put a face and actual person to someone who’s blog you read and who you have talked through life issues with over im. I have to admit the hardest part was that I wish we had had more time. Been able to hit a bar in the evening and really chill out and relax. It would have also been better for the bad thoughts that I was having in my mind sitting at a table with two women and knowing where things could go. I’ll chalk it upto, at least we got the finally meeting out of the way. And now we have another great reason to visit Boston.

SR and I hung with with a bi couple (well, he is and she’s open) we’ve kinda become friends with twice this month. Our scheudles haven’t been matching well and the fact that we got to hang twice was great. Lots of potential there, but just needed to hang out more and then we need to get our weekends back. And the cool thing is that we’re actually enjoying becoming friends with them so… bonus.

While the month has pretty much sucked there are always silver linings.


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  1. I had some naughty thoughts too.
    elmer fudd voice here:
    vewwwy vewwwy nawwwwty……

    If you EVER shave that scrumptious goatee I will KILL you

    Comment by e.e. | August 29, 2006 | Reply

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