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Loosing Your Shit

I willingly admit that there are many times I am inappropriate. It usually is with a badly timed (well I would argue well-timed) comment. Sometimes it’s with an inappropriate laugh that gives something away. Now SR is not one to do this AT ALL. Usually she’s the one yelling at me about things I say or do. Well, that changed on Saturday.

I must set this up some. SR and I were in the kitchen helping three people clean up after dinner for my parents’ annual 4th of July party. There was K and her daughters S and L. K is one of my parents’ best friends. I actually grew up next door to their family. I might have mentioned K in other posts. She is one of the people who always got me and realized that I was a “really great kid” when I was growing up. She’s also one of those people who is not a family member who I say “I love you” and I really mean it.

We were all sitting around and somehow my being adopted came up. K asked me if finding my birth parents was something I had thought about. I said yes. She asked if I’d done anything about it. I said no. She said why not. I said my mother wouldn’t handle it well. K then said “Why does she need to know. She doesn’t know everything about you does she?”

Cue SR laughing way too loud and pointedly. Of course, that gets me laughing because I know exactly why SR is laughing. It’s the bi thing. Nothing else. And she’s right. It was freaking hysterical moment to laugh. I would have done the same thing.

Of course, then K, S, and L are asking what’s so funny. I couldn’t help but laugh more. But I quickly recovered and said “Nothing at all” and then went back to the adoption stuff.

The ironic thing is if there was anyone I would tell that I’m bi and not worrry about it — it’s the three of them. They would be perfectly willing to accept in and I’m sure they’d ask lots of questions about it and be incredibly supportive. They’d give me the reaction I would love my parents to have, but would never have. Hence why it’s likely my parents won’t ever know. At least there is no reason for them to.

So that’s the funny story from the weekend. And I have to admit I’m kinda proud of SR for laughing. Guess that just means I am actually rubbing off on her some — finally!

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  1. Oh i know EXACTLY what you mean! I haven’t told all my family I’m gay (but I mean c’mon, they HAVE to know!). My friend Steph hangs out with me a lot, and she even comes to the family reunions and stuff sometimes. And when someone makes a comment about my “finding the right girl” etc, etc, etc, she gives me this look, and it takes everything I have not to laugh. We can have entire conversations with just our eyes…and man, do we crack ourselves up. At inappropriate times, like you mentioned! 🙂

    Comment by Polt | July 5, 2006 | Reply

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