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Cut or Uncut

SR and I were enjoying a nice evening at home eating dinner and drinking some champagne from the winery we are club members at (champagne in the mail 4 times a year. God, I love the Supreme Court). It wasn’t the evening I had planned for, but more on that later.

We were watching an episode of Sex & the City on TBS (not as much fun in the PG version, but still great. Since we’ve spent the last 10 years in NYC it’s a show we can actually identify with. Not that we’ve had those lifestyles, but for anyone wanting to know if there are people in nyc like that the answer is yes). It was an episode where Charlotte freaks out because she is dating a guy who is uncut. In a conversation the girls have Carrie mentions that 85% of men are uncut. SR made the comment that she didn’t believe that, but once I told her if you looked at the whole world it was probably true, but in the US it’s just so common to give infant boys the snip snip.

She also said she’s never seen an uncut guy. Ok, I had no idea what to say. I mean I have seen a few. And this is not just an in the lockerroom kinda thing. This is an I’ve sucked two uncut cocks and can go into detail about the merits of sucking an uncut guy. I could have talked about how just purely for esthetic reasons uncut guys don’t do it for me, but can get past that because it can be fun. But that brings up old stuff. Stuff in the past that we’ve moved past. I kinda put a goofy smile on my face, chuckled, and said “Well, they are just different.” I think she got it and to her credit she was cool about it. God, I love my wife.


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