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1 Year and 1 Week

So where the fuck have I been?!?! Sometimes I’m not even sure. The last two weeks have… well …let’s just say I’m spent. Completely and totally spent. And not in that good way of collasping after some truly incredible sex (though luckily that has been part of the two weeks). Work has been rough, but I’ve gotten through the thick of it (that doesn’t sound as fun as it should be). There was also a nasty head cold coupled with a trip to Kansas for friends’ wedding in the mix as well. So aren’t you glad you missed all that?

The one thing I did miss was the one year anniversary of my blog last Wednesday. Not that there was much to talk about, but think it’s been a very interesting year. A year ago I started the blog as a challenge from PerfectDad — who I still thankfully talk to despite his having stepped away from the blog world. In that time I’ve run into a number of really great people. A couple great other bi married guys, some fun gay guys, and of course my girlfriend and her husband (can I call him my boyfriend by extension? I mean he was the one I hooked up with online first. And well, it’s more likely for something naughty and fun to happen between him and me rather than with my girlfriend). I’ve also stuggled back and forth with being bi and married. Though while there have been tremendous ups and downs in my relationship with SR over the year I truly feel like things couldn’t be better.

In many ways I feel as though I have nothing left to add to the conversation. I’m not struggling with things as much as some other guys out there. I have found a balance of things in my marriage. Maybe it’s because I’m lucky in that my wife is also bi and that she’s open to exploring with other peopl together. That certainly relieves much of the pressure of things. However, I still do struggle in my desires. I mean I’m a guy… I want it a hell of a lot more. Don’t get me wrong though — I’m very lucky and I do know it.

So where does this leave me? I’m not sure. I do enjoy blogging. I enjoy the interaction with similair people. I enjoy sharing my experiences and helping other people. And yes I enjoy the attention and ego stroke a blog can give – I’m a whore I know it. (my girlfriend wouldn’t let me get away with not saying that). I seem to go in cycles with this blogging thing. Will go a week or two posting all the time and then going quiet. Hopefully this will be the start of another one of those spurts.

I guess the only way to end is with a happy 53 week anniversary to me!


June 21, 2006 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. happy blogiversary!

    so am i one of the gay guys or bi guys? šŸ˜‰

    Comment by P/O | June 22, 2006 | Reply

  2. Pretty cool – 53 weeks is a while. If I had not found your blog, I would not be here now. THANKS!

    And p/o, I just assumed the gay from the reading – is there something I should know?:)

    Comment by Nate | June 29, 2006 | Reply

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