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Workout Before My Workout

Given my work schedule I generally go to the gym every morning. I work 10-6 so I can easily get a solid workout in if I’m out the door by around 7:30, which actually works perfectly because that’s the time SR needs to get up to be at work for 9:00. Sometimes the one hitch in the plan is that I get stuck in bed snuggling. Also, I might have mentioned that SR seems to be on the like to fuck in the morning schedule. I on the other hand would rather stay up later and then sleep in. Plus while I am a morning person in that I can get up without much effort, I have my routine to get myself fully awake and sex is generally not one of those ways. So it’s a negotiation.

Well, yesterday morning was a negotiation I had no problem giving in on.

I got up, shaved, put on workout clothes, and took the dog out like I normally do. I went to give SR a kiss goodbye, but she decided to pull me into bed. So I kissed her some, but she was very playful. Letting me kiss her neck, which is always too ticklish for her. I ran my hand down her breasts and stomach and then in between her legs and she didn’t fight it like she normally does. Of course, I was in the mindset of getting to the gym, but it was too tempting. So I moved down and started to kiss her stomach and then spread her legs and started to go down on her — working my tongue furiously against her clit. It was probably an incredibly hot picture. Her completely naked and me completely dressed for the gym.

But I wanted it all. So I pulled her to the edge of the bed pulled my track pants and briefs down to my thighs and pulled my sweatshirt up and tucked it under my arms and slid my cock inside her. She was very sensitive and couldn’t take me completely. However, I wanted to be deep inside her. I wanted to feel my cock fill her up so I slowly fucked her pushing deeper inside her with each thrust until I was completely in. And then I pushed even deeper and her whole body arched back and she moaned loudly. She immediately started to rub her clit and I could feel her start to rock her hips as I picked up the pace of fucking her. It was so amazing to have her on the edge of the bed, me standing there barely undressed. Fucking, no pounding, my wife deep and hard. Feeling my cock get harder and I felt my orgasm building. Watching her furiously stroke her clit, wanting to cum. Both of us working together in perfect unison. So perfect that as the first spasm of her orgasm gripped my cock tightly I felt my cock release and expload inside her. I didn’t slow down the pace. Still fucking her hard and we both cummed together…

…Later as I was reading my book on the subway on my way to the gym I could still smell her, smell us. That sweet smell of her wetness and my cum mixed together. I could smell her through my entire workout and it only made me think about her more. So much more that I couldn’t help by jerk off in the shower before getting dressed to get to work.


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