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MIA and a Link

I hope the last post made up for my absence from this space for the last 3 weeks or so. I have no idea why exactly. I mean sure work has gotten super busy for me, but have always been able to find time to write. There is so much to tell and so much not to tell. Not sure if there is anything worth talking about. But let me get one thing out.


It was way back on Mother’s Day and I did all the things I wanted to honor the day, but didn’t blog here (you’ll have to check her blog in the next day or so to see the gifts I sent her). We actually had our first in person meeting over mexican food and margaritas about a month ago and it was a wonderful evening. Part of me wants to just keep it to myself so I will only say this much — expecations were met and exceeded. Now if only I can get her and our equally sexy partners in crime (and life) all together in the same room — what an interesting time that could be.

Lots of thoughts in my head that I’d love to get down here soon, but no time right now. But I did want to share this article in the New York Times about Bill and Hilary Clinton’s marriage. Regardless of where your politics fall and what you might think of them I think the article and their marriage is incredibly fascinating. We’ll never know the whole truth, and frankly we shouldn’t it’s their marriage. However, it does resonate with me personally. I hope it is real and that it’s based in true love and wanting to be with each other. That a marriage like their’s could survive the turmoil it has is inspiring and a testament to true love and forgiveness.


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