Defending the Raven

Bisexual. Married. Man. Open. Read On.


I didn’t say it, but worth repeating:

“I have this weird thought tonight. By reading my blog do you think I’m a pervert? I honestly think I’m just a typical guy. I’m just allowing the door to my life to be opened just a bit so things inside look a lot worse than they really are in real life. In some ways, I am a character on Life Ajar who probably reads hornier than I really am, kinkier than I really am, and definitely way more perverted than I really am in my day to day life. Plus, this blog is so one dimensional and that dimension is purely sexual, [this] is my sexual self to the 100th degree.

There is truth to what I say here. I mean this is my life after-all. The experiences and fantasies are real. A spiritual guru once said that everyone knew the sexual fantasies of each other, we would all be scared (or really turned on). I believe there is truth in that. I am scared myself of some of the things I say here. I speak so candidly and flippantly about sex, but really I think there is more to sex than physical pleasure. If I believed that sex was simply about pleasure, I would not be in a monogamous, married relationship. There is no doubt in my mind that orgies, threesomes, promiscuity, or whatever will serve up more sexual, physical pleasure than marriage. Excess always feels good, doesn’t it?

The truth is when you leave your life open, especially your sex life, things are bound to get messy. Lines become blurred between reality and fantasy. Sometimes I even lose sight of the differences. But please understand, Erodoux is me to the 100th degree and I’m not entirely this perverted, vulgar, male chauvinistic, etc. in real life. I know I could self-censor myself to not give off this impression, but I don’t want to do that because I want to embrace the messiness of my sexual self, life, and thoughts. It shouldn’t matter anyhow. [This] is [kinda] anonymous. But though I remain unknown, I know myself and have to live with the crap I say here.

In closing, I’m just another normal dude.”

stolen from LifeAjar


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