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Baseball Crushes, or, My "Gayest" Post Yet

Kevin Youkilis

Today was Opening Day at Fenway Park. As I mentioned in an earlier post the Red Sox have become a willing obsession of mine since getting married. It may not reach the heights of SR’s own fanaticism, but be assured that I followed today’s game inning for inning with running commentary from my brother-in-law while at work.

In my last post I called myself a baseball widower which, while funny, isn’t altogether completely accurate (don’t get me wrong any plans I might try to make from now until October will have to be cleared through the “Do the Sox have a game then?” filter). But in the spirit of the role reversal I figured I’d share the Red Sox players that get me going.

I will admit first of all that since Gabe Kapler’s (Yes, those pics are really him. And sorry boys and girls he’s married.) departure the hotness level of the Sox has gone WAY down.

However, there are two players that just kinda get me going because they have this cute, gruff, “I’m a baseball player” thing going on. Plus they are two players that just get me excited about the game.

Kevin Youkilis has been one of those players that has always been around with the Sox, but has never really risen to star status. This year might be the year. He is jokingly referred to as the “Greek god of On Base Percentage” (for those who don’t know OBP is one of the big Moneyball stats that the Red Sox organization subscribes to). If you are watching a Red Sox home game and think the crowd is booing when the Sox are at bat it’s probably because the crowd is chanting “YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUK!”

Jonathan Papelbon was new pitching acquisition last season and he is awesome. He’s only 26

Jonathan Papelbon & David Ortiz

and is showing signs of greatness. This season he seems to be taking on the closer role and he could be the makings of a Mariano Rivera (waaaaaaaay to early to say it, but it would be nice). And I mean c’mon look at the pic of him celebrating with David Ortiz… who wouldn’t want those guns wrapped around them.

So there we are. Now that I’m thinking about it I think I might continue this as a series of posts. Hmmmmmmmm…


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