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Thanks and Other Birthday Highlights

Just had to say thanks to those of you out there with wished me a happy birthday (especially you and you). I have to kinda admit I am a birthday whore (I won’t count how many times I commented in my blog that it was my birthday last week, but my birthday is one of the few times I enjoy being the center of attention. Group sex being another – yeah, seriously I’m not making a joke).

It was a very nice weekend with friends and such. Had a college theatre group reunion on Saturday that was more fun than I was expecting. Most of the people from my and SR’s years didn’t come, but it was a good time nonetheless. And at $35 a person for 5 hour open bar who can really complain. Certainly got my moneys worth and then some.

One funny thing was getting a sunburn on my face during brunch with friend on Sunday even though it was only 53 degrees out. It was a nice sign that maybe, just maybe spring would decide to show up in NYC soon.

SR planned a nice evening out just the two of us at a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try forever. She didn’t get me a gift, but we had a $200 dinner out together that was just fantastic. We decided that rather than getting gifts for each other we’d just go out to nice dinners. Honestly if there is anything either of us really wants we’ll just buy it. And there’s nothing like a birthday to have an excuse to go to a really nice dinner.

But by far the biggest highlight of the night was later in bed that evening. Nothing too crazy to report, but here’s where the highlight comes in. After having a nice time together SR says, “Well, that was more vanilla than I was expecting. I thought we were gonna be much naughtier.” What?! Huh?! YES!!!! Part of me is disappointed in what could have been, but the other part of me is excited by the fact that she wanted to be naughtier. Guess I’ll just have to remind her that I didn’t get the birthday lay she was expecting.


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