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Birthday and Turning 29

A realtively new good friend (one of the guys from the gay couple that is friends with J&R – our bi couple friend – who we met in San Francisco last October and I made out with the other one) is into astrology and such. He was asking about birthday plans and how old I was turning and he got all excited about “Saturn Returns” for me. And thus he explains:

Short n’ sweet: Saturn Return happens when folks are around 29 and lasts for a year or two. It’s a time during which many of the structures one has made in life are tested. If those structures are valid going forward, often one finds a newfound dedication to them. If those structures are not valid, then circumstances often sabatage them.
For the adventurous, it can be a really exciting time.
For others, Saturn return can really suck

So put me in category #1 of people. Now, truly knowing myself, should I be scared or excited?


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