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A Good Book Can Be Like Great Sex

Living in New York City and taking the subway to work offers the greaet benefit of being able to read. I used to have a job where I drove 15 minutes to work and while the easy commute was great I missed reading. Sure I could read before bed, but one of two things would happen. Either I wouldn’t because the TV is an easier form of entertainment or I’d end up staying up for hours reading into the night. Now that I have a job where I need to take the subway to and from work I’ve been back to reading.

My tastes run fairly ecletic. Many times it’s mass market mystery and pop-fiction (see Michael Connelly, Jan Burke, The DaVinci Code). Other times it’s more heartier fare (see Memoirs of a Geisha, The Corrections, Tracey Chevalier, Snow Falling on Cedars, boy I could go on and on). However, it’s been a while since I’ve read a book that I am totally engaged in and engaged the hell out of. Well, found that book and I just started it yesterday.

It’s called Love Monkey and it’s fantastic. Apparently it was the basis for a short lived sitcom starring Tom Cavanaugh (who SR and I loved in Ed, if that show hadn’t gone to crap after its first season). The book is in the Dick-Lit genre (Think Nick Hornby — most of which I’ve devoured with great pleasure). It’s the male spin-off of the Chick-Lit phenomenom that Bridget Jones’s Diary started.

Love Monkey is about a single guy in his late-late 20’s living in New York. I think I laughed out loud three times on the subway this morning and I’m only on page 50. Here are a couple great gems:

  • On my generation. “I’m from That generation. You know the one I’m talking about. The one after the one that discovered the Beatles and nonbinding sex, the one before the one where seventeen-year-olds asked to be excused from Phys. Ed. so they could launch their IPOs. Yeah, that’d be us: the Lamest Generation.” So freaking true, it’s sad.
  • On living in nyc, specifically the Upper West Side. “The smarmy professionals in my zip code make fun of ‘trailer trash’ because our median household income is $86,000 but 90 percent of us could fit our entire living quarters on the back of a flatbed truck. Our trailer parks are vertical, that’s all. In the trailer parks in Biloxi or Birmingham, they fry up cat for supper. In our trailer towers, we just order Chinese takeout.” Ok, this is one I will be using far and wide. It’s so freaking true. If there was space everyone would be fighting over double-wides instead of apartments where you actually have to get out of bed to cook something.

So I’m just happy to be reading more again and to have found a new great book. I will definitely be sharing more passages as they come.


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  1. I really loved Ed, regardless of the turns it took every season. I rank it up there amongst the better shows I’ve watched. I enjoyed Love Monkey (the show) too, was unhappy at its cxancellation. Now I have a book to buy

    Comment by Dane | March 28, 2006 | Reply

  2. Considering that in the TV show he was in the music industry and in the book he works for a tabloid newspaper, I’m not sure how much is the same or different. I did want to watch he TV show, but it was over before I got around to it. Guess that was it’s problem.

    Comment by Raven in NYC (aka Mark) | March 28, 2006 | Reply

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