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Momentary Glory

So my Inspiration post led to Ben’s post about his own success which led to Nate’s post about being the last picked and celebrating the kid’s who didn’t make the shot.

I did have the similar situation of being picked last, and it did annoy me and upset me. I played basketball all through grade school. I had great natural ability, or so people would tell me, but my extra weight would always trip me up. However, I was the kid who was on the bench most of the time and who didn’t make the big shots.

But while I didn’t excel at sports I did find my own personal victories. My own moments of success and celebration. My biggest was my sophomore year in high school. My school did a production of West Side Story. I always did plays in school (yeah, cliches make me giggle too), but was always cast in the character roles. That was fine with me because it often meant I got a juicy role to really ham up. In West Side Story I was one of four guys in the “Officer Krupkee” scene, which is the comic relief song at the end of the 2nd act of the show while all the violence and killing is going on. The four of us were all really funny and good and the scene was hysterical. We had the perect balance of comedy, but not going overboard. We knew all the other people in the show liked the number, but on opening night we had no clue what to expect.

The audience was loving the number and laughing a lot. When we were done we got a huge round of applause that didn’t stop. We fucking stopped the show. We had no clue what to do. It was awesome. It was such a great feeling. The audience just kept clapping and shouting and some even stood up. The four of us also got the biggest cheer during curtain calls at the end of the show. Even the local newspaper raved about it. We were the lead of the review. Every night after that was exactly the same. People were talking about it at school and everyone was ready for it. It was just one of those great moments.

So while mine wasn’t sports related it’s still the same. And I suspect we all have those great personal victories in our lives. When in one moment it seems like we are the center of the universe, the greatest thing going on. They may not make ESPN or they may not even be grand, but they are there. They may be overshadowed by the teasing and the rejection, but they are there. They may not even be in the “cool” things, but they are there. Find them. Celebrate them. And be proud.

I do agree with Nate though. We should celebrate the kids who missed the shot or spent the entire season on the bench in uniform because they were there. They stepped up and said I’m gonna try. We don’t honor the trying, only the winning and that’s a shame. However, I bet even the scrawny kid on the bench has his own story of personal victory, and I hope that’s what he remembers later in life.


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  1. My “world series home run” was more personal, but felt just as good. Maybe 20 years ago I reached a successful conclusion for a client in a tax dispute – there was measurable sums involved. The settlement occured in the World Trade Center and was concluded mid afternoon. I took the elevator up to the bar and for the only time in all my visits, sat at the bar (not a table) and had my usual Bombay martini. At that moment I was a giant, even without the crowd.

    Those moments are special and in the course of a life should be more important, but the sports stuff – well it generated a few comments, it hit home.

    Thanks for redirecting our thoughts. I did relish that martini that afternoon.

    Comment by Nate | March 22, 2006 | Reply

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