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23" Inches and Counting

“Where the hell have you been?!”

I suppose that’s a completely valid question for you all to ask. I wish I could say that big things have been going on or something like that, but honestly things have been fairly quiet.

I’ve been telling myself I need to get back to blogging on a daily basis, but haven’t done it. I guess the reason is because so much of my early writing was focused on the sexual excitement that transpired over the last year and a half. There has kinda been a winter lull of sorts. Though the other thing that has kept me from writing is keeping in touch with some many fellow bloggers off the blog. I have had some really great conversations with Ben and his wife.

Well, now it’s Sunday and there is over 2 feet of snow outside and it’s still snowing. We’re watching whatever is on TV (Evita on HBO right now), have made some New England Clam Chowdah for dinner. The dog has already had his play in the snow, which he loves, so there’s really no excuse for me not to write.

Work has been very hectic for both of us. Despite that things have been pretty great. My last few postings were focused on feeling frustrated by us not being able to connect. The thing was… we were trying too hard. I guess in a way the hazard of being so open and honest with each other is that we are so honest with each other. We know what the other is thinking and are trying to hard to please each other. In a way it was kinda sweet and funny, despite how frustrating it was making us both. We decided to both stop thinking about it and just be. It sounds silly, but it worked.

The other thing that has made a difference is that I purchased a few new toys for us. It’s something I’ve been thinking about and decided to just do it and see what happens. I had showed SR what I was thinking about getting. She admitted that “this is where things go beyond where she’s completely comfortable.” However, she liked what I had choosen. I bought a vibrator for her and a smaller dildo for me. She didn’t know I had actually bought them until a couple nights after I had gotten them in the mail. We had had a nice dinner out at a restaurant in our ‘hood. We both knew where the night was going because we both really wanted it. We’d spent the day hanging out together and teasing each other. In fact, SR wanted to play around and I decided we needed to go to dinner instead. It was really very funny. COMPLETE role reversal.

We got home and were in bed just enjoying each other. Not taking things too seriously, but just enjoying being naked in bed with each other. After just spending some time with each other I moved to go down on her. It is by far my most favorite thing to do. But I wanted to get the new toy out. I moved over to our naughty drawer (or at least that’s what I call it — though it’s pretty tame I suppose). I pulled out the new vibrator though I think SR only thought it was the dildo we already had. I let her think that for a little while. Once I had her worked up and excited I turned the vibrator on and it sent a shudder up her entire body. It was amazing. She was surprised and turned on. I could tell because she started moaning very loudly, which she doesn’t always do. I continued to work her with it, incresing the intensity of the vibration. It didn’t take long for her to want more. She took the vibrator from me and put the vibrator on her clit. I took that as a sign to enter her. I have to admit that feeling the vibrator on my cock while I was fucking her was pretty intense. Though with that kinda stimulation it didn’t take SR very long to cum.

I then laid down next to her and let her relax and catch her breath. As usual she felt bad that she hadn’t “made me feel good.” I told her I wasn’t nearly done with the evening yet and started to stroke my cock. She loves to watch me touch myself. I pulled out some lube and started to stroke myself more intensely. She watched and started touching me more. She even moved her hand down to my ass and played with my ass some. I had already pulled out my new dildo with the lube so I lubed my ass some as well as the dildo and slide it into myself. I had bought a smaller one that I thought I could really take so there wouldn’t be much work to get to use it. It felt so great and SR noticed something different about the way I was reacting. I was bucking my hips. I grabbed her hand and put it on the end of the dildo so she knew what I was doing. She didn’t really say anything or react in any special way. But soon after she moved to straddle me and started to ride my cock. It was exactly what I had wanted, but wouldn’t have asked her to do. It was so intense to feel her riding my cock with the dildo sliding in and out of my ass with the bed holding it in place. Just like with my cock in her and the vibrator on her clit… it didn’t take me long to cum with her riding me and a dildo fucking me.

The whole evening was just fantastic and was a great time. Certainly a beginning of a whole new kind of openness in a way. We have realized we don’t have to think and talk so much about what we want… we just have to do it.

So I’m sorry that I haven’t been around. Hope this post returning makes up for it somewhat.


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  1. Nice to have you back, Raven – and with an excellent ‘story’ to boot.

    Comment by sal_c | February 13, 2006 | Reply

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