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Why I Love My Wife

Actual conversation had 3 minutes ago:

SR: I have a problem. I need your advice u there?

Me: yeah. what’s up?

SR: Here’s the deal. I planned to go to the gym tonight. I forgot I have to pick up my pants at the cleaner. I need the dressy black pants for tomorrow.
What do I do?
I can go to the gym in the morning. I can try to find somethign else to wear tomorrow.

Me: LOL… i thought this was something REALLY serious

SR: I’m sorry. To me this is really serious

Me: Well, what time does the cleaners close?

SR: 8. i can’t do both

ME: well then get your pants and we’ll do a pilates video together tonight and do some weights

SR: I guess I can go home and do pilates? 🙂

Me: excatly

SR: OK. I was really stressed about this just now in my meeting. Seriously.

Me: now that’s just silly, but that’s you. you need to get your pants… that’s the more important of the two even if you don’t wear them tomorrow.

SR: I guess it is just me. But I was stressed.

Me: well i guess that is good because it means you wanted to go to the gym

SR: true

Me: but the pants win… if you don’t have them you’re gonna be mad in the morning… even if you don’t wear them you will be mad if you don’t have them.

SR: you’re right. That is why I ask you. You know me.

Me: i do indeed… and i love it… and i love you!

SR: I love you too cutie pie. LOTS!

I could explain the back story to all of this for you all, but I don’t think it’s necessary.


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  1. Why didn’t you offer to go get her pants for her?

    Comment by Defining David | January 18, 2006 | Reply

  2. oh poor sweet, naive David. Because my work schedule prevented me from going to get them. Plus I didn’t have the slip to get the pants and places in new york city like charging you an arm and a leg for things like lost return slips.

    Comment by Raven in NYC (aka Mark) | January 18, 2006 | Reply

  3. In the NY burbs we only have to sign the silly book; with my house if we were charged for lost tickets, I would need a second job.

    Comment by Bibydays | January 18, 2006 | Reply

  4. Yes, I see why you love her, and she you.

    And thank you so very much for your thoughtful comment.

    Comment by SD | January 18, 2006 | Reply

  5. I love these kind of conversations, and I can appreciate the need to have the pants you just have to wear tomorrow…Chris and I have these little dilemmas all the time…very sweet dialogue!

    Comment by sxuly yrs | January 20, 2006 | Reply

  6. I was going to ask David’s question…poor sweet naive me. But when I lived in NYC I had a cleaner that delivered. Find one of those.

    Comment by Perfekt Dad | January 22, 2006 | Reply

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